George Foreman Set to Knock Out Fans in Clifton

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 4:00pm  |  COMMENTS (4)

georgeforeman.jpgGeorge Foreman, former Heavyweight Boxing Champion and Olympic gold medalist, is set to knock fans out tomorrow at Barnes and Noble in Clifton as he promotes his latest book, “Knockout Entrepreneur: My Ten-Count Strategy for Winning at Business.” Foreman, 60, who has ten children, is spokesman for the hugely successful George Foreman Grill and has at least ten books under his belt, will share his secrets to success with aspiring and established entrepreneurs as well as ordinary fans, from 7.00pm-8.00pm. Call 973.779.2730 for event guidelines.

Barnes and Noble

395 Route 3 East

Clifton, NJ 07014


Open Sun-Sat 9.00am-11.00pm

NJ Transit’s Brand New Entrance

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 2:54pm  |  COMMENTS (13)

No more mingling with the Long Island riffraff when you’re running to board your Montclair train in Penn Station — unless you want to. As of this morning, NJ Transit now has an entrance of its own at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 31st Street.

Speaking of Penn Station, interesting to see “Mad Men” revisiting the demolition of the beautiful old Beaux Art Penn Station this season. Sure don’t make them like that anymore, do they? Of course it was the character Paul Kinsey, who we learned last season was a denizen of Montclair, who was disgusted by plans to tear it down.

Amigurumi Artist Ups Cute Factor in Montclair

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 1:00pm  |  COMMENTS (2)

(Revised to remove personal details upon the request of the interviewee)

Ana Paula Rimoli was a busy mom of a two-year-old girl, Olivia, and working at a dead-end office job when what started as a mere hobby, the making of crocheted toys, picked up enough pace to flourish into a booming Internet business as well as two instructional craft books.

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YMCA Park St Shuts for Maintenance This Week

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 11:00am  |  COMMENTS (10)

ymcalogo.jpgThe YMCA on Park St has shut its doors for a week for maintenance and will reopen on Sept 8. Details of the closure and alternative arrangements for the week are found here. Registration and the dropoff of Extended Care forms may still be done at the Park St Y from today through Friday. (Separately, please note Montclair Township’s Essex swimming pool on Chestnut St is closed for the season. Mountainside and Nishuane pools are open for another week)

With the Park St YMCA shut this week, what fitness-regimen adjustments will you make?(surveys)

Montclair Police Investigate Claremont Armed Robbery

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 10:23am  |  COMMENTS (9)

This just in from Lt. James J. Carlucci of MPD:

Montclair Police are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at the Clare-Pine Gulf Station on Claremont Ave at approximately 4:30 p.m. on August 29th. Two black males entered the bay area of the station and one placed a hard object into the attendants back and stated, “Give me the money.” The suspect with the object then went through the victim’s pockets and removed over $300.00 dollars in cash. The second suspect stood behind the first and didn’t speak during the robbery. Both suspects then fled on foot southbound on Pine Street towards Glenridge Ave. The suspects are described as black males, 18 – 20 y.o.a., approximately 6′, 170 – 190 lbs, wearing long solid knee length red t-shirts, and light blue jeans. Both suspect had braids with died red tips. The suspect who pressed the object into the victims back had a very thin face. The victim was not physically injured during the robbery. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Ray Gulbin at 973-409-4739.

School Begins For Adults, Too

Monday, Aug 31, 2009 9:00am  |  COMMENTS (0)

adult school.jpgThe Adult School of Montclair, which began during the Great Depression, is going strong 75 years later during the Great Recession and opens its doors to registration tomorrow. The theme this year is the adult school’s 75th birthday. The cover is a cupcake with a sparkler on top, and the Adult School reminds us of a prestigious history, with past speakers that have included Isaac Asimov, Jean Shepherd and Paul Volcker. In addition to the regular classes taught in the Montclair High School Annex, there are also more than 300 online courses.

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Presto, Pesto!

Sunday, Aug 30, 2009 11:00am  |  COMMENTS (0)

Maybe you’ve tried it at the Montclair Farmers Market. Or seen it at Whole Foods. Read about pesto, fresh and local, over on Food.

The Great College Migration Is On

Sunday, Aug 30, 2009 9:00am  |  COMMENTS (18)

Guess what a lot of people are doing this weekend, myself included? Does the image here give a clue? Do the words XL-twin mean anything to you? You probably guessed right. Families throughout Baristaville are helping their college-aged kids pack and sending them, or bringing them, to school.

I have one junior and one freshman leaving for school this weekend. Those ubiquitous pop-up mesh laundry baskets? Check. Free Frisbee from the bank or gas company? Check. Laptop? Check. Posters for wall decor? Check. One broken-hearted mom already missing her kids? Check.

Local Pesto, Made With Care

Sunday, Aug 30, 2009 1:37am  |  COMMENTS (4)

Robert and Mary Silvestri of Clifton don’t just talk about how much they love fresh, homemade pesto. They’ve done something about it–they’re on a mission to share their delicious Romarsi brand pesto with the world. Fortunately for us, they’re succeeding. Along with daughters Carla and Alison, the Silvestri family is successfully selling their outstanding pesto as well as their wonderful kalamata olive tapenade at the Walnut Street Farmers Market and through supermarkets as well. The newest outlet is the Whole Foods Market on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. Romarsi products can also be found in numerous high volume Shoprites in the area.

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Burglary, Thefts, Fraud, Mischief

Saturday, Aug 29, 2009 8:58am  |  COMMENTS (27)

PLEASE, Folks. Lock your doors. Lt. James J. Carlucci, Detective Bureau Commander at Montclair PD reports another home was burglarized yesterday, as the residents were sleeping.

Montclair Police are investigating a residential burglary that occurred on Warren Place during the overnight hours on August 28th. Unknown suspect(s) entered the residence through an unlocked back door while the homeowners were asleep and removed a Samsung, 20 inch television from the kitchen area, valued at $ 300.00. The suspect(s) then removed car keys from the kitchen and drove off with the homeowners 1999, Honda Pilot, 4dr, gray in color. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Terence Turner at 973-509-4724.

After the jump, a snapshot of the week’s police blotter.

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Again, on the Mountainside Hospital re-developement. Please bring in the Glen Ridge Historic Preservation Committee into the planning stages. I fear Montclair will drop the ball.

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