Opinion: Committee For A Healthy Montclair Writes in Support of Earned Sick Leave

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sick leave 2You’ve heard from those against. Now, Cary Chevat and a long list of others write in support of the Earned Sick Leave resolution on the Montclair ballot next Tuesday. The letter also appears on the BlueWave NJ website

On Tuesday, November 4th, voters in Montclair will have the opportunity to join a growing number of New Jersey municipalities that allow private sector workers to earn paid sick days. A local ballot initiative would allow nearly all private sector workers to earn 3-5 days per year to care for themselves or their families when illness strikes. For voters who want to keep Montclair’s families, workplaces and local economy healthy, our top priority can be found at the bottom of the November 4th ballot.

For people with paid sick days, it can be easy to take them for granted. But nearly one quarter of adults in the United States have either lost their job or had their job threatened because of a family illness. For the over 40 percent of Montclair workers who lack paid sick days, every cold becomes a crisis and every child’s fever could spell economic catastrophe. Continue Reading

Fall Back With Fire Safety

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fall back fire safetyThis SundayNovember 2, marks the end of Daylight Saving Time. We will “fall back” one hour and it will get darker sooner. If that part depresses you like it does for me, do somethign to make yourself feel better — check your home smoke detectors and change the batteries. The preventative measure will make you feel better. Trust me. It’s also a great time to go over fire safety recommendations.

Below are tips from the National Fire Protection Association and the Montclair Fire Department on Fire Safety:

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Baristanet Profile: Robyn Myhr-Goulart

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Robyn Myhr-GoulartThe latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Robyn Myhr-Goulart

Where do you live? Montclair

When did you move there? Moved from Park Slope almost two and a half years ago

Where did you grow up? Minnesota.  The weather in NJ is balmy in comparison.

How do you make a living? Family Photographer and Mindfulness Teacher (The Mindful Tribe)

Coffee, tea or … ? Was a coffee drinker for years but now a tea convert…. a delish hot cup of Genmaicha green tea with honey makes my day complete.

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Your Local General Election Day Voting Guide

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General Election

Tuesday, November 4 is the day to exercise one of the most powerful tools offered to Americans — Election Day for the General Election 2014.

Every vote counts especially in midterm elections. Ballot issues effect your everyday life. They have a huge impact on the legislation that passes through Congress. So get out and vote on Tuesday! 

Here is your local general election day voting guide:

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Childhood: What Was Your “Trick?”

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(In the parking lot of Montclair Art Museum)

(In the parking lot of Montclair Art Museum)

“I have a specific memory of Trick-or-Treating. I would go up and down the same block in different costumes. In the same Halloween I would have three costumes, and I’d go up and down the blocks. I would collect the same amount of candy and come back with like four pillowcases of candy… Hey, it was an easy way to not have to be travelling everywhere… just put on different costumes… in Montclair, Nutley, all the rich houses.”

Opinion: Residents Form Committee for a Responsible Sick Leave Ordinance (UPDATED)

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Residents Form Committee for a Responsible Sick Leave Ordinance

Update:This post previously listed names of persons named as committee members by the author. Harvey Susswein and Jerry Kapner have stated that their names were included erroneously. All names other than the author have been removed Baristanet will only add names that have been confirmed by email.

On November 4th, Montclair will vote on a proposed ordinance requiring all private sector employers in Montclair to provide sick leave to their employees. While universal sick leave is a laudable goal, we have significant questions regarding this ordinance. While we are generally in support of passage of a sensible local or state law to address this important topic, the proposed ordinance is not sensible. Instead it is a canned version of an ordinance that the proposers have been seeking to enact in various jurisdictions throughout New Jersey as a precursor to the passage a state wide law. Montclair is being used as a pawn in a larger political game and this proposed ordinance is a part of that effort.

• Montclair residents have not had any input into the creation of the ordinance. It was proposed at the last minute by its drafters to the Council which did not act in time to prevent a legal loophole from placing the ordinance on the upcoming ballot. Most Montclair residents likely have not read the ordinance and are unaware of its existence nor of the fact that the Council cannot amend it for three years. Is this backdoor approach the way to pass legislation that will impact so many people? Wouldn’t it be better to allow the Council to study the bill, have public comment and then enact it if necessary?

have a blog to promote Continue Reading

Montclair Police Apprehend Inwood Avenue Burglary Suspect

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We tweeted this yesterday:

And today, Montclair Police announce they were able to arrest and charge a suspect in the burglary that same day. Continue Reading

Shopping Spotlight: Wildly Smitten, Downtown Montclair’s Chic Boutique

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"Catch Me If You Can" kimono, $60

“Catch Me If You Can” kimono, $60

Shopping for the holidays is easier when you can do it locally. And if you want to get started earlier, check out Wildly Smitten on South Fullerton Avenue. Sharing an awning with 73 See Gallery’s Living Pop Up Gallery, new men’s accessory shop – Speer & Crane, and Bistro 18, the boutique was originally located in Nutley, but moved in 2013 to reach Montclair’s fashion forward clientele.

Owned by Raphaella Gesumaria, the mood of the store is soothing with white walls, hard wood floors, and clutter free space. The eye-catching clothes are hung neatly, not shoved into racks, making it easier to find a size. Gesumaria, who has been modeling since she was 10 years old, travels all over the world, giving her the opportunity to hand pick special items for Wildly Smitten.


“This store is special because it isn’t like one of those stores that sells random items. Raphaella picks each item because she likes them and hopes everyone else will like them too,” says sales associate Aria Irizarry. Voluspa Candles, clothing by Australian brand For Love & Lemons, and vintage inspired jewelry are some of the varieties that Wildly Smitten has to offer.

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Community Development Block Grant Applications Available

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Community Development Block Grant Applications AvailableMontclair voted to submit nine Community Block Grant applications in 2013. Interested in applying this year? CDBG Applications for federal funds under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 2015 Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) are now available from the Montclair Department of Planning & Community Development.

According to Planning Director Janice Talley, Montclair received $322,927 in Community Development Block Grant funds in the 2014 program year. Continue Reading

The Weekend: Halloween Happenings, Dia de Los Muertos, and Much More

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Lots of great happenings to enjoy this first weekend of November (How did that happen?) It’s chock full of Halloween parties, a cool Dia de Los Muertos party, and much more!

First thing to do is to check out our Halloween Happenings After Dark round up.

Then check out these events we’ve already told you about:

Then keep reading below for other weekend highlights:

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