Valentine’s Sweets and Treats

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Looking for a sweet treat for your sweetheart?

Valentine's Sweets and Treats

  • Sweet Home Montclair is chock full of Valentine’s Day goodies (as well as beautiful cards), but they are best known for their chocolate dipped pretzels — an entire case is dedicated to these salty/sweet dipped treats in dark or milk chocolate and studded with everything from malted milk balls to peanuts, toffee, you name it. 623 Valley Road, Upper Montclair (973) 746-4200

    applegate chocolate strawberries

    Bunny Heart Pizza 3

  • Maybe your sweetheart likes it savory? There’s always Bunny’s Sports Bar (14 W. South Orange Ave., South Orange, 973-763-1377) where in addition to Valentine’s Day martinis including Cupid’s Touch and Sexual Healing, they are serving up heart-shaped pizzas in honor of Valentine’s Day.


  1. POSTED BY ihateplaydates  |  February 11, 2013 @ 8:46 pm

    I keep trying to figure out Sweet Home Montclair. Their chocolate is okay, but the rest of their stuff: Meh. I find their home decorations kind of cheesy. And I wouldn’t mind paying $6 for a greeting card (I guess) if it was truly unique, but their cards didn’t scream, “Special!”. Of course, I didn’t get to look at all of them–the other day, they were blasting commercial radio so loud, it was a truly unpleasant experience to be there. Why, oh why, do retail establishments DO this sort of thing????

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