Shred Private Documents at Montclair ShredFest on Saturday

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Montclair Shred-FestDo you, like my husband, have boxes of documents you no longer need? He refuses to listen to me about what we need to keep and what we can shred. If you wonder the same thing, check out these guidelines from, which says you can get rid of bank statements after 1 year, credit card statements when they are paid, and pay stubs after reconciling with W-2 after 3 years.

Then gather anything you can throw away and head to Montclair ShredFest tomorrow, April 30 from 9 am – 1 pm at the Community Services Yard, 219 No. Fullerton Avenue. The event is hosted by the Montclair office of Environmental Affairs and is free for all residents.

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Happy Passover

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Baristanet wishes those celebrating a happy and joyous Passover!



Anna Quindlen: Her New Novel, Old Jersey Memories and Women in Journalism Today

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Anna QuindlenIn early 1999, I was 30 years old and new to New York. I knew nothing about the city and the media world within it when I was hired as an assistant to the Editor in Chief of Newsweek magazine. But I knew who Anna Quindlen was, and when months after I was hired it was announced that she was about to start what would be a ten-year gig there as a “Last Word” columnist, I shared in the excitement that filled the executive office.

I met Quindlen briefly at her welcoming bash at the Four Seasons back when newsweeklies could still throw those kind of events. I wanted to tell her that I had always admired her work, that even my mother – a Republican – loved her work, and that I once worked with her sister at a bookstore in San Diego. But, still new to New York and the magazine that would become my home for almost 11 years, I was too shy to do much more than say hello.

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Dr. Ed Gold Runs Again For Montclair Public Library

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Montclair orthodontist Dr. Ed Gold is back at it again — running a marathon and raising money to support the Montclair Public Library.

On April 18, he will run the Boston Marathon raising funds to support MPL. This will be his 5th marathon since 2012, raising over $24,000 in donations for the Montclair Public Library Foundation’s annual appeal:

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Shhh…New Jersey Transit is Listening to Your Conversation

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light rail

You’re on a New Jersey Transit light rail trip and talking to your friend about whether or not to opt your daughter out of PARCC. Think that conversation is private? Think again.

NJT has both video and audio surveillance on some of its light rail lines, reports and civil liberty advocates are concerned about who has access to those recordings and how they’re protected.

“We’ll want to examine the policy and what’s publicly available,” said Jeanne LoCicero, state American Civil Liberties Union deputy legal director. “If this is about public safety and they are doing it in the public’s name, how will they protect it from misuse?”

NJT says the equipment is in response to rider concerns about safety and security on its light rail lines, but the agency has yet to disclose its policy on how that information is used.

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Spring Cleaning: Best Places to Donate & Consign Clothes in the Montclair Area

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If “out with the old, in with the new” is your spring cleaning goal for your closets, the first thing you should do is decide what you will do with the clothes you no longer want. Knowing that your clothes are going to a worthy charity, a homeless shelter or the local thrift shop, will make you feel motivated to finish the task. That’s why we compiled a guide of local places to donate. If you would like to make some money to purchase new clothes to restock your closet, we’ve listed some great consignment shops too.

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Montclair Township Pool Badges on Sale at Reduced Rates through May 13

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Montclair's Nishuane Pool Closed Due To Vandalism

The weather this week may make it feel like summer is so far away, but it isn’t folks. A sure sign of that is that Montclair Recreation pool badges are now on sale. Take advantage of early bird reduced rates for 2016 swim season pool badges before May 13:

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Montclair Resident Wants to Make High Times a Lifestyle Brand

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Montclair Resident Wants to Make High Times a Lifestyle Brand

Soon a ganja-themed cruise ship could be floating into New York Harbor. With medicinal or legalized pot use growing, Montclair resident Larry Linietsky has his eyes set on converting his magazine into a lifestyle brand, reports The New York Times.

“High Times isn’t just for historically self-identified stoners anymore,” said Larry Linietsky, a former executive at Universal Music Group, whom High Times hired in January as its chief operating officer. “We are appealing to everyone who likes cannabis, or is at least curious about it, both recreationally and for medicinal use. That could be your boss, your neighbor or even your grandmother.”

Linietsky, a Wharton graduate and Cub Scout leader, intends to create apparel, furniture, nightclubs and eventually ganja-themed cruises, hotels and casinos, says the Times. But what about snack foods? Continue Reading

Montclair Public Library Hosts Volunteer Connections Fair

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volunteer fair To honor National Volunteer Week, which runs from April 10 – 16, Montclair Public Library (MPL) will host a Volunteer Connections Fair on Sunday, April 10.

National Volunteer Week is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to seek out imaginative ways to engage in their communities. And there are many ways to help our community. MPL’s Volunteer Connections Fair will feature representatives from local non-profits showcasing their available volunteer opportunities and the services they offer to the community. Organizations scheduled to attend include Mountainside Hospital, the Montclair Animal Shelter, the Special Olympics of New Jersey and many more.

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Essex County Gets More Electric Car Charging Stations

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With the County Executive are (second form left) Freeholders Leonard Luciano and Patricia Sebold and Essex County Environmental Commission member Gray Russell. (Photo by Glen Frieson)

With the County Executive (2nd from left) are Freeholders Leonard Luciano and Patricia Sebold and Essex County Environmental Commission member Gray Russell. (Photo by Glen Frieson)

Essex County has installed new charging stations for electric cars at Essex County South Mountain Recreation Complex in West Orange and the Essex County Government Complex in Newark. The charging stations are part of the Essex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr.’s initiative to promote environmentally friendly alternatives and fulfill a growing need as electric vehicles become more popular.

Essex County Public Works installed the ChargePoint stations, one of the largest suppliers of systems to provide electric for electric cars. Owners of electric motor vehicles would need a ChargePoint account to operate the electric “pumps.” If they need an account, drivers can sign up for one at the pump.

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