Montclair High School Student Starts Tutoring Service


Learn TutorsMontclair rising senior Miles Weddle is really good at math. He also has a knack for entrepreneurship. So he put those things together and started LEARN Tutors, a tutoring service that offers affordable tutoring for students by other students.

Miles began tutoring other students in math when he was a sophomore. “My sister, who had the same math teacher I had when I attended Glenfield, Mr. Von, mentioned to him that I was tutoring math,” he explained to Baristanet. “Ultimately, Mr. Von connected me with some other parents to tutor their children in math.”

Miles saw the potential to turn his tutoring services into a business and got to work hiring other tutors. Originally starting under the name Montclair High School Tutors, he rebranded in July as LEARN Tutors when he began expanding the service to other towns. LEARN Tutors now has close to 60 tutors in New Jersey and New York, who cover subjects from English, history and math to SAT prep.

Miles Weddle
Miles Weddle

The idea behind LEARN Tutors, said Miles, was to offer affordable tutoring services to students while fostering relationships between older and younger students.

“We are a dedicated group of scholars who understand and experience the pressures of student life and are well equipped to help each individual student to succeed and reach his or her full potential,” he said. “In addition, each of our tutors has recently completed and excelled in the very courses the student is currently enrolled in, so we understand the issues that student is confronting.”

Each tutoring session is $30 – a bargain compared to the costly services provided by larger companies. Miles says $20 of that goes directly to the tutors and the remaining $10 goes back into the business.

Miles finds his tutors through friends or friends of friends who are excellent students in their high schools. He says he’s also in the process of putting together regional representatives – typically one high school senior per town – to help grow in these new areas.

The tutors are fully vetted through diagnostic tests put together by Miles and a group of faculty advisors. LEARN Tutors has an advisory board of distinguished current and retired teachers in a variety of subjects.

Miles says he hopes to expand to different regions in the country as well as “potentially connect with nonprofits to create partnerships in order to offer free tutoring services and volunteer opportunities for our tutors.”

But his busy life as an entrepreneur won’t stop Miles from pursuing other goals outside of his business. “I absolutely plan on attending college while continuing to run LEARN Tutors,” he says. “I want to attend a liberal arts college that allows me to continue pursuing my passion for entrepreneurship while at the same time allowing me to take advantage of a full liberal arts education to grow and develop my mind and my breadth of knowledge.”

We are quite certain he will succeed.

For more information on LEARN Tutors, visit or email Miles at [email protected]


  1. “Affordable tutoring”? That’s terrific.

    I’m convinced that the tutoring industry in Montclair, while on one hand a good thing, is also a contributing factor to the town’s achievement gap. While it may be something of symptom chasing, making tutoring more available to more students is likely to help more of our students achieve at the same high level.


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