Montclair: What’s The Bakery Treat You Can’t Resist?

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Sunday doughnuts from Montclair Bread Company

Sunday doughnuts from Montclair Bread Company

Sure, we like to eat healthy (just check out these radishes), but every once in a while, a seductive baked good sings a siren call we just can’t resist. Montclair is blessed with way too many tempting baked goods, pastry porn, diet busters — you name it — but here are some of our favorites:

If you haven’t heard about Montclair Bread Company’s Sunday Doughnuts, it’s probably because your good friends want to make sure you don’t get addicted (or more likely, they want to make sure the place doesn’t sell out of their faves). These doughnuts (only available on Sunday) will have you dreaming about them all week long. In a word, they are amazing (if you’ve tried Doughnut Plant in NYC, these doughnuts give those a run for their money). Every Sunday, there are new flavors like key lime pie, toasted coconut, and even a maple bacon. Here’s what today’s batch looks like. You’ve been warned.

So what else have we tried, loved and find hard to pass up? Continue Reading

Kinky Boots – It’s Not Just Girls Who Want To Have Fun

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Kinky Boots - It's Not Just Girls Who Want To Have FunIt is rare that the relatively new phenomenon of what simplistic critics call a “crowd-pleasing” musical should be legitimately good, and yet Cyndi Lauper and Harvey Fierstein’s “Kinky Boots” is just such a show. From the very beginning of this high-powered show, the audience is a feral beast that cannot be restrained in its manic applause. This is mostly testament to Lauper’s score, which is stellar in places if slightly unprofessional in others, but also to the incomparable performances of the two male leads, Stark Sands and Billy Porter.

Based on the 2005 film, “Boots” concerns Charlie Price (Sands), the heir to a Northampton shoe factory who doesn’t want it, and his eventual conversion, with the help of Lola (Porter) a drag queen with a heart of gold (oh boy), of said factory to an assembly line for sturdy fetish footwear for transvestites, or, as Lola calls them, “two and a half feet of irresistible, tubular, sex.”

The story, by comparison to most of the invigorating score, is rather formulaic—and by extension, so is Mr. Fierstein’s book. Here is the at first reluctant milquetoast who learns to try new things and be open to new ideas (Price), here is the homosexual minority who opens everyone’s mind with his sassy approach to life (Lola), here is the resident homophobe whose mind must be changed by force (Don, a factory worker, played by Daniel Stewart Sherman). (Have you ever noticed that in any musical featuring only one gay character, either only one person is homophobic or everyone is?) Price and Lola are resentful of their fathers (big surprise), as we are ploddingly informed in “Not My Father’s Son,” Ms. Lauper’s worst number and the plot’s weakest point. All the boxes are checked. This is why, in some places, “Boots” can seem uninteresting.

But fear not. Continue Reading

Baristaville Open Houses: Sunday, June 30

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Most of the 100 or so properties open this weekend are priced in the $450,000 to $650,000 range. Below, three new listings and one major Glen Ridge price reduction.

montclair0630601 Upper Mountain Ave., Montclair

List Price: $559,000

Taxes: $13,721

Acreage: 0.42


Just listed, this eight-room Dutch Colonial has been completely renovated. The house, built in 1924, has a modern kitchen with a pantry, central air, a fireplace in the living room and a deep backyard with a patio. And, there is an unfinished basement and two-car detached garage. Open 2 to 4 p.m. Continue Reading

Simply Radishing Ways to Serve Radishes

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radish openFor most of my younger life, radishes remained one of the odd  bits in my salad that I picked out. They became pals with that odd slice of pickled beet and those freakishly bright yellow, pickled-peppers that I would drop on the floor, hoping the dog would eat (I didn’t have a dog but hope springs eternal). Then one day — hauh, hauh, hauh — I went to the food markets in Paris where the radish is not a plastic bagged bit of red. No, no — there not only do you eat the delicious root, but the leaves as well. I came home obsessed. Continue Reading

Greenleaf Compassion Center Temporarily Closes Due To Poor Crop

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Greenleaf Compassion Center Temporarily Closes Due To Poor CropGreenleaf Compassion Center in Montclair, the only medical marijuana dispensary in the state, has shut down for two weeks to try and build up a surplus of quality product. Continue Reading

Suspect Arrested In Home Invasion, Brutal Beating of Millburn Mom

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Shawn Custis

Shawn Custis

Eyewitness News reports that the suspect identified in the brutal beating of a Millburn mom, has been arrested.

The arrest of Shawn Custis, 42, which took place in Inwood, Manhattan shortly before 6 p.m., was made in conjunction with the FBI Task Force, members of the Essex County Prosecutor’s office, the NYPD and Millburn Police. Continue Reading

Mapping Out the Meadowlands’ History

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yereance berry house

The Yereance-Berry house in 1938.

The Meadowlands Museum in Rutherford kicks off its summer season tonight with an exhibit curated by Baristaville’s own Frank Gerard Godlewski.

“Finding Our Place in History” is a map exhibition project that highlights the site of the historic Yereance-Berry House (now the museum) from the 1680s to the present, showing how it has changed over the centuries.

At the exhibit, visitors who live in Rutherford and other Meadowlands communities can view how their lot and the surrounding area has developed over time by observing maps from the 1600s up to modern day Google maps.

Godlewski, who is a member of the museum’s Board of Trustees, curated the exhibition with fellow trustees Paul Robinson, an international curator formerly with the United Nations organization, and Ron Rice, a map expert specializing on the Morris Canal and the Meadowland territory, according to the South Bergenite. You can read the full article on the exhibit and Godlewski here.

The public is invited to view the exhibition from 7:30-9:00pm tonight, as well as 10:00am-1:00pm tomorrow.

Photo from Wikipedia

Turtle Back Zoo Implicated in PETA Lawsuit

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Turtle Back Zoo implicated in PETA lawsuit, group claims birds died of neglect (via

WEST ORANGE — Essex County Turtle Back Zoo has been implicated in a lawsuit filed by PETA today against the U.S. Department of Agriculture for its failure to protect birds covered by the federal Animal Welfare Act. More than 500 parakeets at the West…

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Parakeet Spotted in Upper Montclair

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lost birdIs this your bird? Continue Reading

Montclair State Goes Greener with New CHCP System

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co gen facilityIf you’ve noticed something strange in the air above Montclair State University in the last few days, don’t worry. The university has simply been testing its new co-gen facility, which has been venting (harmless) steam into the atmosphere to allow the plan to operate at 100 percent for testing and calibration.

The new state-of-the-art facility, a combined heating, cooling, and power (CHCP) system, will replace the campus’ existing energy plant and make the campus’ heating, cooling, and electrical systems more cost-effective, efficient, and reliable.

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