The Scary Mommy Cocktail and Party Details


UPDATE: The Scary Mommy party is SOLD OUT as of today, May 6! We excited to party with the 60+ people who are coming!

For those perfect Mommies out there I would like to make one thing clear—this Scary Mommy party ain’t for you sister. If parties like this make you want to climb up on your soap-box and tell the rest of us, half-sane, and with any luck half-in-the-bag messes, how motherhood is, and should be, I have a 56 lb. bag of “Shut-it” just for you. For the rest of us ready to enjoy a night of non-judgmental fun, I hope you have made your reservation, because we only have a few openings left. The Baristas have been hard at work planning the Scary Mommy Book Signing Bash at Trend Coffee and Tea House. One of my tasks has been to come up with a fabulous cocktail. Not to worry, I have you covered ladies.

Sticking with the red and black theme that Scary Mommy, aka Jill Smokler, loves,  I decided to mix up a luscious summer red fruit sangria. When making sangria, be careful of any juice blends when mixing drinks. I prefer using 100% juice mixes and adding sugar if necessary. This is a great way to avoid that cough syrup flavor. I added blackberries for garnish, because the darker the berry the sweeter the fruit.

Here’s how you mix it up:

  • One cup of slightly dry or sweet white wine
  • One cup of vodka
  • One cup of Just Tart Cherry Juice
  • 1/4 cup of Rose’s Sweetened Lime Juice
  • One cup of St. Germaine
  • One bag of frozen raspberries
  • Minute Maid Premium Watermelon juice (optional)
  • Sugar (optional)
  • Seltzer water
  • Blackberries to garnish

Pour wine, vodka, cherry juice, lime juice into a pitcher and taste. Depending on the sweetness of your wine, you may either want to add sugar or the watermelon juice. In a bowl mix raspberries and St. Germaine and muddle together. Let stand for an hour or overnight.

To serve over ice fill a glass half full with juice mix and add a scoop of the booze soaked raspberries and fill the rest of the glass with seltzer and stir.

In addition to Scary Mommy, cocktails, wine and bites, like Cupcakes by Carousel‘s famous Red Velvet mini-cupcakes (they’re Oprah’s favorite), cookies from Le Baker’s Dozen and more, we will also have fantastic gift baskets to give away as door prizes:

A Chocolate door prize with decadent and delicious Chocolate Path items!

Inside basket #1:

  • The Scary Mommy Confessions game
  • Scary Mommy cupcake toppers and cupcake cups
  • Recipe cards for the Scary Mommy signature cocktail and dessert
  • A Scary Mommy onesie
  • 30 signed bookplates
  • A shopping list of everything else you’ll need for a Scary Mommy Party party
  • and a CD containing a down-loadable invitation, door sign, place-cards and more
  • You’ll also receive a signed copy of the book, inscribed with whatever your heart desires $ 250 Value.

Inside basket #2:

  • From The SkinCare Studio of Upper Montclair*
  • A free hot stone massage with Valerie
  • Jane Iredale Cosmetics and PCA Skincare (value of $100)

*At the event they will offer free chair massages

We will also have gift bags for everyone attending the event with:

  • Various Scary Mommy treats (manifesto, Scary Mommy -tini recipe, etc)
  • 20% off a blowout from Parlor Hair Studio
  • Gift certificates for 20% off a 75 hot stone massage and 20% off all facials with Valerie at The SkinCare Studio of Upper Montclair
  • Tickets for a free group training class at dFit

Our guest list is almost full. If you want to spend a night with the Baristas and Scary Mommy, then rsvp now!


  1. No, but I am wearing red and black because I am crazy off the charts insane like that.

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