Have an Ironic Halloween ;-)

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Sure there are your princesses, football players and  superheroes, but this year there seems to be more of the year of the wink-wink High Concept Halloween. Coming to my door tonight was a kid dressed as Comedy Central, another kid dressed as Obama (accompanied by his father, Bill Clinton) and a Lady Gaga who looked to be about 8. Across the street a teenager who’d been to the Rally to Restore Sanity yesterday carved a pumpkin of Stephen Colbert, and not from a stencil. Our own correspondent Kristie Cattafi camed dressed as “Lois Lane” (“Modern day lois lane is a blogger..true story,” she posted on Facebook.)

Then there were the unintentional ironies, like the kid whose cellphone went off while waiting for his candy.  Continue Reading

Frost’s A Coming: Time to Pick That Malabar

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According to the National Weather Service (and Pat Kenschaft), Baristaville is likely to get its first frost overnight. That’s important news for our local backyard farmers. Here’s what our local queen of organic gardening said to her listserv yesterday.

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Got Puck? MHS Alums Play for Lars Johansson Scholarship

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Reading the testimonials for Lars Johansson that have poured into my email box over the past few weeks has left me wishing I had known the former class of 1986 Montclair High School hockey star — or at least seen him play.

Friends, teammates and coaches all agree that the defenseman’s skills weren’t just about puck-protection, but also about the joy of the game, and indeed, of life itself.

Johansson died on November 15, 2007 from inoperable brain cancer, but his smile and perseverance seem to still be ever-present in the memories of his friends and family.

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And Meanwhile, Down in Washington…

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Our nation’s capital was jammed with people demanding sanity yesterday and many of them came from our area, including co master-of-ceremonies Montclair Sunday school teacher Stephen Colbert, Montclair realtor Adriana O’Toole and Glen Ridge improv queen Deborah Maclean. And then there was Team Bloomfield, which included Anne Prince and Mimi Michalski, who sent pictures back to Baristanet. Michalski, speaking for the team, wrote this:

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Happy (Woof-Woof) Halloween

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Take two national pastimes — owning dogs and celebrating Halloween — mix them up and you have something approaching the colorful scene that was Brookdale Park yesterday. The dogs put up with all fashion of capes, shirts, bandannas and bow ties. One came as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with blue-checked dress and basket. “Best In Show” went to Biscuit Haven of Clifton, who came as a Barktender, complete with little drink umbrellas.

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Marvelous Fall

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Montclair artist Scott Sorrentino sent us this breathing shot of Valley Road from the Bellaire House in Upper Montclair earlier this week. Now that most of the leaves have hit the ground, go re-live this incredible season (especially for maples) by visiting our Flickr group.

Baristaville Open Houses: Sunday, Oct. 31

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Halloween appears to have scared off many open houses this week. Only about 50 properties are showing, down by over half compared to prior weekends. Many list prices have been cut in recent weeks, including 29 Stephen St., Montclair, pictured at left; the price of the nine-room Tudor was reduced $50,000. The list price is now $649,000; open house 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The price of the Maplewood Tudor featured in the Oct. 3 roundup was also lowered, by $30,000, and is showing from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. There are no Glen Ridge properties showing this week.

35 Marquette Rd., Montclair

List Price: $599,000

Taxes: $14,322

Lot Size: 0.19 Acres


Featuring a view of the Bonsai Nature Reserve, this seven-room Colonial has central air, a large family room, a private outdoor space with a large deck and patio and a one-car attached garage. Rooms are generously sized, and there is ceramic tile and slate throughout the house. The wood stairs have ceramic risers. This ca. 1950 house also has a stone fireplace, crown molding, partially-finished basement and thermal windows and doors. Open house 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

9 Bolton Pl., Bloomfield

List Price: $275,000

Taxes: $9,281

Lot Size: 0.11 Acres


Built in approximately 1940, this seven-room Colonial has hardwood floors, Anderson windows, an energy efficient furnace and central air. Located within walking distance to the New York City train and close to Brookdale Park, the house also has a a redwood deck  and a one-car attached garage. The kitchen and bathrooms are dated but the house has been nicely maintained. Open house 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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Baristanet Celebrates Another Election Night

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We want you — yes you — to join us Tuesday night for that great tradition in Baristaville letters. We’ll be live blogging election returns from Egan & Sons in West Orange, where they’ll be laying out a spread of their famous chicken wings and other appetizers just for us. Egans is at 104 Harrison Avenue, near the corner of Harrison, Eagle Rock and Main Street. Come with an appetite and all your political convictions, whatever they may be. If you’re on Facebook, you can see who else is coming, and invite your own gang, here.

Dog Attacks Police Officer in Glen Ridge

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Officer Christopher Grogan was dispatched to Bay Avenue in Glen Ridge to investigate a report of a dog attacking another dog. While investigating the incident, the dog, a Pit Bull, attacked Officer Grogan, biting him several times.

The officer managed to wrestle the dog to the ground and call for assistance. Officer Charles Roberts and Sgt. Robert Zeuner responded and helped restrain the dog until animal control could respond.

Officer Grogan was transported to Mountainside Hospital for his injuries were he was treated and released. The incident is under investigation and charges are pending against the dog’s owner.

Mmmm, Fresh Sticky Buns

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Can you smell them? This just in from Liz George: Sticky Buns in Upper Montclair is now open — and giving out free samples. Sticky Buns is located on Bellevue Ave. in the former location of Little Shoebox (previously Emack & Bolio). Hours will be 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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Watched a Montclair Animal Control officer pick up an injured red tail hawk a few months back. She made it look easier then picking up a kitten. It was impressive. The talons on that thing were scary.

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