Letters to the Editor: No Night Games at Woodman Field


Woodman FieldMontclair Avenue residents are not cheering for the first ever Montclair Mounties Night Game tomorrow at Woodman Field.

They claim that the Township never discussed the night game with residents, despite including them in past discussions concerning Woodman Field.

Below are two Letters to the Editor, submitted to Baristanet. These residents have also  sent  their letters to the Township, the Montclair Board of Education, and the Montclair School district.Concerns include the late night noise on a school night keeping their younger children up, traffic, garbage:

We are supporters of Montclair athletics. We attend games. We root for the Mounties and are huge fans! HOWEVER…

We live on the streets surrounding Woodman Field and WE ARE OPPOSED TO NIGHT GAMES at the field. they wWe actually like hearing the amplified “Touchdown, Montclair! during the day and on weekends – and hear it so often that our kids say it all the time throughout the football season.

But this Thursday night, A SCHOOL NIGHT, when our kids need to get homework done, and go to sleep, our block will pretty nuts until about 10:30 pm. The cars, the revelry, the trash, etc. go on for a while after the game ends. That is to be expected at a game. You definitely cannot sleep in my house through “Touchdown Montclair!!” And this is not fair to the town’s residents who live in the vicinity of Woodman field.

As homeowner’s who pay taxes and many of whom have sunk our life savings into our homes, we feel that we have a right to protect the sanctity of our homes especially at night, and even more so on a school night. We are asking you to consider protecting our neighborhood and homes from shining lights, marching bands and loudspeakers while we put our children to sleep.

Additionally, we would have appreciated being part of the discussion that will impact our neighborhood. We have been included in the past on other decisions relating to Woodman Field. Going forward, please include Woodman Field residents in the discussion when considering night games.

WE ARE OPPOSED TO NIGHT GAMES at Woodman field and feel our voices deserve to be heard.

Another Montclair Avenue resident says she didn’t find out about tomorrow’s night game until today and is upset that residents weren’t included in the discussion:

My family LOVES the football games and will likely be Mounties themselves one day however “Touch Down Montclair” is not a part of our bedtime routine for our K-2 children (7:30pm bedtime) nor my husband (9pm bedtime) who has to get up at 4:30am.

We live on Montclair Avenue and the game announcer, marching band, cheerleaders and crowds are as clear as a bell in my home which WE LOVE ON THE WEEKENDS which is exactly when they should occur. The noise, traffic and garbage left on our street are not in any way desirable at this time of night ESPECIALLY during the school week. The noise and traffic will no doubt go on until 10:30pm.

After reading the Montclair times and knowing that $4000 has been invested in temporary lights, and seeing how this week a “Night Game” is being launched without even an announcement to the neighborhood, I have grave concerns that this may become a regular occurrence. This is totally unacceptable during the week.

Please take us residents into consideration when debating night games going forward. WE ARE OPPOSED TO NIGHT GAMES at Woodman field and feel our voices should be heard.


  1. Who is minding the store of athletic expenditures? $4000 for temporary lights in a neighborhood that has had plenty of opinions made known in the press in the last few years that lights are not conducive to their quality of life in that neighborhood! Someone dropped the ball by not going through the TC or Town Manager. Also, neighbors -contact ERHC and ask them to come out during the game and measure the decibels on your property lines to make sure they don’t exceed 65 decibels!

  2. Night games! Outrageous! What about global warming/climate change? The president says the science is settled and the town of Montclair is going to use all that dirty energy for a night football game?? Dammit, in that case I am selling my Leaf and Tesla and buying a Ford F-350!!

  3. I think this runs afoul of Montclair’s light ordinance.

    Oh, right, Montclair does’t have a light ordinance. Never mind.

  4. My family lives near the field and I have to say why does everyone have to be such duds? It is one night in the year. Have your kids do their homework early. Or not at all. One night is not going to end the world. I know we pay high taxes, but I am glad to see something fun come to the neighborhood, and the game is supporting a charity as well. Do people really feel the need to complain about everything?

  5. I am a resident of Montclair Ave with school aged children who does not share the concerns of the 2 residents who are complaining. I ask my neighbors if they feel the same about the scene on this very block on Halloween, when hundreds if not thousands of residents and non residents alike descend on our neighborhood, knocking on unlit doors and leaving their trash well into the school night. That is a crazier scene then any home football game I have witnessed!

