Sponsored Post: L3 Academy is an Award-Winning STEM Learning Center in Montclair


L3 Academy

An award-winning STEM learning center located in Montclair, L3 Academy offers a variety of programs from robotics, coding, Minecraft, math, science (Candy Science this term!), entrepreneurship and many others. Each semester, new and previously popular classes are offered in Montclair (and now Totowa!).  

Turning Exposure into Deep Interest: Robotics

L3 offers children a chance to try something new or do something they love. For those who have a deeper interest, L3 Academy offers a tiered progression where students can continue to work towards building more functional competency or even go to competition. For example, our L3 Academy Robotics Club offers both exposure and progression through programs such as:

l3 aademy

Coding, Videogames and Building Apps

For its coding classes, L3 Academy offers Intro to Programming I & II (Wednesday, Saturday), Python and several other languages. Build an App is back this winter.  It takes time to gain proficiency, but exposure can also spark interest.

Young Learners

L3’s Young Learner series is geared towards students ages PreK/K. Our goal is for children to feel comfortable working with gears or getting messy with science. Fall classes include:

Math: I Love Math & Competitions

L3 wants kids to love math as much as the two co-founders. In fact, the basis of its math classes is similar to those of Russian math circles, but with an emphasis of mastering foundational math. Math competition is offered and hosted at L3.


For those who don’t know what they want, why not try out the STEM Sampler or Tinker Lab classes? Or maybe mom or dad can gift you a month of Minecraft?  Stock Wizards is offered to all those junior Wall Street tycoons. Last year, one of our students ranked #2 trader in NJ’s Stock Market Game.

L3 Academy’s Mission

“Our mission is to foster a lifelong love of learning no matter what the subject,” said Yin Chang, Co-Founder, L3 Academy. “Much of our programs focus on critical thinking and problem solving as well as encouraging hands-on functional skills. Our students learn how to do it themselves; collaboration skills; self-respect as well as respect for others; and most importantly how to recover from not doing something quite correctly.

“Persistence or just plain grit is the foundation for a wonderful future. To be able fail or make a mistake, recover and learn from it is one of the most valuable lessons we can offer. We encourage kids to laugh it off, learn from it and don’t give up.”  

Birthday Parties & Camps

Let’s not forget birthday parties and camps, which are offered year-round.

Contact L3 Academy at 973.783.8333 or [email protected].

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