Montclair Ninth Grade Academy Tours Start Today


800px-MHS_Freshman.jpgRemember how nervous you were on the first day of high school? My high school had a reputation for torturing the freshmen on the first day. It wasn’t as bad as I imagined, but I did see some kids getting thrown over the bushes.
Montclair High School has a program called the Ninth Grade Academy that helps incoming freshmen ease into the high school experience. They offer parent and student orientation opportunites, such as school tours, peer groups and movie nights.
Have a kid starting high school in September? Today and Thursday, January 21, you and your child can attend the Ninth Grade Academy tours. Call the Annex Office to make an appointment: 973.509.4004 ext. 2615.


  1. How exciting! Well, kids, I wish you all the best in the high school. I also hope your parents are prepared to fight tooth and nail for basic things that they might think they can take for granted–such as, say, having a qualified teacher in the classroom.
    To take one example, AP French is currently being taught by a substitute who (wait for it, now, it’ll be worth it!) speaks no French. Doesn’t that sound fun!

  2. Cain,
    I’m not sure they can be expected to “stock” a substitute qualified in every area for a day’s absence.
    Or do you mean some long term type situation?

  3. If they can spend $60,000 on a motivational speaker for under achieving football players, surely they can scrape together $100 an hour to pay a French teacher for high-achieving kids who work their asses of.
    Or am I being unreasonable?

  4. Cain, unfortunately, it’s a different pot of money. The motivational speaker was paid with stimulus funds, which are earmarked for at-risk and special needs students. They can’t use it to pay a French teacher, even if they want to.

  5. I’m sorry to say that I have heard that the AP French techer is ill. Now they are having a French IV teacher split her week between AP and French IV, with subs filling in on the alternate days,
    When my daughter was in 9th grade, her French II teacher was gone for months on maternity leave and the sub did not speak French. I don’t understand why they cannot get an appropriate sub for long term absences.

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