Gift Guide 2010: Cool Jewels

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Savvy shoppers in Maplewood know a secret: some of the most stylish and affordable jewelry in town can be found at Scrivener’s Toys and Collectibles.  Like these baked-bead necklaces in different styles and colors, $27.  

Check out the rest of Scrivener’s trendy-yet-wearable bracelets, necklaces and rings, inspired gifts for anyone from teens to teachers.

Hanukkah Tomorrow, Time for Latkes

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One of the best things about Hanukkah is that one gets to fry, and eat oily food, with impunity. Every year, I try to come up with an exciting new recipe for latkes, the potato pancakes that are commonly consumed during this holiday.

Feel free to add half a grated zucchini to this recipe if you like. It won’t make a difference to the taste of the latkes, but will certainly help the conscience.

This year’s second latke experiment involves a mix of grated sweet potato and potato, with chopped rosemary and caramelized onions. The refined recipe will be posted here, where you’ll also find a recipe for jam-filled apple cider donuts, a twist on another Hanukkah delicacy.

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The John Lennon Song Project at Outpost in the Burbs, 12/3

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Read to the end for a ticket giveaway.

One of the most unique and compelling interpretations of the late John Lennon’s compositions comes from The John Lennon Song Project, a 7-piece ensemble created and led by Rex Fowler of Aztec Two-Step and Tom Dean of Devonsquare. Together they have produced a thoughtfully re-imagined tribute that celebrates the genius and artistry of the icon’s music. The group will perform on Friday, 12/3 at Montclair’s Outpost in the Burbs.

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Join the Baristanet Community on Facebook

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We like to think that Baristanet offers a full-service, tightly-curated online experience. We’ve got news, features, restaurant reviews, listings, ticket giveaways — and always interesting conversation.

But when we were approached last summer by Jeff Reifman, a Seattle web developer and entrepreneur, about the possibility of a new way for people to experience Baristanet, we were intrigued.

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MSU Prof Arnold Korotkin Receives Awards for 9/11 Community Activism

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Sociologists are known for being — well — socially active. Such is the case with Arnold Korotkin, professor of sociology at Montclair State University. Korotkin, who lives in Little Falls, recently received two different awards for his work in keeping the public informed on the news related to 9/11.

The professor disseminates information through his blog The Gadfly, and through a list-serve that goes to anyone interested in issues pertaining to the September 11 attack. Korotkin was given the humanitarian award by the National Air Disaster Alliance (NADA) — an organization that advocates for safety in air transportation and supports the families of victims of air tragedies — and an honorable mention, distinguished alumnus award from New York University.

“As a community organizer I believe in empowering citizens by providing access to ‘fair and balanced’ information,” Korotkin told Baristanet. “I provide the 9/11 community with daily e-mails containing links to articles from myriad news sources including the NY Times, NY Daily News, NY Post, The Record, The Star-Ledger, the Washington Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, among others.”

Korotkin’s work with the 9/11 community began when he was Director of Community Building for the United Way. His goal was to reach out to families that had lost loved ones as a result of the terrorist attack. “I quickly realized that many 9/11 families had ceased reading, listening to and/or reading the news,” explained Korotkin. “I began the 9/11 List-serv to provide family members access to news and relevant information about services and resources.” Professor Korotkin has continued to maintain the List-Serve since 2001, and distributes daily emails with relevant information.

Anyone who would like to ‘subscribe’ to this free news service should send an e-mail to with the word “subscribe” in the subject box.”

The Iceman Cometh and Giveth Kitty Home

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Earlier I had mentioned that someone I know had adopted the kitty, Sunny, that had been abandoned under a car last month in freezing weather. The man who found him, Chuck O., took him to the vet and nursed him back to health but with a new baby and two cats, was not in the position to keep him.

Enter our own John Farrell, a.k.a. Iceman, and his wife, Dale Marie, whom I recently learned fell in love with Sunny and have officially adopted him:

When Chuck found the cat, he weighed less than a pound, suffering from severe hypothermia, dehydration and full body tremors. The 24-hour clinic didn’t think he’d live. Chuck had them put the cat in the incubator and feed it intravenously. He did live and after taking him to the vet yesterday, he is now 3.1 pounds and in good health.

