Montclair Film Festival and MSU Offer Behind the Screen: Media Careers 101

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Behind the Screen: Media Careers 101

Back again for the fourth year, the Montclair Film Festival will offer its Behind the Screen: Media Careers 101 program, presented in partnership with The Montclair State Universityon Saturday, November 22.

The day-long event (10:30 am – 5 pm) features free panels with leading professionals across the film and television industry that offer insights into the variety of careers available in today’s media landscape and the process of creating a career in film production. Behind the Screen is a partnership between the Montclair Film Festival and Montclair State University.

This year’s panels include:

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Montclair Film Festival Hosts “Conversation With Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell”

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MFF-Celebrity_Fund-FlyerReunited and it feels so good. Stephen Colbert will team up again with Steve Carell (the pair have a history, working together on the improvisation troupe Second City in Chicago and also as correspondents on “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.”) for Montclair Film Festival’s annual Conversation series. Continue Reading

Montclair Film Festival 2015 Poster Contest Is Open For Submissions

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Montclair Film Festival Each year since its inception four years ago, the Montclair Film Festival holds a poster design contest. Not just any poster, THE poster that becomes that year’s festival image. It is used everywhere — banners, booklets, t-shirts— and the winner gets recognition and some film freebies.

Barista Kids’ own Jen Lange was the winner of the 2014 poster contest, which we loved. Now, it’s time for another design. MFF is currently collecting design submissions.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

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Tom Hall Named New Executive Director Of The Montclair Film Festival

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tom hallThe Montclair Film Festival (MFF) announced today the appointment of Tom Hall as Executive Director of MFF.

Hall will replace founding Executive Director Raphaela Neihausen and founding Artistic Director Thom Powers.

“As the Montclair Film Festival enters its fourth year, we have grown to the point where we are looking to expand into a year-round arts organization,”said Bob Feinberg, MFF’s Founder and Chairman of The Board Of Directors.

“We are excited to welcome Tom to Montclair and believe his experience and leadership will help MFF continue to deliver outstanding programs and events to our community,our sponsors and our partners in the film industry.”

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Montclair Film Festival 2014: Wrapping Up, Looking Forward

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Montclair Film Festival

The 3rd annual Montclair Film Festival ran from April 28 – May 4 offering the area 92 films and events and a whole lot of community spirit. From films and parties that celebrated New Jersey, Black filmmakers, women, television, and the arts, to free community events, such as yoga classes, storytime and my children’s poster contests — MFF2014 proved that the third time is a charm.

We asked Montclair Film Festival co-founder Bob Feinberg, Executive Director Thom Powers, and Artistic Director Raphaela Neihausen to share their feelings and experiences on this year’s festival and give us a hint at what might be ahead for #MFF15: Continue Reading

#MFF14: “Julie Taymor & Stephen Colbert in Conversation” Celebrates the Creative Process

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Photo: Neil Grabowsky/Montclair Film Festival

Photo: Neil Grabowsky/Montclair Film Festival

On May 4, 2014, on the last day of this year’s Montclair Film Festival, Stephen Colbert sat down with Julie Taymor to discuss her work and gain insight into her creativity. This sold-out festival highlight allowed MFF attendees to delve into the behind-the-scenes creative process of a well-known director and witness the rapport between Montclair’s widely-loved Colbert (who infused the interview with his trademark comedic wit) and Tony-Award winner, Taymor. Taymor’s extensive list of creative/professional accomplishments includes work in theater, film, and opera, including the production of “Lion King” on Broadway; the films, “Titus” and “Frida;” the operas, “Oedipus Rex,” and “Beowulf,” and many other award-winning projects.

With less than 90 minutes to converse with Taymor, Colbert jumped in, asking how she discovered theater and developed her career. Starting with her early experience as an 9- to 11-year-old actor at the Boston’s Children Theater, to her stint in Paris studying mime when she was 16, to her studies at Oberlin College (she majored in mythology and folklore), to her exploration of puppet theater in Indonesia after college, Taymor traced a dot-to-dot connection between her early experiences and her later work. Continue Reading

#MFF14: The Dog, a Deeper Look at the Real Man Behind Dog Day Afternoon

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The Dog

After seeing The Dog, a documentary by Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren which screened on Friday night at the Montclair Film Festival, you may forget about Al Pacino’s amazing performance in Dog Day Afternoon. John Wojtowicz, the man who attempted to rob a Chase Bank in Brooklyn in 1972 and inspired the famous movie, will leave his imprint in your mind.

The filmmakers met with Wojtowicz over almost a decade, at first likely inspired to tell the story of the robbery, but what resulted is a more intimate character study. And Wojtowicz is a character. Crass, outrageous, a self-described sexual-deviant, narcissistic, controlling, sad — Wojtowicz is a fascinating on screen presence and the filmmakers capture the combination of pathetic and charisma beautifully.

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#MFF14: Montclair Film Festival Holds Free Ticket Contest to Thank Montclair

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What Is Cinema?

The Montclair Film Festival has been having a fantastic week! Between a delicious opening night with Chef, family activities, and a packed and energetic room for The New Golden Age of Television, the half-way point for the festival promises a fantastic weekend for all involved!

To thank the community for its support and enthusiasm, the Montclair Film Festival is running several flash contests on its Facebook page and through Twitter for FREE tickets to five different screenings over the weekend. All it takes is answering a (pretty darn easy) question about movies or the film topics to enter.

Each of these five films will have a Q&A, so these are special opportunities to get into the mind of filmmakers and behind the scenes of the films themselves. Music, College, Black Culture in Photography, Rebellious Art, and Defining Cinema are all included. For more information and schedules of films, click on film titles below. Winners will be randomly chosen every hour!

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Glen Ridge Doc Filmmaker Makes NJ Premiere of Men of the Cloth at Montclair Film Festival This Sunday

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Vicki VasilopoulosThe documentary Men of the Cloth will have its New Jersey premiere on Sunday, May 4 at the third annual Montclair Film Festival. The film is an inspiring portrait of three Italian master tailors.

Men of the Cloth is directed and produced by Vicki Vasilopoulos, a Glen Ridge resident and Greek-American journalist who worked in the fashion industry. Having her film premiere in NJ is an honor, but specifically having it premiere at Montclair Film Festival, holds a deeper meaning for Vasilopoulos — she worked as a volunteer for the first two years of the festival.

“I’ve had the privilege to see how the festival runs from the inside as a volunteer — the professionalism, care and attention that is paid to every detail. I’m honored to be included among such an accomplished group of documentary filmmakers that I respect and admire.”

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#MFF14: Streets Paved with Laughs in “I am Road Comic”

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I AM ROAD COMIC STILL of T.J. Miller (Jordan Brady) copyNothing cheers up a rainy evening better than a little stand up. That’s what movie lovers were treated to Wednesday night during the gala world premiere of Jordan Brady’s “I am Road Comic” at the Montclair Film Festival.

The film, a follow up to Brady’s 2010 documentary “I am Comic,” examines what comics think about performing on the road through interviews mixed in with the story of three comics performing at Jack Didley’s, a club in Kennewick, WA.

“Going on the road today is a throwback to vaudeville. Where you would go to people’s towns tell your jokes, take their money and leave. There’s a folklore to it and a romance about suffering for your art,” said Brady during a post movie Q&A. Continue Reading

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