Reunited: MFF Brings Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert Together Again For Big Laughs

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Photo: Montclair Film Festival Photo: Montclair Film Festival

Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell regaled fans at a benefit for the Montclair Film Festival at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) in Newark last night with memories and insights from collaborations at Second City in Chicago, The Dana Carvey Show and their epic “Even Stepvhen” debates on the Daily Show.

The show began with screenings of Waiters Who are Nauseated by Food and The Ambiguously Gay Duo sketches from the short-lived Dana Carvey Show (1996) featuring Colbert and Carell. Later that year The Ambiguously Gay Duo was reincarnated on Saturday Night Live. That work helped Carell land a gig on the Daily Show in 1999 which already featured Colbert as a correspondent. While on the Daily Show, they produced some memorable Even Stepvhen debates on Responsible Drinking and Medical Marijuana which drew big laughs at the benefit.

“In order to preserve your soul you had to assume a character,” said Colbert about his days as a correspondent. “Going out and doing those field pieces was really hard.”

“You were shining a light on intolerance and ignorance,” said Carell. They both recalled one particular interview they thought was a turning point for the show.

During John McCain’s 2000 Presidential bid Carell, was conversing with the candidate. “He was loving it,” Carell recalls. Colbert picks up the story from there, then you questioned him on how he could be a warrior against pork barrel politics even though his committee approves more pork than any other committee in Congress. “He blanched” Carell recalls. “The whole interview hinged on that moment, that’s what we were hoping for, just to get a moment where he looked bewildered. I stared at him and then said, ‘I’m just kidding, I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“The Daily Show changed at that moment,” says Colbert. “Just keep being an idiot and you can ask the questions nobody else is asking.”

Colbert and Carell also spoke about Carell’s role as John DuPont in Foxcatcher, the critically-acclaimed psychodrama about the millionaire John Du Pont’s murder of wrestler Dave Schultz.

Was there any temptation to make it funny? asked Colbert. “I never thought of that,” Carell replied. “Some of the scenes resonate with people comedicaly which was a complete surprise because when you’re doing it you’re not thinking of it being funny, it’s just where this guy is. The story itself it so absurd.”

That conversation was followed by a brief Q&A and finished with Carell and Colbert singing the Star Spangled Banner. Colbert told the audience, “As a comedian this is why you end with the national anthem, you’re always guaranteed a standing ovation.”

A Conversation with Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell lasted about 90 minutes and was the Montclair Film Festival’s fourth annual fundraising event with Stephen Colbert. The festival will run from May 1-10, 2015.

VProud: A Place For Women to Have Honest Conversations Created by a Montclair Woman

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VProudImagine hanging with your closest girlfriends at your favorite coffee shop talking about news, relationships, parenting, and hot topics. Now imagine it’s all online and that group of friends is much larger. That’s what VProud is.

Last month, Karen Cahn of Montclair officially launched VProud (the “V” stands for video), a video social network whose mission is “to cultivate honest conversations among women in a safe and non-judgmental environment.”

With an extensive background in digital media — Cahn has worked for Google, Huffington Post, and YouTube — she created a site for women to have honest and open conversation in a safe environment.

Years ago, while going through a divorce, Cahn says there wasn’t a place online where she felt she could talk to other women going through the same thing. She felt lonely and isolated. She feels that video inspires us to feel less alone and says that VProud’s ultimate goal is to “Make women feel there is a community for them.”

Every conversation on VProud begins with a video, made by women, and a thought-provoking headline as a starting point, like this one featuring another Montclair woman, Alma Schneider discussing the dreaded task of making school lunches:

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Showing Love to the Montclair Public Library: My First Chapter

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My First ChapterThis essay kicks off the Montclair Public Library Foundation’s third annual “My First Chapter” series. These essays are in support of the Montclair Public Library. This installment, which first appeared in the Montclair Times and is reprinted here with permission, is from Montclair resident Harvey Araton. Araton has been a longtime sports reporter and columnist for the New York Times and is the author of six nonfiction books and a 2014 novel, “Cold Type.”


I grew up in a home without books, save for those required by school. Ours was a cramped three-bedroom apartment in a Staten Island housing project, diversely working class and chronically noisy, family disagreements often based on the unworkable formula of too many children and not enough cash. Continue Reading

Flora, Fauna, and Owls to Explore in Montclair

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rp_Barred-Owl.jpgNature and bird lovers will want to know about two upcoming events:

The gardens at Van Vleck House are no stranger to butterflies, chipmunks and rabbits, but did you know that owls have been known to stop by too? Van Vleck invites residents to take a walk through the gardens looking for owls, which have made the beautiful grounds their nesting site in years past. You’ll learn how to identify signs of owl activity and learn some basic knowledge about our nocturnal neighbors. Following the hike at 5:15pm, stick around to meet two live owls from Flat Rock Brook Nature Center. Discover which owls live right here in NJ. Learn about the special features and characteristics these amazing creatures have that help them survive.