  6. I pay taxes, very high taxes, and therefore:
    (a) resent leaf blowers used by the landscapers my neighbors hire and demand these legal products be banned
    (b) resent people with more children in the school system than their taxes cover (this is forced charity!)
    (c) resent that my street has not been repaved
    (d) resent that the township’s police do not camp on my street morning, noon and night to enforce speed limits. (There has been a lot of speeding since the town repaved our street).
    (e) resent that the busy street I bought my house on has so much traffic that it is difficult to exit my driveway
    (f) resent that the sports field across the street from my house is used when I am at home
    (g) resent that my neighbor painted their house without taking my chemical sensitivity into account
    (h) resent that my neighbor had a party and my child was kept awake by the noise
    (i) resent that not once but twice we endure loud fireworks each July. (Can’t they make silent fireworks?)

    Excuse me neighbor I’d like to borrow a cup of sugar. My goodness, I resent that response!

  7. I’m a little surprised that nobody has mentioned the other side of this issue. It might be different if we were speaking of sporting events on Friday or Saturday nights, but – as I understand it – this upcoming night game is on a Thursday.

    What does this do to the players’ (and young audience members’) performance in school the next day? There’s time to complete homework on game day?

    I remember the Hillside Principal, a few years ago, expressing a concern about “sporting” (I don’t recall which sport he cited as an example) well into the night before a school day. That seems a reasonable concern.


  8. @townie:

    your forgot

    (j) resent boors who engage in false equivalencies as a way of invalidating an argument that they apparently cannot address in any other fashion

    (k) resent trolls who complain about complainers without a glimmer of understanding the irony therein

  9. New to Montclair… Was the football field here when you bought your house?

    Does the high school contact the numerous homeowners for permission to conduct the almost daily/nightly activities during the week?

    Does New Jersey transit turn down the noise on the train by the homeowners near the track when they go by?

    All the homeowners on major streets like Grove, Midland, Chestnut… Are they sending notes to the paper, Town Council, Mayor, …to tell people to not drive by their homes after 7:30 pm so they can do their kids home work, go to bed at 9pm,…?

    Point being… We are all taxpayers and we all made choices where to live. Why should we all have less options as taxpayers because a few people are upset about one night game and the choices they made eyes wide open when they purchased their homes?

  10. to agideon…there is yet another side of the issue that I’m surprised the Bnet original article and subsequent posters did not note. A Friday night (or Sat afternoon) game would not work for this Mtc-Nutley SunSmart Bowl (it is also a skin cancer awareness event) since Yom Kippur begins on Friday night. I don’t know how/if the MHS football team has made adjustments for the High Holy Days in the past. If you look at many of the NJ football schedules ( listed in the Star Ledger) you can see that across many schools (not all but many) adjustments have been made this week and there are Thursday afternoon and evening games vs. the usual Friday night or Saturday afternoon contests. There is some history for both teams related to melanoma (QBs from the 50s on each team died of melanoma) and the Foundations set up in the memory of these men award the SunSmart Bowl Trophy to the game’s winner. Below is a story from another local online news outlet that provides some history and also includes Coach Fiore’s comments about academic responsibilities. This article also reports that alumni donated the $ for the rented lights. I agree that the neighborhood must be engaged if a long-term change is on the table, but for this specific game the reason for schedule change seems to be addressing the holiday. https://thealternativepress.com/articles/montclair-h-dot-s-football-first-night-home-game-fo

  11. 4lightswoodmanfield is exactly right: You buy a house next to a football field, school, busy road, etc. and then complain?


    As for the “my little kids bedtime” comments, those are the funniest!!! Shall we forgo snowplows too? Garbage trucks? What else can we do to help your little ones get some sleep?

  12. I am confused – is the discussion about objecting to a Thursday night football game? The dangers of playing football? The cost of the lights? Environmental concerns???

    Bottom line, the objection today is that it’s on a weeknight, which I am in the it’s one time people and look at the reasons WHY it’s being done side of the arguement. I have to wonder though what these same people will come to the table with if and when it happens on a Friday or Saturday?

    They should have lived in Montclair when it was a bfd to get a Burger King. People thought the worst would happen then as well!

