Montclair Seniorama 2016: Full Day Conference and Workshops!

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motto2Next week, on Thursday, November 3, the Montclair Senior Citizen Advisory Committee (SCAC) is holding its Seniorama 2016 Conference – an event which focuses on the issues, needs and topics impacting the quality of life for senior citizens residing in Montclair. This year, there are some new features: a full-day conference format and the introduction of workshops, which encourage the exploration of diverse opportunities for specific personal growth and enrichment. This year’s theme “Living is Learning, Planning and Doing!,” provides a roadmap to explore big topics, like, “What Could Our Senior Center Be Like?,” and then, presented in smaller workshop sessions, opportunities to learn how to “do” specific and more defined activities – involving mind and body, cooking, music, and volunteering. These expand the horizons of seniors — to grow, explore, use their brains, be healthy, happy, and compassionate in their personal lives and in service to others.

There are two segments to the morning plenary session. In the first, Ann Lippel, SCAC’s Chair, highlights where Montclair is on its journey toward achieving a centralized senior center. She will recap the significant steps taken over the past year and some of the key vital issues to be addressed in the immediate future. In the second segment, guest speakers from two neighboring communities, Livingston and Nutley, each having facilities and strongly-rooted municipal programs for their senior citizens, will share key factors which shape their operations. Liliana Branquinho, Livingston’s supervisor of senior & adult enrichment and special events, is responsible for administering all programs and events for seniors, and Frank DeMaio, director of Nutley’s recreation division, which handles all senior programs and services, will each describe what works for seniors in their communities. Continue Reading

Lifelong Montclair Launches Online Directory of Senior Services

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Lifelong Montclair

Are you a retiree who might want to know how to save on home repair expenses? Want to know how seniors can save money on public transportation? Are you a long-distance caregiver needing to know what resources are available in Montclair?

Lifelong Montclair is pleased to announce the launch of its Online Directory of Senior Services in Montclair. The Directory is available online here.

The vision of the online directory is to expand upon the usefulness of the printed version of the Lifelong Montclair Directory of Senior Services in Montclair and to provide a senior-friendly site where seniors can access information about Montclair’s resources anytime and from anywhere. The Directory will serve as an up-to-date resource for long-distance caregivers and community organizations who provide information to seniors. Volunteers from the Township’s Senior Citizens Advisory Committee (SCAC), Aging in Montclair (AIM), the Montclair Public Library, and the community worked with Katie York, Directory of Senior Services/Lifelong Montclair, to develop this online directory.

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Creativity Caravan: Making Fun and Art Mobile in Montclair

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Amy Tingle and Maya Stein were thinking about food trucks when the idea for The Creativity Caravan came to them. You can’t get into a food truck, but amazing things always come out of them. It reminded them of the times when they were young and the ice cream truck would visit their neighborhood, bringing excitement to the children. They started talking about all other things that could come out of a truck until they asked themselves the questions that started it all:


“What if creativity could come out of a truck?
 Tingle and Stein teamed up in 2013 to explore how they could work to bring creative encounters directly into communities. With backgrounds in writing and art, the pair decided to combine their collective experiences to bring creativity to the forefront. What they saw was that at a certain point, exposure to thinking and creating seemed to drop off for children, particularly girls. Firmly believing that we need creativity our entire lives, they sought to bring art and self-empowerment to everyone. Continue Reading

Lots Going On For Seniors at the Edgemont Park House

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Pinochle Club

Ice Cream Socials, Pinochle Club, Qi Gong classes, and more will be offered for seniors at the Edgemont Park House in Montclair:

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Montclair, Maplewood Schools Say “Don’t Be A Clown”

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Clown (Wikimedia commons)

Clown (Wikimedia commons)

The nation’s Creepy clown problem has made it to our area. Two teenage boys wearing clown masks were arrested for driving around and yelling at people in Fairlawn and in NYC, a knife-wielding clown terrorized teens. To allay fears of kids and parents and to avoid copyclown incidents, Montclair and Maplewood schools have sent out emails.

Maplewood Schools sent out this email to parents yesterday:

Dear SOMSD Community,

You may have seen recent media reports of “clown threats,” including on high school and college campuses across the country.

All of our administrators are aware of the issue and we have been in contact with our local law enforcement partners. The police chiefs have assured us that officers are assigned to provide extra attention to our schools to ensure student and staff safety as they monitor the situation.

If you see anything suspicious, please contact the appropriate police department or call 911.

Thank you.

South Orange Maplewood School District

Earlier this week, an announcement was made at the high school about clowns. An email came from Montclair Schools today:

Dear Families/Caregivers and Staff,

In the news there has been a rash of local and national “creepy clown” sightings and threats on social media. Principals have been receiving phone calls regarding clowns and our procedures; therefore, this email will serve as a response to your inquiries.

Please note we are being diligent and proactive working with the Montclair Police Department to ensure security throughout our buildings and grounds.

