Scenes From Women’s March in NYC & Washington, D.C. (PHOTOS)


If you live in Montclair, you either marched on Saturday, or watched your Facebook feed fill up with photos of friends at the Women’s March. Even the New York Times noticed how many women from Montclair were marching (but somehow ended up focusing instead on how the men folk would manage?? It’s ok — they have seen the light after getting much flak.)

Many left by bus at 5 a.m. or earlier to reach Washington, D.C. Others convened at Bay Street for packed trains into Penn Station for the NYC March or packed DeCamp buses to Port Authority.


Groups went to march and posed for pictures like this one, taken by a friendly police officer. Everywhere you went — there were pink pussy hats. Emilie Gustavsen made 38 fleece hats for her friends to wear to the New York March.

pussy hat

There were plenty of mothers and daughters marching, like LaTascha Foster, who posed for pictures with her daughter and scored a selfie with Whoopi Goldberg who spoke at the NYC march.

foster collage



@beetsbluecheese (Twitter)
@beetsbluecheese (Twitter)

Baristanet contributor Chanda Hall took her daughters and her camera down to D.C. to march and capture the scene. Click through our slideshow for Hall’s photos and tell us in comments who you marched with and about your favorite moment (or sign!):


  1. I know a group men folk that coped just fine. A glorious weekend for all….any chance we can make this a monthly event??

  2. “Even the New York Times noticed how many women from Montclair were marching (but somehow ended up focusing instead on how the men folk would manage??)”

    Yes, totally! Very bizarre.

  3. Liz,

    I know you were a little one then, but this was a deja vu of Montclair in the early 1970’s. Fifty years later and nothing has changed.

  4. flipside, my friend. Not to worry. Linda Sarsour already working on an plan toward that end. I am sure you will be pleased as punch!

  5. silverleaf,

    I admit, on first read, I misinterpreted flipside’s post in a negative way. I had not read the NYT article. Then I read the article. Then I reread flip side’s post. Then I got it.

    Seriously, I don’t blame the writer. He was probably a contractor. However, I think the editor doesn’t think much of us – or s/he is just putting a mirror up for all to see. Reread the article from the POV of a single parent….then post. I know there aren’t any in town, but humor everyone.

  6. Yes, my recollection unfortunately goes back much further. My mother reads Bnet every so often and she is going to go nuts. Flak? That’s a mild scolding compared to where she would go.

    There are going to be many moments of new clarity this week in households throughout the land. And all thanks to the very progressive NYT. Can we say viral?

  7. Frank – I read both the NYT article and flipside’s comment, in that order. I did not interpret his post as negative commentary on the March itself, but rather a plea for future Saturday respite from the wives. The salutation “my friend” should have been the giveaway, as my remarks were strictly empathetic.

  8. Yes, that quote was not in your original post. You added the phrase to clarify your meaning. Now that there isn’t any ambiguity.

    Can you see how your genuine empathy for, what you believed to be, flipside’s point about a family’s respite from the wife/mom is what all the flak is about? Do you see that it doesn’t really matter what flipside meant by his post, but it is your characterization? While these types of characterizations may trivialize an important event about core values, the really disturbing part to me is that they are demeaning to women.

  9. Frank…lighten up. At some point the butt hurt has to stop.
    and by the way, the last thing I would do is demean women. Just last week I had dinner with two women that are remarkable people that I have the utmost respect for. I also have two grown daughters that are amazing. I get it that many women have had unfortunate things happen to them in their past and Trump triggers emotions. If it makes them feel good to march…I’m all for it. I feel gratitude that none of the women in my life have had events happen to them that made them feel the need to march…though they felt empathy with those that did and so do I.

  10. Frank, you are being disingenuous. My initial comment was made before your retort. How could you have possibly known what I meant??? If you had been paying attention to my recent posts, you’d know exactly where I stand on Trump winning the election. Additionally, like flipside, I have nothing but respect and admiration for the those who marched, both women and men alike. The “respite” comment was nothing more a humorous attempt at domestic relations. I understand very well the political blow back at Filip Bondy’s NYT’s piece. As a sportswriter for the “Daily News” for many years, I read him regularly. That said, his insights into suburban culture leaves much to be desired.

  11. flipside,

    I didn’t think you would. I admitted I first thought that the last phrasing was humor that came off as demeaning. I actually took the glorious part as a sincere characterization of what all aspects of the day meant to the family. I didn’t post anything negative in response to your post, but still felt guilty and wrong to allow myself to misinterpret the “monthly event” part – hence, the mea culpa. My apology.


    Maybe. Maybe a double standard. I can recall only a fraction of my many attempts at humor that came off as inappropriate. Liz can probably pull out a half-dozen examples of mine without any effort. Still, the blow back was about a piece that was suppose to be humorous, and fell flat. You choice to follow-on the NYT’s attempt with your own maybe wasn’t a good way to go.

  12. To say that the NYT’s piece was intended to he humorous, is to say that you’ve missed the point of the controversy altogether. But then you had to take that POV to support your position of ” You choice to follow-on the NYT’s attempt with your own maybe wasn’t a good way to go.

    Let’s move on, we’re becoming boring to the readers here, that is if we haven’t already.

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