RIP Richard Bellman

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Richard F. Bellman, a lawyer who spent his career fighting racial discrimination in zoning and housing, passed away earlier this month, according to an obit that ran in the New York Times yesterday. Among Bellman’s early victories was a 1970 case in which he won $500 in damages for a black minister who was denied a rental in Montclair because of his race. According to the New York Times, “it was the first monetary award by a New Jersey court for mental suffering caused by racial discrimination.” Read the full obit here.

Montclair’s ACIEM Studio’s New Audio Offerings for Local Artists

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Photo courtesy of Brian Brodeur

Do you think you are the next Aimee Mann, Christian McBride or James Taylor but need some help to showcase your sound to your future fans?

For the past six months, Brian Brodeur, owner of ACIEM Studios, has been expanding his video and media production business by acquiring recording equipment for a new recording studio/mixing room scheduled to officially open on June 1.  In the meantime, he’s invited local artists to test-drive his audio equipment.

“We’re paying the rent with the existing business we have—DVD/videos and some web stuff,” says Brodeur, who earned a music technology degree from Berklee College of Music in Boston and toured as a professional drummer.  “I don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on by charging someone a hundred bucks an hour.  So, it’s easy for us to say ‘Hey XYZ artist, come in; sit on the mike.  You don’t like it, we’re fine.’  We’re not out anything—maybe I’ll throw some money at my engineers.”

Along with his Neve 1081 Preamp/EQs, LaChapell 992EG Stereo preamp, Manley Massive Passive EQ, TG-2 Stereo preamp and Thermionic Culture Phoenix Master compressor, Brodeur’s 450 square-foot underground soundproof studio feature a Telefunken AR51 tube microphone (“An incredible sounding microphone in the style of Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra”) and “very natural-sounding” ProAc Studio 100 near-field speakers.

Photo courtesy of Brian Brodeur

He also has an Amek Angela analog console he acquired from friends who work at Dubway Studios, a New York City audio facility. “Consoles are becoming more and more rare in the music business.  A lot of people work ‘in the box’—in the computer system.  But we have a bit of a hybrid here, where we work with the latest and greatest computer stuff—ProTools and that equipment—but we’re also able to bring out the audio and still mix on a console.  Some would say I’m old-fashioned, but I’m an old-fashioned guy,” says Brodeur.

While his 7 North Mountain Avenue location (he moved to this site from a facility in his home about four years ago), will accommodate artists with no or smaller bands, his relationship with bass guitarist and producer Bill Laswell gives him access to Laswell’s private 2,500-plus square-foot West Orange recording studio (Frankie Valli’s old studio) for larger bands.

Brodeur, 42, who also plays the keyboards and bass, will share his engineering expertise with folks this fall when he will conduct a sound mixing class in his studio through the Adult School of Montclair and will dedicate two full nights to the Beatles (“I’m a giant Beatles fan.”)

The Montclair resident started working at recording facilities outside of Boston after he graduated from Berklee in 1991.  In 1997, he joined Digi-Rom, recording industry pioneer’s Harry Hirsch’s company, where he started one of New York City’s first DVD studios and helped double sales.

Realizing he had the “DNA” for running a small business, the technical skills to build a DVD/video production company and potentially more opportunity as his own boss, Brodeur struck out on his own and started New YorkDVD (based in New York City and now a subsidiary of ACIEM Studios), and worked on DVD projects for Frank Zappa, Grammy Award-winning bassist Victor Wooten, guitarist Mike Keneally, drummers Steve Gadd and Vinnie Colaiuta, Phish, and other artists.  In 2006, his team received the DVD Association’s Excellence in Music DVD Award for its work on drummer Neil Peart’s Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVD.

Brodeur and his ACIEM Studios team have also done DVD work for the Caucus Educational Corporation, McLaren Automotive, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Barnes & Noble, the United Nations, SONY and NBC/Universal.

With Penny Potenz Winship, ACIEM’s part-time community relations liaison-slash-business development person, who is also a theatre director and producer and jazz lover, Matt and Dave, his two full-time employees, and about $25,000 of audio equipment, Brodeur looks forward to connecting with members of the community and introducing them to his audio offerings.  “We do good work and that’s what speaks for us.”


Jim Pond: Local Businesses & the MFF

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I am excited that Montclair is sponsoring a Film Festival.  It looks legit too.  I am surprised the local businesses have not seized the moment and embraced the Festival. Continue Reading

George Vecsey at Yogi Berra Tomorrow

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Yogi Berra Stadium, from Wikipedia.

New York Times sports columnist and best-selling author George Vecsey will be visiting the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center for a lunch talk tomorrow afternoon.

Continue Reading

Essex County Complete Streets Policy Adopted

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The Essex County Board of Chosen Freeholders unanimously voted to approve a “Complete Streets” resolution last week, sponsored by Fifth District Freeholder Brendan Gill. Essex and Morris are the first two N.J. counties to adopt “Complete Streets” as part of their road and safety policies.

Gill said, “Complete Streets is an important community policy initiative, and I’m glad it passed without delay.  Complete Streets is designed to improve safety for all roadway users: motor vehicles, mass transit, pedestrians – especially seniors and young children – and we’ve already seen successes where it’s been implemented.” He said this is part of Essex County’s new transportation “master plan.”

The goal of the legislation is to provide a framework for making the state’s roadways safer and more accessible to pedestrians, public transit users, senior citizens and cyclists while ensuring the safe and efficient flow of vehicles.

Mayor Jerry Fried views the renovation of South Park Street as part of the implementation of his “Complete Streets” vision.

Bread Co. Bon Voyage Party

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There was a block party on Walnut Street yesterday to say farewell to Sally and Will Reinhardt of the Montclair Bread Company who are returning to Australia  after 19 years of business.

Continue Reading

“Occupy Wall Street” Course at MSU

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OWS protestors at Zuccotti Park, courtesy of Gosia Smerdel, anthropology major at MSU

Occupy protestors may have left the quad at Montclair State University, but the spirit of the movement is alive and well in the Anthropology Department, which will be offering a course on Occupy Wall Street (OWS) next fall.

Continue Reading

Mayday Mayhem? OWS Hopes So

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OWS protestor arrested at Zuccotti Park, photo courtesy of Gosia Smerdel

Going to the city tomorrow morning? Occupy Wall Street has other plans in mind, as the movement is planning a nationwide “May Day” protest, taking “direct action” by occupying Manhattan-bound bridges and tunnels.

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Montclair Film Fest Will Have a Trolley

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The Montclair Film Festival, which starts tomorrow, will be running trolleys Friday through Sunday to help filmgoers go between the six venues and festival headquarters.

Going west to east, the trolley will stop near the Montclair Public Library, The Clairidge, Watchung Plaza, The Bellevue, Montclair Station and Montclair State. Continue Reading

Gas Main Break – Bloomfield Ave. & South Park St.

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The Breaking News Network has just reported a major gas leak on Bloomfield Ave. and South Park Street in Montclair.

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