Play Pokémon GO This Thursday in Montclair Center And #CatchThemAll


We told you all about Pokémon GO. Don’t forget to #catchthemall tomorrow (Thursday, July 21) when Montclair Center will be filled with Pokémon! The Montclair Center BID will bait the various Pokéstops with lures throughout the district to attract as many Pokémon as possible. Level up and catch rare Pokémon as you shop!

Get special offers when you #catchthemall in Montclair Center, Thursday, July 21 from 4-7 pm!! @montclaircenter

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Looks like #pidgey can walk on #ramen #montclaircenter #pokemonmontclair #pokemongo

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Retailers will also be giving some special offers to trainers that night who show pictures of their captured Pokémon. Special offers include:

· 10% off any purchase and free single Pokémon cards at Eastside Mags

· A free dip at Chocolate Works

· 15% off Fall merchandise at Dirt & Noise

· 10% off at Heratij

· Enter a special raffle at Just Kidding Around

· Come in for special offers at Glen Ridge Taekwan-do

· Buy one get one free at Gelotti Montclair

· Free small coffee with purchase at Trend Coffee

· Simit House will be offering a free piece of baklava for orders over $10 and half-price fresh iced tea and select smoothies. They are also located near a gym and will be keeping watch over the winners – with the three top scorers earning a $10 gift certificate.

Additionally, the Montclair Center BID is sponsoring a contest which encourages players to snap pictures of their Pokémon sightings within the BID district and repost on Instagram (add the hashtags #pokemonmontclair and #montclaircenter). A random winner, chosen after July 28, will receive a gift card and Pokemon card decks from East Side Mags, four single scoop ice cream cones from Chocolate Works, a $25 gift card to Heratij, and a $15 gift card to Gelotti Montclair. The prizes are courtesy of East Side Mags, Chocolate Works Montclair, Heratij, Gelotti Montclair and the Montclair Center BID.

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