What Are Your Plans for Memorial Day Weekend?

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montclair pool past 1

The unofficial start of summer happens this weekend and we want to know your plans.

What are you doing the Memorial Day weekend? Will you attend a service or parade? Take a dip in a local pool? Pack your bags and go on vacation? Show the Jersey Shore some love and hit a beach? Stay local and attend an event? Maybe you’ll throw, or attend a BBQ?

Take our poll and check all that apply:

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A Peek Under the Covers MPL Benefit Party

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Under the Covers

On Friday, May 15, Montclair Public Library went “Under the Covers” to reveal the many offering our library gives to the community. The benefit party, hosted by the Montclair Public Library Foundation, raised over $75,000 for MPL.

MPLF Chairs Alison Bauer and Susan Dunn were thrilled with how the event turned out, but more excited about how it spread the word about the importance of MPL to Montclair.

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New Bill Would Make NJ Gas Stations Offer Self-Service Option (Updated)

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self service gas stations in nj

UPDATE 5/19: Senate President Steve Sweeney said today that the introduced measures to roll back the law requiring gas station attendants to pump gas will not be posted as long as he’s in charge, reports NJ12.com

One of the best things about living in New Jersey, in my opinion, is that we don’t have to pump our own gas. We pump our fists, not our gas, and we have liked it that way for the past 66 years. But if State Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-Red Bank) gets his way a self-serve option will be available at gas stations.

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Saying Goodbye to Mad Men

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saying goodbye to mad menTonight’s the night…the night when we say goodbye to Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan, Peggy and the rest of the gang at Mad Men. One thing is sure about tonight’s finale: Matthew Weiner has stated that Don Draper is not mysterious hijacker D.B. Cooper. Continue Reading

Montclair Center Celebrates with A Little Night Art XV

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Art Walk FP

A Little Night Art XV drew a large crowd to Montclair Center on Friday evening. The self guided art walk featured artists and artisans displaying their works in and outside galleries, retail stores and restaurants. Continue Reading

Montclair Called a “Liberal Enclave” In NY Times Article On Presidential Candidacy of Bernie Sanders

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bernie sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders

In a NY Times article titled, “The Problem for Bernie Sanders: The Narrow Lane to Hillary Clinton’s Left,” about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy announcement yesterday, Montclair is called a “liberal enclave.”

Sanders, an independent senator who caucuses with Democrats, is expected to run to the left of Hillary Clinton. According to the article, “The left wing of the Democratic Party just isn’t big enough to support a challenge to the left of a mainstream liberal Democrat like Mrs. Clinton.” Unless, of course, you’re from “an affluent, secular, well-educated person living along the coasts, in places like Bethesda, Md., Berkeley, Calif., or Montclair, N.J., where the party really is dominated by the uniformly liberal voters who love Elizabeth Warren and harbor at least some reservations about Mrs. Clinton.”

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It’s Tax Day

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tax day

Let me tell you how it will be, it’s Tax Day and The Taxman is waiting for you.

Today, Wednesday, April 15 is the deadline for filing income tax returns. Take our poll and tell us are you prepared or panicked?:

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Happy Eastern Orthodox Easter!

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eggsIf you’re Greek or Russian Orthodox, today is Easter Sunday! The Greek gals of Baristanet, myself and Georgette Gilmore, wish you and yours a very Happy Easter (Kalo Pascha!) and Christos Anesti (Christ Has Risen)! Continue Reading

Making Bloomfield Avenue Safer

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Bloomfield Avenue Complete Corridor Plan

A new study by Together North Jersey, a planning initiative currently underway in the 13-county North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority region of New Jersey, is looking at “complete streets” strategies for improving safety and mobility for the Bloomfield Avenue corridor in Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Montclair and Verona.

The Bloomfield Avenue Complete Corridor Plan developed a series of design standards and recommendations for a 4.5 mile long stretch of Bloomfield Avenue in Essex County. By identifying short- and long-term improvements, the townships lay out a plan to make Bloomfield Avenue a more pedestrian-friendly corridor, improving the shopping experience, while also ensuring safer transportation for all users consistent with Essex County’s Complete Streets Policy.

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Chag Sameach! — Passover Begins Tonight

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Passover begins tonight at sundown and ends on April 11 at sundown. Jewish families will sit down tonight at the Seder table to celebrate the holiday which commemorates the Jews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt.

Here is our round up of Passover recipes, stories, tips for hosting a Seder, music and more:

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