  13. agideon, this game being at 7pm should not be an issue for academic performance. Most Winter Sports such as hockey/basketball games are played on weeknights at similar times. It’s the students responsibility to balance their time if they choose to play a sport, you can’t baby teenagers. I’ll tell you that certainly leaves them in a terrible place in college if they can’t start figuring it out for themselves now.

  14. I think mcinmtc addresses the “why’s it is being held on Thursday night” above, tomorrow night is Yom Kippur.
    I for one had no idea that this was a fund raiser, what an great thing for us to take note on here.
    That probably needs to be publicized-touted a bit more, right?

    And mtc4life points out the obvious, many other sports & arts groups & student clubs hold games, practice, meetings, rehearsal, performances on nights other than weeknights quite often. When I was in high school, waaay back in the 80’s, I had evenings booked solid from Sophomore year on. Tough, yes, but not abnormal.

    Go Mounties!

  15. I don’t think anyone is objecting to the charitable goal of the game. The game could have been played like everyone else as a Thur afternoon game, but it was a good, creative idea for a worthwhile cause. But, it didn’t have to be at night. As a one time event, I would accept it like the 4th of July fireworks. But I think the real undercurrent is the increasing demand for playing field availability town-wide and I have no doubt the MPS & Town would love to light a few key facilities.

    The lack of any protocol or coordination for this and any future, large scale charity events in an R-1 zone is the mistake. The “you moved next to a football field, live with it” argument is just dumb. Lighting, as a temporary or as a permanent improvement, is the aspect that is new and requires appropriate & new approval. It falls under municipal jurisdiction, but I don’t know if the MPS is exempt. Remember the required Zoning Board review & approval of the temporary netting at the MKA playing field?

  16. In the spirit of compromise and in an effort to be a good neighbour, I’m going to the game tonight BUT I will only use my airhorn and cowbell before the fourth quarter starts.

  17. “The “you moved next to a football field, live with it” argument is just dumb. Lighting, as a temporary or as a permanent improvement, is the aspect that is new and requires appropriate & new approval.”

    —frank, please don’t deal straight facts while we are trying to puff up our chests supporting crippling mayhem…

  18. I agree that the “you live next to a ball field” argument is weak given that the addition of lighting is a significant change.

    Along that same line of reasoning, though, we should consider what Montclair did when it lost the part-time quiet zone. Rather than having the residents near the rail lines and stations merely accept the change – they did move next to rail lines, after all – we spent a fair number of tax dollars for the 24 hour quiet zone.


  19. “this game being at 7pm should not be an issue for academic performance. Most Winter Sports such as hockey/basketball games are played on weeknights at similar times.”

    How late do these events generally run?

    “It’s the students responsibility to balance their time if they choose to play a sport, you can’t baby teenagers.”

    I agree with that sentiment to a degree. However, we also hold educators responsible for the “achievement gap” as well as any other indication of flagging performance of our schools and students. If anything, we put less responsibility for their own performance on our children than we have in the past.


  20. The game being at 7 would mean the students have from 2-6ish to do homework, dinner, etc. They won’t immediately have football activities after school for a 7pm game. Students don’t need to be spending hours on end doing homework every night, they need to have productive lives outside of school as well.

  21. @mcinmtc Thanks for that reference. I see where the coach stated:

    “…wanted parents to be aware that academics is a priority for his student-athletes. He added that the night game during the week is a rare event.”

    and I appreciate both sentiments.

    I admit that my perspective was partially fed by the fact that I know some parents in town that are advocating for permanent lights on sports fields (perhaps this one; I don’t know the details) for night games. They’re apparently viewing this game as a good “first step”, and I responded here with that in mind.

    As long as this isn’t a first step in that direction, my concern is severely mitigated.

    I do share the health concerns raised above, and I also wonder at the example being set by a few professional athletes, but that is a separate conversation.


  22. “Homework now! . . . dinner now! . . . bedtime now! . . . . ”

    Perfect example of todays parental micromanagement of their children schedule.

    Oy, give a rest already!

  23. Again I ask will people still object to the lights if the game was on a Friday or Saturday? If no, then let’s please keep in mind the reason behind tonight’s exception.

  24. Over the last 3 years the Mounties football team has amassed a record of 35-1 with two undefeated seasons. The Mounties Football players have been involved in many community affairs including neighborhood clean up and volunteering at the local food bank. This program has become a place for national powerhouses to visit and offer scholarships.

