People Behaving Badly


Really, people, we apparently can’t say this enough. Please don’t urinate on the streets of Montclair. First there was the 16-year-old with Poland Spring bottle; then this weekend, cracking down on “quality of life” crimes by patrons of the Diva Lounge, police caught a Newark resident urinating on the chain-link fence surrounding the Social Security Administration building.
After the suspect relieved himself, he looked up, saw the officer and said, “Oh, my bad.” Then, after being asked to produce ID, he added, “I guess I’m just having a bad birthday.” The man was arrested for lewdness and released.
Know what else isn’t cool?

When the police have picked you up for driving under the influence and are about to release you to your parents instead of locking you up, doing what this 21-year-old resident of East Orange did in the lobby of Montclair police headquarters.
According to the police report, the suspect told her mother, “Fuck you bitch, I don’t want to go with you,” then advanced on her parents in a “menacing manner.” When a police officer told her to calm down, she threw a punch at him. Next thing, several police officers had her in a “compliance hold” on the floor, but she continued to punch and kick, with stiletto heels no less, leaving three officers and police matron with swelling and bruises.
She was jailed, with bond set at $25,000.


  1. Ah yes, the joys of parenthood. NOT.
    Although I can kinda see the point of wanting to urinate on the SSA, figuratively speaking. The kid probably learned that he will be 99 before he is allowed to retire with full benefits.

  2. There’s this guy who parks his car across the street from my house and urinates into Watsessing Park. I’ve seen him doing this twice now.
    The second time was a week ago about 6:30AM while I was watering some impatiens in front of my house. I was going to yell at him but I really, really don’t want to have to tell some jackass not to piss on my street.
    Should I confront him, call the cops? It’s not like it’s a health issue, what with all the doggies doing their business on that fence too. Maybe I should just ignore it.

  3. I had a neighbor who did the same thing- in “Upper” Montclair no less…
    We found it funny that he thought he was being slick, sneaking behind the bushes to take a leak. Problem was, he was in full view to us.
    He died a few years back and we do miss him dearly…

  4. Uh, so ya still think we don’t need to teach these kids a few pointers? C’mon, it’s like global warming. Only when it reaches EVERYONE’S TIPPING POINT (or their wallet, or 65% of employers) will good old interpersonal skills, manners, soft skills, social skills — whatever you NEED to call it, be a priority.

  5. It’s not an epidemic Lisa. There are always a few idiots regardless of the time frame you are looking at. Could some kids have more/better manners, sure. Is it the number one priority in our society today? Not even close. Besides, if it’s like global warming, we are good to go since that was/is a big hoax anyway.

  6. There was a time when a stranger could knock on your door and ask to use your rest room. Over time, people stopped allowing good people (and bad) to enter their house to use their bathroom because they were strangers. Today, they pee in your yard. Decivilization

  7. Ah, that rarest of things (rarer, even, than a day in June) , a potty-mouthed item for a slow news day!
    (Hi prof! Taking this all in?)
    But there was NEVER a time when anybody sane would allow a stranger just passing by to use the bathroom, believe you me.

  8. No Bewise, the suspect said, “Oh, my bad.”
    The police report said: “Fuck you bitch, I don’t want to go with you…”
    (…. batting eyes…. Hello, cathar…)

  9. This definitely ranks as bad behaviour…
    So I’m biking with my offspring to tonight’s town meeting and we get off our bikes to cross at the crosswalk at Valley over to Central. Not only do drivers not stop for us – but the freakin’ cops didn’t stop. Didn’t we spend a vast amount of time just recently going on about the so-called clampdown, undercover cops, etc? I shouted at them and gave them a thumbs-up but I think they might be too dense to get it.

  10. And you loved retyping that phrase, right, prof?
    (Never mind that a reliance on profanity just indicates a paucity of language, or that there are noncoms in the Army and USMC who can ream you out far more colorfully even that the most foul-mouthed of rappers without ever breaking a sweat.)

  11. Madam Barista,
    R u going to provide your faithful readers with a synopsis of Michelle Hussein Obama’s performance on the ‘View’?

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