Baristanet Profile: Tyra Manso

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Tyra Manso

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Tyra Manso

Where do you live? Montclair, NJ

When did you move there? My family moved to Montclair two years ago. We left Brooklyn in search of yard space and we gained an entire community.

Where did you grow up? Sweet Home Chicago. Go Cubs!

How do you make a living? I’m a Pediatric Dentist and owner of Montclair Pediatric Dental Care. The thing I love about being a local business owner is seeing my patients and their families around town. It makes me feel like my roots are truly planted here. I’ve also built some pretty cool relationships with other local business owners and they inspire me.

Coffee, tea or … ? I enjoy a creamy cup of coffee, but my first love is tea with tons of lemon.

What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday? On my perfect Saturday my toddler sleeps past 9 am (he’s usually up at 7 am), we enjoy some family time at Edgemont Park or Turtleback Zoo, then end the day with date night with the hubby.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? The Corner. It reminds me of Sunday brunch spots in Brooklyn. Evenings it’s Egan & Sons.

What’s on your nightstand? The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, lavender aroma therapy, and a glass of water

What are you listening to? When I get a break from my son’s Kidz Bop station my favorite Spotify playlists are Mello Beats, Classic Hip Hop, and Coffee House. I’m also obsessed with the new Solange album.

What are your current addictions? Pomegranate La Croix and the TV series Versailles.

Talent you would most like to have. Painting. My alter ego is an artist. I now frequent paint & sips around town. I’m fascinated by how my mood dictates the shade of the colors I mix and the brush stokes.

What’s the worst-kept secret about Montclair? The rose garden at Brookdale park. It’s so beautiful and therapeutic.

What do you hope they say about you at your funeral? “She always made me smile.”




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Montclair is relatively heterogenous and, it could fairly be said, takes pride in its diversity. Has Montclair named a street or school after Dr. King? Why is that?

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