Summer Public Service Initiatives Tell Drivers: Don’t Leave Kids, Pets, Elderly in Closed Cars

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kids in cars checklistUnless all the windows are wide open, the inside of a car on a hot day is the wrong place for living beings. That’s the message organizations, health care professionals, police and social service agencies are urgently trying to get across.

It’s no longer unusual to hear of young children dying after being left in closed-up vehicles on hot days. Pets have suffered the same fate and even elderly people waiting in cars for adult children or caregivers to complete errands are ending up in heat-related distress.

Last year, nearly three dozen children across the U.S. perished this way. In a closed vehicle–or even one with windows only partially open–the inside temperature can rise almost 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes, and the bodies of children, the elderly and small pets heat up more quickly than a healthy adult’s.

Just last week in Newark, a passerby alerted police about a toddler in the back seat of an unattended car. Across the region, and around the country, police are getting involved when alerted to a child left in the car intentionally.

But the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reminds us that usually the child has been left in the car by mistake; something that happens across all segments of the population, even to intelligent and organized individuals with solid parenting experience.

A few years ago, I remember watching Oprah interview a responsible professional woman, an experienced mother, who drove to work and a few hours later a coworker noticed the woman’s baby strapped in the back seat of her car; it was too late. That morning, the woman and her husband had switched routines, and she was supposed to drop the child off at the sitter’s instead of the husband, something she rarely did. Continue Reading

Sir Isaac Opening Next Week: Bike, Board, Ski

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Marshall Paulson, manager and Ray Smith, owner of Sir Isaac

A new bike shop, Sir Isaac, plans to open next week in Upper Montclair. The store, which doubles as a snowboard and ski rental business, is located on Bellevue Ave., a block east of Valley Rd. We know you’re asking: Where does that name come from? Owner Ray Smith, explains that it’s Sir Isaac as in Newton, whose first law of motion can be boiled down to “A body in motion, stays in motion.”

“We want to help people change their lifestyle,” says Smith. “Bike to the grocery store, and out to Tierney’s. Biking is so healthy for you. And it’s better than spending $50 at the gas station.”

Smith knows bikes. He helped found the popular Tour de Montclair a decade ago, and owned The Montclair Bikery on Valley Rd. for 15 years. He sold it several years ago and started Ray’s Bike Rentals, a shop near the beach in Sandy Hook. Smith says his customers were always asking him where they could buy his “really tough” 3G bikes. So he decided to hang out a shingle in Montclair again.

Along with the 3G’s, Smith stocks other “old school bikes with new technology,” as he describes them, such as Linus, Brooklyn Cruiser and Tern’s folding bikes. He plans to also eventually sell Jamis Bicycles for kids, and electric bikes.

 Sir Isaac, 197-A, Bellevue Ave., Montclair, NJ




Glen Ridge HS Student Threatened to Bring Weapon to School

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Glen Ridge High School principal Dirk Phillips sent the following email to parents earlier today:

This morning it was brought to the administration’s attention that a student, via text message to another student, threatened to bring a weapon into the school building. Upon being made aware of this information, the parents of the student and the local police were immediately notified. The school and police followed proper protocol and no weapon was found on the student or on school grounds.

The student has been removed from the building. The police and the school are confident that the building remains a safe environment for every student and staff member. The students were not officially informed of this incident but we fully expect that by the end of the school day a large portion of the students will have received some information about the incident.

Incidents similar to this may raise a child’s anxiety. Please know that our guidance counselors are always available to assist the students. Their contact information can be found at the bottom of this letter.

Glen Ridge High School will continue to offer programs that promote a positive school climate and work in conjunction with the Glen Ridge Police Department to ensure a safe building. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Barista Kids 1st Annual Jack O’ Lantern Contest

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You probably have a few pumpkins at home by now and are planning on carving them with the kids for Halloween. If you don’t yet, you can pick one here.

When you do dig into that big orange gourd, make sure to take a photo and enter your pumpkin masterpiece in the  Barista Kids 1st annual Jack O’ Lantern contest. Find out how and what you can win on Barista Kids.

Montclair Teens Join Rally in DC

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Montclair teens went to their own rally in DC, one that wasn’t headed by a TV personality. The member of the Montclair Branch NAACP Youth Council joined the  rally for One Nation Working Together. Gabrielle Peterson, the Communications Chairperson for the Montclair NAACP, wrote in about the experience. Read it on Barista Kids.

Pumpkin Season

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Sure, the cooler, crisp days are a sign that autumn is arriving, but I always know it’s coming when Starbucks rolls out its Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin is really what autumn is all about to me.

Barista Kids has your guide to where to pick your own pumpkins, and of course, you can still pick delicious apples now too. Find out where here.

Apple Picking Season: Where to Pick ‘Em

BY  |  Wednesday, Sep 08, 2010 11:30am

I love autumn. Crisp, cool mornings, the amazing foliage, and delicious apples. It’s not autumn yet, but it is apple picking season and Barista Kids has your guide to where to pick them. Most of the farms on our list offer so much more than just apples. There are hayrides, corn mazes, music, kid activities and shops that offer melt in your mouth apple cidar donuts. Find out where to pick your own here.

(photo: Wikipedia)

Back to School

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Bloomfield doesn’t start until tomorrow and Montclair doesn’t start until next Monday, but for just about everybody else in Baristaville, today was the first day of school.  Barista Kids sent photographers to SOMA, Glen Ridge and Millburn today to get first-day pictures. Go over there and see if you recognize any of your favorite kids!

And tell us, parents of youngsters, how the first day went.

By the way, what is the deal with those signs? School’s open, drive carefully. School’s closed, drive carefully. Is there a time when it’s okay to drive recklessly? No, we didn’t think so.

The 411 on Baristaville’s Public Schools 2010-2011

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Less than one week (or two in Montclair) until school starts. In an effort to make your life easier, Barista Kids has gathered some important information about the upcoming school year for you. Get the full list of starting dates and a link to all the school calendars here.

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