    In the past the neighbors have been consulted when changes were coming to Woodman field.

    There is no compromise for the neighbors.
    No lights, no night games, no matter what.
    That’s the attitude of the neighbors.
    I must say I’m proud of the administration for finally just doing it!
    Go Mounties!

  25. “There is no compromise for the neighbors. No lights, no night games, no matter what.
    That’s the attitude of the neighbors.
    I must say I’m proud of the administration for finally just doing it!”

    Interesting logic. If someone wants to knock down your entire home, and you refuse to compromise – letting half be knocked down, for example – we should cheer for those that “finally just do it”?


  26. @andrew – Growing up, my family ate dinner together every evening, but at varying times, depending upon my fathers work schedule and return home. This my parents insisted upon.

    Key here is mom’s flexibility and kid’s discipline.

  27. I agree with residents surrounding Woodman Field – they deserve some quality of life for all the real estate taxes they pay. Have some compassion.

  28. The Woodman field complex exists primarily to serve football. As I understand it, the football field is, for all intents and purposes, dedicated to Mountie football. There is no good reason I can see to put up lights for nighttime games….with the exception of band practice.

  29. Great game tonight at Woodman field! Students have created their own section to show school spirit!! At halftime, 300+ youth football players and cheerleaders were recognized for their academics and sports activity!

    Great job by school and administration!

  30. I sleep every night with an eye mask. Lights or not. Have any of you heard of these? They sell for about $6-7 at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Get over it. This excitement is great for the community and the kids at the school.

  31. Never mind – the Ledger is reporting Montclair 41, Nutley 20 ….

    Guess that it was “lights out” for Nutley.

  32. @ andrew — This is off topic of the lit field issue but in any debate about the impact high school evening sports/games has on academic performance, it is important to note that football is not the only HS sport played in the evenings ( Friday nights for many of Mtc’s football competitors). Both the MHS boys and girls varsity soccer teams played away night games on Thursday/the same night as this football game. (I think both starting at 7 pm). Boys were under the lights at Newark Academy and the girls were at West Essex’s lit fields. Swim meets are usually in the evenings (both home and away), and I think the same for hockey (pool and ice time are notoriously hard to come by). And the swim team practices BEFORE school at MSU. They are in the water at 5:30 am. Varsity basketball games are in the evening. I think fencing meets can run into the later evenings, too. Others can chime in with their sports’ (or clubs’) experiences. The kids involved work hard and efficiently during the day, athletes are eligible for a study hall in lieu of gym when they are in-season. They have to answer to their teachers AND their coaches for their assignments and grades and are among some of the most academically successful at MHS (among the soon-to-be-graduating seniors we have student-athletes committed to Columbia, Brown, Boston College). It’s not easy (at all!), but the kids are motivated, support each other, seek out help and have a genuine pride representing their school and their town. Same is true for SVPA (play and musical productions rehearse into the evenings), Dance Company, Fed Challenge, etc. etc…and don’t forget the band and cheerleaders at the football games!

  33. Yes, we bought a house across the street from a public high school’s football field… we knew when we bought it to expect a bit of madness on Saturday home games and they are actually fun. But this argument is not about football. This is about our community (and our governing bodies) being courteous, above board, neighborly, and democratic. Even though I am not a football fan, tonight my exorbitant tax dollars funded all the coach’s paychecks, the police overtime for the game, the meticulous grooming of the field and the salary of Superintendent MacCormack, who gave permission for this one night game. I am looking forward to reading the resolution on this to see how/if the board voted on this decision last week. This ‘sudden’ decision to switch the game to Thursday night was first announced as a thinly veiled gesture to honor the Jewish Holiday, then suddenly the focus was shifted to working around an impending road trip the team had scheduled later next week.
    There are a lot of reasons for residents surrounding the field (and lets face it folks, today it is us, tomorrow it could be you) to worry. Jeff Gannon, Assistant Principal of Athletics was quoted in the Montclair Times as saying “while there are no other night games scheduled for this season, the school would explore future possibilities”. What does that say to you? To me is says: we are doing this game tonight. We don’t need your permission, taxpayer. We are putting up lights..just this once. And quite possibly we will do it again. Then we will hold nightly practices with lights for any sport. Because we can. That attitude is not why I moved to a town like Montclair. Even if you approve of night games, you have to agree, this was a very sneaky way for supporters to fuel their agenda. Bottom line is: the residents surrounding Woodman have the RIGHT to weigh in, to know and approve of the schedule of that PUBLIC entity that impacts our families and if that schedule should change, we think we deserve more consideration than two days notice and a free ticket in our mailboxes.
    Think about it. How would residents living around the Montclair libraries feel if the they suddenly started renting space for night events? If the town pools all decided to be open til 10pm. Or if they put up lights at Nishuane Park for rec football? Many of those residents would protest and say no. And I would say no as well to support them and their right to live peaceably at night. It is as simple as that. Tonight’s game negatively impacted the residents surrounding Woodman Field but it also sheds a negative light on our town, our institutions and it’s democratic system.

