Pedestrian Struck Near Stamna Saturday


Several readers wrote to us over the weekend to tell us about a horrible pedestrian accident near Stamna on Broad Street in Bloomfield on Saturday night.

Police confirmed today that the accident occurred around 10 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of Broad Street and Eaton Place.

The pedestrian, a 78-year-old man from North Arlington, suffered hand, head and leg injuries, the most serious of which was the leg injury, and was transported to UMDNJ, where he is in stable condition with non-life threatening injuries. As of yesterday, he had still not been released.

The driver of the vehicle was a 60-year-old female from New York City, who was driving north on Broad Street when the accident happened. She was not injured.

No summons have been issued and the accident is still under investigation.


  1. I really hope that the placement of this unfortunate accident by the name of the nearest restaurant is not an indication of Baristanet’s actual editorial priorities.

  2. That is a really dangerous section for traffic & jay walking pedestrians, especially between Rita’s & Holsten’s. Cars barreling down to make the light at Watchung and people with small children trying to cross the street in between parked cars up and down that section to get to the shops and their own cars. I hate to say it but they might need speed bumps….Which I hate! But it is one hairy eighth of a mile.

  3. I just assumed the driver was drinking, raeven. Much easier than having to worry about being right all the time. And we all know how these oldsters like to booze it up.

  4. Sadly, J-Walking is the rule in this area, I’m not aware of any crosswalk between Johnson and Watchung — which is one of the most dangerous in town. Better lighting at night might help.

  5. Even if you’re going slow it’s hard to see people that are stepping out between cars after it’s dark.

    If you’re going to eat at Stamna park in the lot on that side of the street- no need to jaywalk

  6. I hope the person struck is ok, but on another note was the pedestrian a Bloomfield resident? If not are they going to be charged $100.00 for the pleasure of being struck by a car?

  7. That area has many more popular restaurants than the map shows. The lighting isn’t the greatest, and it’s a long block without a crosswalk. I’m not an advocate of jaywalking, but confess that I do it in that area occasionally. The road can seem clear, but once the light changes at the corner of Watchung, cars come quickly.

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