Blog on Nishuane Well Water Facility: Fight for Our Much-loved Green Space!

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Nishuane Well Water FacilityMany of you will remember when the water treatment facility was originally proposed last year. The plan to destroy this beautiful, tranquil parkland in order to build a 28 ft. high (2-1/2 story) 37 X 42 ft industrial building complete with 24/7 noise and air pollution was met with outrage by the local community, as well as residents from other parts of Montclair.

Despite short and inadequate notice, more than 80 people showed up for the meetings. Over 300 letters of concern and an online petition were sent to the Town Council and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)/Green Acres that must approve the plan. The town is required by the DEP/green acres to address these letters and to answer the questions and concerns contained in them.

Now, fifteen months later the water department seems ready to do that. They have quietly put the Nishuane Well presentation on the April 29 town council agenda. Once again, there has been virtually no public announcement. Questions have been asked, but not answered about what to expect at the meeting:

Just a few of the questions raised:


  • Why is the township pushing forward a plan that robs Montclair of valuable pristine parkland?
  • What will the well eventually cost residents? The town must borrow $3 million for construction–but this is not a gift. Once built, the facility must be maintained with taxpayer money.
  • Where is a detailed analysis of Montclair’s current water needs and a prospectus for future needs?
  • How much water is currently being pumped per year (we know that at least two township wells are “off-line” for months at a time) and why does a town that has enough water to sell to neighboring towns need more water if this will threaten green space?

All residents who care about hearing the answers to the questions raised are strongly urged to attend and make their voices heard. If you’re worried about over-development and rising costs in Montclair and concerned about keeping township leaders and planners accountable for their actions, please come and fight for our much-loved green space!

The only way to get the Council’s attention is with a strong citizen presence!



  1. POSTED BY pattig  |  April 26, 2014 @ 10:59 am

    I posted this opinion blog but I’d like to clarify that it was written by a group of people who are part of the Carey’s Wood Conservancy (CWC)and it reflects the group’s views.
    Secondly, we have realized that when we mentioned in the blog that the Montclair Water Department and the City Council have made no public announcements about the well issue on the upcoming council meeting’s agenda, we neglected to say that there is one glaring exception to this lack of public engagement. Dr. Renee Baskerville, the 4th Ward representative, addressed the well issue at one of her 4th Ward Community meetings and also recently sent out a flyer publicizing the council meeting agenda item for the Nishuane Well discussion. Dr. Baskerwille has been actively involved in making sure that her constituents know that she is working on the well issue in her role as their representative and the CWC would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her hard work and commitment.

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