About an inch of his tail is now dead, as is the tip of one of his ears, and the vet hopes they fall off naturally. Chuck’s Mom and Dad nurtured Sunny (this after Chuck spent approx $600 to save an abandoned kitty left to die) back to life.

After my wife, Dale, read his story and how Chuck saved him, we couldn’t help but give this guy the home the deserves. We picked him up late Sunday afternoon and he has already changed our lives. Damn, I love this little guy.

Gift Guide 2010: Kitsch Lit

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Sure, you can download just about anything you want on your Kindle or your iBook. But when it comes to presents, you want something you can wrap. Cozy little Watchung Booksellers has all manner of books suitable for gift giving, from cookbooks to literary masterpieces. But here are two for that someone on your list who’s mad for 1960′s-era kitsch. Amy Sedaris’s “Simpler Times: Crafts For Poor People” ($25.20 with Watchung’s regular discount) is filled with pompoms and all manner of gingham, all ironic of course. “Mad Men: The Illustrated World” by Dyna Moe ($13.50 with discount) features Joan Hollaway paper dolls and instructions on how to create the classic 60′s bouffant hair-do.

Watchung Booksellers is at 54 Fairfield St., Montclair. 973.744.7177.

Feds to NJ: You Owe Us $271M for ARC Tunnel

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The U.S. Government wants its money — $271, 101,291 to be exact. According to, this is the amount that was spent to date on the now-killed ARC tunnel construction project, which Governor Christie terminated (again) last month.

The November 24 letter, which was obtained by the Assocaited Press and quoted in, states that the “FTA demands payment in full within 30 days from the date of this letter, hereinafter referred to as the ‘delinquency date,’”

Christie’s spokesperson, Michael Drewniak said this in a statement, released yesterday:

I have nothing to add to the issue at this time and refer you to prior statements from NJT and note that Sen. Lautenberg’s staff had said the Senator would be looking to see if they could assist the state in the matter.

Paul Wykoff, NJ Transit’s Senior Director, Public Affairs for The Tunnel Project sent NJT’s “prior statement” to Baristanet, in the form of a press release from 11/9:

NJ TRANSIT received the FTA request for repayment on November 8, 2010. At this time, we are reviewing the request, and are assessing our options. NJ TRANSIT does not agree that the issues are as clear cut as portrayed in the FTA letter.

Baristanet spoke with Brendan Gill, State Director for Senator Lautenberg at around 2:00 p.m. Gill said that the final amount of debt is still undetermined, but that $271M is a real number. “There’s not much wiggle room,” he explained, adding that the cost is “the consequence of Governor Christie’s decision” to discontinue the project. “I’m sure they thought this through before they made the decision.”

Gill said that the Senator and his staff will “do what we can to assist the state in lowering the obligation, but that no specific requests have come from the Governor’s office at this time. We’ll do our due diligence on behalf of the state, but ultimately NJ is going to have to solve the problem.”

South Park Street Soiree

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Last Tuesday evening, 11/23, South Park Street was closed to cars, and set up with orange cones to convey proposed streetscape improvements for the heart of Montclair Center.

The new configurations — there are currently two designs under consideration — envision the block between Church Street and Bloomfield Avenue as a “destination of its own,” which would become a year-round venue for community and retailing events. The designs were developed by architects Smith Maran and streetscape design specialists, Arterial.

Mayor Jerry Fried was one of the first to arrive at the “open street” soiree, intended to offer residents and business owners input on the proposed streetscapes. The heart of the event took place inside the SoHo-like storefront project gallery in the Sienna building.

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Gift Guide 2010: Soft-as-a-Cloud Bathrobes

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Johari is the place for all things lacy and feminine and a must for proper-fitting undergarments and swimsuits, but the cozy gift idea that I spotted in the window while walking by the South Park Street shop were these P.J. Salvage bathrobes that feel soft-as-a-cloud and conjure thoughts of snow days and mugs of cocoa with marshmallows.

In three designs, pink with white polka dots, white with lips and white with hearts, these robes are comfort food for the body. They sell for $88.

Johari has been at 47 South Park Street since 2000. Click here for store hours and contact information.

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