Shopping for Prom Dresses


prom dress.jpgThe proms are this week in Montclair and Glen Ridge, and we guess the girls are getting all gussied up. One mom told me her senior boy–who planned on going–still didn’t know exactly when the prom takes place.
In the meantime, the dresses have been bought by now–hopefully. But shopping was no easy task. Here’s what Montclair mom endured with her daughter at Willowbrook…

From Debbie Hotz who also wrote for Barista Kids about Preparing for Passover.

Shopping for prom dresses was one of the things I always dreamed of doing with my daughters. It would be so fabulous, I thought. Chiffon and lace, elegance and beauty, lots of leisurely time spent together and much appreciation for such an expensive gift. The reality turned out to be that when you prom dress shop with you’re daughters, they’re at that dreaded prom dress age–you know the one. It’s the age when they know everything, you know nothing, and there’s no dress too slutty.
We went to the mall again this year, determined to try and keep focused on the knowledge that we really do love each other. We didn’t take any friends, agreeing that it was difficult enough to do with just two of us. As soon as we got to Willowbrook, we ate.
Maybe we’re both growing up some, because everything went so well. My daughter chose a beautiful long dress in periwinkle blue and a short red satin dress. They are fabulous dresses, and she looks gorgeous and classically elegant in them.
It only took 3 hours, both dresses were on sale, and we didn’t fight at all. This was my lucky day.

Got a prom goer? Send us their photo, we’d love to post it.

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