We ask that you please talk to your children about the dangers of copycat behavior. Recently in New Jersey incidents of social media threats by students alleging their actions were “just a prank,” have led to their arrests for cyber harassment and terroristic threats. Any threatening email or post on social media will be investigated by the police, and the person responsible risks legal consequences, regardless if the intent was harmless, a hoax, or copycat in nature.

With Halloween just a few weeks away, I am asking for your cooperation in not allowing your children to dress up as clowns at any school event due to the possible disruption and fear it may cause. If anyone shows up with a clown related costume, they will be asked to change or sent home.

You can be assured that your children’s safety is our utmost priority. Don’t hesitate to report any suspicious behaviors and if you see anything or hear anything, notify the Montclair Police immediately.

Thanking you in advance for your support and cooperation.


Ron Bolandi

Interim Superintendent

L’Shana Tova!

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rosh hashanah

To all who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Baristanet sends you best wishes for a happy, healthy and sweet New Year!

L’Shana Tova!





Breaking: NJ Transit Train Crashed into Platform in Hoboken (UPDATED)

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train crash in hoboken

UPDATE: 12:45 pm: One person has been confirmed dead, two are in grave condition and 11 have serious injuries that weren’t considered life-threatening, authorities said.

UPDATE 10:39 am: NJ Transit just sent the following statement:

At approximately 8:45 a.m. train #1614, a Pascack Valley line departure from Spring Valley operating to Hoboken, struck the Hoboken Terminal building on track 5.  Initial reports indicate multiple critical injuries.  Rail service in/out of Hoboken is suspended due to the incident.  HBLR and PATH are also suspended into and out of Hoboken Terminal.   NJ TRANSIT bus, private carriers and ferry services are cross-honoring NJT rail tickets and passes.


UPDATE: 10:08 am:

A NJ Transit train #1614 has crashed into a platform in Hoboken during today’s  rush-hour commute. Montclair resident, Joe Kavesh, was at the terminal and sent these photos, which were taken around 8:45 a.m.

There are reports of heavy damage inside the terminal and Hoboken police chief Kenneth Ferrante told there are multiple people hurt.

NJ Transit Train Crash

NJ Transit Train Crash

We will update as we learn more.


Montclair Public Library to Host eLibrary Drop-In Support Sessions and Instructional Workshops

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Montclair Public LibraryAre you a new patron of Montclair Public Library (MPL)? Or someone who wants to learn more about using its eLibrary services? MPL will host eLibrary Drop-In Support sessions at various locations around town in October.

Below is the upcoming schedule:

  • October 4 at Java Love Coffee Roasting Company (49 Church Street) from 5pm-6pm.
  • October 11 at Trend Coffee (411 Bloomfield Avenue) from 1pm-2pm.
  • October 22 at MPL Main Library from 11am-12pm.
  • October 25 at MPL Bellevue Avenue Branch from 5pm-6pm.

For one-on-one help with a research need or checking out eBooks and eAudiobooks, the Montclair community is encouraged to “Book a Librarian.” This service pairs residents with the librarian best suited to the need for personalized guidance. To make an appointment, visit

In addition, MPL is hosting several instructional workshops on a variety of topics during the month of October:

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Studio Air Opens in Montclair, Offers Aerial Silks Classes, Pole Dancing Instruction, and More

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Feeling like you’re stuck in a fitness rut? Take it to the air…or the pole at Studio Air, a new and unique fitness studio has opened at 180 Bloomfield Avenue (same building as the Old Mogul Theatre). The studio offers classes in Aerial Silk, Pole, and Lyra — aka an aerial hoop — as well as Aerial Yoga.

“It’s all so much fun and we are so excited to be sharing this with the Montclair community. Dancers and acrobats have for a long time utilized these techniques to increase flexibility, strength, and blood flow for energy and restoration, but up until now have been hard to find real classes for,” says Linda Tseui, owner of the studio. “Because of the way your body is trained using these methods (entire body and mind, as it engages the whole body during each move and requires so much coordination and focus)  and because it requires a very precise balance of strength and flexibility, it creates beautiful lines in your body,” adds Tsuei.

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Scenes from Montclair Fashion Night 2016 #MFNO

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Montclair once again hosted a fantastic Montclair Fashion Night Out to a standing room only crowd at the Wellmont Theater on Sunday. This was the fifth year in a row for the event and it started with a dramatic aerial presentation by Studio Air, followed by runway shows that wowed the crowd, both by the variety of apparel from Montclair boutiques as well as creations by the Fashion Dept. of Montclair State University.

©Amy Gallatin Photography, all rights reserved.

©Amy Gallatin Photography.

“Montclair Fashion Night Out 2016 was a great event, and more importantly, it’s an example of how great our COMMUNITY is! I tip my hat to all the volunteers that devoted their time and talent to hairdressing, makeup, food, and the production of show,” says Israel Cronk, executive director, Montclair BID. “I’m proud to have partnered with Montclair State University and worked with 10 dynamite interns from their Fashion Department. This marks a new direction of town-wide inclusion for the downtown Montclair. Montclair Center BID hopes to inspire our community to not only shop local but to hire local, too. Continue Reading

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