  34. Again, this is NOT an opinion shared by all residents who live around Woodman Field!! Perhaps the Board and administration were smart enough to understand this. It was over and done before 10pm and it was a great community event. Next time make sure you poll the entire neighborhood before you try to present a universal opinion. Oh my kids were asleep when I got home.

  35. To Frank and JPcunningham… The school or town did not break any laws to have a night game. They made an adjustment to recognize a Jewish Holiday, support Skin Cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness, and support one of the communities biggest past time – football.

    Your comments about injuries to players on this topic is out of context and is a weak attempt to leverage fear into discussion. Also shows no respect for those families impacted.

    Yes… You bought your house by a school, park, field… So live with it Is not dumb. What’s dumb is you believing that you should or will have a say in all activities surrounding these venues. I live by MKA and hate the traffic in the morning/afternoons by my house, baseball games early on Saturday mornings,… But I do not call MKA or go online to post and complain. These events happen often and you complain about one event… That’s dumb

  36. By the way… Why the neighborss near the football field never complain about Lacrosse or soccer that has far more games than all high school and youth football combined? Why did they not complain about Fun Run that was blasting music on their street for several hours on a Sunday afternoon? Yet, football announcer has to turn down PA system during a game where people can not hear what’s being said on even a Saturday game. Is there a problem with the football team or fan base?

  37. These neighbors complaints are not just night games… It’s every football game… Do not see how you compromise with complaints on even basic games and noise that is to be expected. So tell us, what is your perfect world?

  38. Wait, is ISIS looking to establish a caliphate in half of Montclair? No? Oh this is a debate over lights on a football field??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

    I’d shut this thread down but its too entertaining listening to the genius logic getting hurled back and forth here. Man do you guys take yourselves seriously.

    This needs to be an SNL skit.

  39. 4lightswoodmanfield is easily winning this “debate.”

    Not. Even. Close.

    Facts are cruel to the misinformed.

  40. @4lightswoodmanfield:

    So are you for or against the lights? It’s not clear from your posts.

    “Why the neighbors near the football field never complain about lacrosse or soccer?..(sic)”

    This is the keen level of insight and understanding that has the prof championing your debating skills.

    “Also shows no respect for the families involved”

    A great man once said “facts are cruel to the misinformed”—while defending that statement.


  41. “Your comments about injuries to players on this topic is out of context and is a weak attempt to leverage fear into discussion. Also shows no respect for those families impacted.”

    What injuries? Please don’t make stuff up.

    “These events happen often and you complain about one event… That’s dumb”

    I didn’t complain about one event. I actually wrote above that as a one time event, I would accept it like the 4th of July fireworks.

    “What’s dumb is you believing that you should or will have a say in all activities surrounding these venues.”

    Guilty as charged.

    “The school or town did not break any laws to have a night game.”

    I totally agree with you about the noise component. What ordinances we do .
    have don’t prohibit it. That’s why the Mayor said complainers can move to Chatham.

    But, I disagree with you about the lights. If I am mistaken, then yes, the neighbors have no case. I do recommend you expedite your agenda and install permanent lights now under this Council. The next Council might not be so amenable and pass an ordinance prohibiting them.

    There is no law that says we have to have Away games, but MHS does. Why is that?

  42. People who complain about public events / procedures / installations that affect their quality of life aren’t just annoyances, they’re an important part of public discourse. The folks who run the government, approve construction, run the schools, need to consider the effects of their decisions on the people who live here. That doesn’t mean they have to kowtow to every whim, just be considerate of the effects when making the decision.

