Montclair Public Library to Offer RFID Tags: an “E-ZPass-like” Check Out Program

rfid tags
RFID tags used in libraries

Borrowing books just got easier in Montclair. On Tuesday, March 3, Montclair Public Library invites the community to help it celebrate being the first library in the state to fully implement radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

RFID technology, used in the familiar E-ZPass tags, provides libraries with a better tracking system and safer security, as well as expeditious loan and return of library materials.

“RFID makes the loaning process easy for borrowers,” said David Hinkley, director of Montclair Public Library. “It also lets our staff spend more time helping patrons find what they want to read, watch or listen to.”

Borrowers can check out multiple items in a single motion and self-return them.

“This new self-check system is wonderful because it gives borrowers the opportunity to print a receipt for items checked-out and/or checked-in,” said Dawn Quinn, borrower services supervisor. “It eliminates the need for borrowers to go online to see whether materials are off their account.”

RFID tags also offer complete inventory control, allowing for an easy search for returned items rather than a manual shelf check.

A key component of MPL’s Strategic Plan, RFID was made possible by a gift from the Josh and Judy Weston Foundation matched by the Montclair Public Library Foundation. This latest library technology is in place at the Main Library as well as the Bellevue Avenue Library. RFID tags were placed in each of the library system’s 200,000 items thanks to countless hours of work by volunteers and Ken French, collection development supervisor and RFID project manager.

The public is invited to attend the event on March 3 at 10 am, and enjoy coffee, doughnuts and a ribbon cutting.

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