NJ Transit is Listening — Tonight

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New Jersey Transit wants to hear what you have to say – really, they do. Tonight at Penn Station, commuters can voice their concerns and frustrations live and in person to senior management at a “We’re Listening” forum. More details below.

Perhaps the execs will get an earful about the delays that occurred both yesterday and today. This morning, Clever Commute posts and tweets were filled with news about how passengers were forced to de-board the 7:57 a.m. train at Bloomfield station and reboard a different train. Delays are par for the course for NJT, but transit police wielding machine guns – not so much.  Continue Reading

Deer Hunt Results Are In

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A total of 274 deer were removed from South Mountain, Hilltop and Eagle Rock Reservations during the 2012 Essex County Deer Management Program, Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr. announced at a press conference today. That is fewer than the 339 deer that were culled from the reservations in 2011.

In a press release issued after the conference, DiVincenzo was quoted as saying: “Our Deer Management Program is a comprehensive approach to addressing the deer population in our reservations. The culling program held in January and February has helped us reduce the herd in our reservations to manageable levels. An aggressive planting program has helped to stimulate the regrowth of plant life in our forests. And, the installation of unique devices that reflect light and emit a high pitched noise along several heavily trafficked county roadways is helping to limit the number of motor vehicle accidents involving deer.”

The County Executive continued: “The goal of our program was not to eliminate deer from our reservations, but to reduce the population to a manageable level. The results from the last five years have shown us that the work we have done to reduce the deer population has worked.”  Continue Reading

Occupy Essex Slams the Pru (Again)

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Occupy Essex recently released a video to protest New Jersey’s proposed $250 million tax credit for Prudential to build new headquarters in Newark. The group has slammed Prudential before on this issue. In the video, Occupy Essex spokesman Adam Karl calls the proposed tax credit an “outrage” and notes that the company isn’t even eligible for the credit. He goes on to say: “If the pigs at Prudential Insurance want a posh new corporate tower in downtown Newark let them build it themselves.”  Continue Reading

What ‘dat Big Purple Truck?

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Unless you have been living under a boulder, you may have noticed that food trucks have become all the rage. TFQ-The French Quarter in the big purple truck is the area’s newest edition to gourmet food on four wheels. Continue Reading

Another MSU Student Arrested for Lying About Assault

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A Montclair State University student was arrested yesterday for filing a false report of an assault. Campus Police Chief Paul M. Cell sent out this email to the University community: Continue Reading

Bloomfield Crime: Stolen Cars and Robberies

Wednesday, Feb 29, 2012 9:07am  |  COMMENTS (25)

From the Bloomfield Police Department:


2-22-2012   100 Block Elmwood Ave.( ATTEMPT) Side door and lock pried but access not gained. Second time attempted at this residence.


2-20-2012  200 Block of Belleville Ave.  2002 Ford (Ga. Reg.)

2-22-2012  100 Block of N. th. 15 St. 2006 Dodge Wagon (NJ Reg.)

2-22-2012  300 Block of Ampere Pky. 2008 Honda (NJ Reg.)

2-27-2012  100 Block of Maple St. 1999 Saturn    Continue Reading

Jackson Runs for Mayor as Head of “Montclair 2012″

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"Montclair 2012"

A new slate, led by former Mayor Robert Jackson, has emerged in the Montclair Township Council race. From a press release sent out yesterday:

Insisting the town’s sustainability is under threat from high property taxes, excessive debt, diminished services and an expectations/performance gap in public education, a group calling itself Montclair 2012 today announced its team of candidates for the May municipal election. Continue Reading

Bloomfield Council Votes To Change Communications Ordinance

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The Bloomfield Council voted unanimously to proceed with a major change to the township’s communications ordinance at Monday’s conference meeting.

The proposed ordinance was authored by Bloomfield Residents for Responsible Wireless Communications, a group of concerned citizens who had first worked together last year to prevent the construction of a 120-foot cell tower monopole by T-Mobile on the corner of Broad Street and Bay Avenue. T-Mobile had applied for necessary variances to the township Zoning Board early last year to build the monopole, but after multiple hearings and strong opposition from the public, eventually withdrew the application.

Maria Probst

Maria Probst, speaking for the Bloomfield Residents group during the public comment period, distributed copies of the 15-page draft ordinance to the council members, saying that the group had spent months researching wireless communications ordinances from around the country to create an ordinance for Bloomfield that would better address the current communications environment. Bloomfield’s ordinance is a decade old and is only a page long. Continue Reading

Will There Be a Compromise on Bierman Development?

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A sign in front of the demolished Charles Bierman Home, on Madison Avenue in Montclair’s South End,  declares “No compromise about variances. Law’s law. Save our South End!!”

The protest — pale by Gray Street standards — is against proposed variances to allow Little Falls-based developer Lawrence Kramer has to build six new homes on the tree-filled corner property.

Residents of Madison Avenue have organized in opposition to the size of the project and spoken before the Planning Board. “To cram six houses on that lot, that’s a lot of families,” says neighbor Annicia Durka.  Continue Reading

Are Breast Cancer Awareness Campaigns Driving You Crazy?

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First there were the mysterious colors that appeared on Facebook as statuses. “Pink.” “Beige.” “Black.” Then the thing about the shoe size. All of this semi-secretive, for women-only. (“Pssst. It’s your bra color. Don’t tell the guys”), and all supposedly part of the war against breast cancer.

The latest Facebook breast cancer meme was the most innocuous of all. I was copied on message sent by a breast cancer surviver to 141 Facebook friends.  We were asked to to put ♥ on my FB wall and, well, do a bunch of other things as well. Continue Reading

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