    If everyone just shuts their pie holes every time the government makes a decision that harms their quality of life, they’re going to keep doing it. So, it’s just one special event, a night game for charity. The point is, keep it that way, let’s not blindly go into a permanent installation and frequent night events to utilize the expensive new lights.

    If the residents don’t complain about some events, but do complain about others, before deciding they have brain damage, perhaps there is actually a difference between the two types of events, and one is not as disruptive as the other.

  43. prof,

    I dunno know about that. This debate seems to have some parallels to the whole Parkhurst Affair.

  44. Frank, what are you saying? Ray was a great football player for MHS. Are you aware that this game was a fundraiser for the Ray Festa Sun Smart Foundation? I was born and raised here and was a good friend of Ray. For years, I ate in his place before every Mountie home game. He would have wanted this game to be played at night and would have been disappointed with all this nonsense.

  45. I really only knew Ray Festa by reputation – the kind of man he was and all that he unselfishly gave back to Montclair. I have no doubt that Montclair would overwhelmingly support an annual night game to recognize and honor him through the Ray Festa Sun Smart Foundation. I would.

    But, being born and raised in Montclair, you should know that is not the real agenda. Speak for him as you wish, but I think you should reconsider how you go about invoking his name.

  46. You “only knew Ray Festa by reputation.” Too bad for you. I was a personal friend of his. How dare you tell me how to invoke his name!

  47. .00034247% of this year in hours = the 3 hours of a wonderful event shared by our community last night. Thanks to the school, the town and Woodman field neighborhood supporters for the event and their attendance. That time that represents a immaterial fraction of our lives in a given year was worth it! Our families and our kids thank you!

  48. No sweat, Frank – apologies accepted. I know you’re old school Montclair with nothing but good intentions for this town.

    Go Moun-ties go! Go . . . Moun-ties . . . go!

  49. Maybe I missed it, did any of the neighbors suggest a compromise?
    I seriously doubt it and that is truly shameful.

  50. (Frank’s comment would be a great place to end. But rather, like Gone Girl, it will meander on, then peter out to an unfulfilling ending.)

  51. “Maybe I missed it, did any of the neighbors suggest a compromise? I seriously doubt it and that is truly shameful.”

    There should be no issue, this is childish. Time to shut the thread down. Until next time.

  52. Stick to chemical engineering, prof, your ability to follow a post with any level of acuity has been seriously compromised. Incidentally,
    your need to be “fulfilled” should be a private matter between you and mrs. prof !

  53. silverleaf’s all charged up on his/her pumpkin spice latte. Settle down, bro.

    As for following this mess, yea. It appeared to me that 4lightswoodmanfield closed the debate here on OCTOBER 01, 2014 @ 10:41 PM. No one has answered that one to any real degree.

    But go ahead silver, keep it up.

    Maybe this could go on till Monday.

  54. “all charged up on his/her pumpkin spice latte. . . ”
    The seasonal beverage comment both predictable and embarrassing.
    Your such a joke here, prof . . . uh, “bro.”

  55. It appeared to me that 4lightswoodmanfield closed the debate here on OCTOBER 01, 2014 @ 10:41 PM. No one has answered that one to any real degree.

    4lightswoodmanfield mentions “one night game.” And if that’s all it is, then maybe they have a point. Other posters wonder whether this “one night game” was a test for future night games, in which case this is something that needs to be discussed as a community. Because while people may have moved near Woodman Field voluntarily, that was field without permanent lighting.

    But whatever. I can see you’re following stayhyphy’s lead in unilaterally declaring discussion closed. But then, “following” is a prime skill you seem to have.

  56. Hopefully my last post on this thread, but I thought it was nice and considerate of someone to put free tickets in the neighbor’s mailbox.

  57. @ silverleaf: “Your such a joke here, prof . . . uh, “bro.””

    Your, you’re, you are….. No matter. This “joke” offers you a full elbowed “latte-salute” in honor of your verbal skill, wit, and all around dull comments.

    Feel the love, BROSKI!! Or do you prefer, BROSEPH??

  58. i think this thread has reached that point at baristanet where the old men start writing in italian to each other…

  59. “i think this thread has reached that point at baristanet where the old men start writing in italian to each other…”
    LOL! Si!

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