Owl Prowl Hike and Presentation
Van Vleck House & Gardens, 21 Van Vleck Street, Montclair, NJ, 07042
Friday, November 14 starting at 4:30 pm, rain or shine
Open to families (with children ages 5 and older) and individuals
$5 per person for the hike and $10 for owl presentation.  LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. To Register: email or call 973-744-4752



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Cigars Anyone? Montclair’s Fumé Cigar Shop & Lounge’s Frank Alberto Talks Shop

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Frank Alberto, co-owner of  Fumé Cigar Shop and Lounge

Frank Alberto, co-owner of
Fumé Cigar Shop and Lounge

For me, cigars have always been associated with Edward G. Robinson, George Burns and Gordon Gekko and a pungent odor that clung to my clothes days after I was around a cigar smoker. To better understand the world of cigars, I stopped by Fumé Cigar Shop and Lounge (415 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair).

“Cigars are definitely an acquired taste. Some people prefer beer; some people prefer wine; some people prefer cigarettes over cigars; and then there’s different types of cigars and there different types of cigar smokers,” says Frank Alberto, who along with brother Ralph (and another person who is no longer with the shop), opened Fumé in 2004.

The shop offers 2-3,000 different types of hand-rolled, limited produced high-end “boutique” cigars from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras ranging from $7.00 to $50 per stick or $100-$1,000 by the box, depending on the number and type of cigars in the box.  The Alberto brothers also sell cigar cutters, lighters, tobacco pipes, humidors and select cigarette brands. 

Members (for a $400 annual membership fee) have access to a lounge where they can smoke their cigars that are stored in their own humidified lockers.  They can also watch sports on a wide screen TV (hot food is served on Sundays), attend special events and get discounts on purchases.

While the majority of members are male, Alberto says there are two female members.  “One lady is here every night,” says Alberto, who grew up in Newark and now lives in Cedar Grove.  “It definitely takes a woman who can deal with men on a large scale.  There is a little bit of a watch TV, a lot of sporting events on.  If you’re not into sporting events, it’s probably difficult if you’re a lady.  Some guys don’t even like sporting events, so they’ll go in the back room where it’s quiet and sit there and smoke.” 

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MAM Scares Up $47,000 At Fright Night at the Museum II

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frightMAM’s popular Halloween-themed bash Fright Night at the Museum II raised over $47,000 for the Museum’s exhibitions and educational programs. Some 130 costumed attendees enjoyed the bewitching evening a on Saturday, October 18.

MAM’s Leir Hall was transformed into a frightening forest to set the stage for the fabulous event. Delicious potions of hard cider and gin donated by Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery and tantalizing bites provided by Laurence Craig Catering were enjoyed by all. A clairvoyant, Paula Roberts, told the future of each guest and an eerie photo booth had visitors playing into their characters. Dancers from Montclair High School’s School of Visual and Performing Arts (SVPA), led by Mary Blackburn, enticed guests to the dance floor with the Time Warp, followed by a Halloween flash mob. A silent auction featured highlights from Jets tickets to jewelry, including donations from Amanti Vino, Bergen Furs, and the HL Group.

Richard Stanton, MAM Trustee Andrew Lacey, Wendy Lacey, and June Stanton

Richard Stanton, MAM Trustee Andrew Lacey, Wendy Lacey, and June Stanton

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Beautiful Night For Montclair Center’s A Little Night Art XIV

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art walkStrolling through Montclair Center on a balmy Friday evening is always an enjoyable experience, but last night, there was a feast for the eyes, courtesy of A Little Night Art XIV. The annual autumn art walk featured art galleries, retail stores and restaurants who welcomed visitors to exhibits by a variety of artists. Continue Reading

Montclair to Host 10th Annual Compost Give-Back, Oct. 26

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Montclair to Host Compost Give-Back Oct 26Hey Montclair, get your free compost!

Rresidents will be able to pick-up free compost, buy low-cost compost bins and rain barrels, and get advice about sustainable yard care at the town’s 10th Annual “Compost Give-Back” in Edgemont Park,Sunday, October 26, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Continue Reading

48 Hour Get Away: Mohonk Mountain House

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Mohonk Mountain House

Sometimes it feels like my family spends half of our vacation time traveling to our destination, schlepping through airports and dragging along extended road trips all in the name of finding the perfect place to relax. Which may be why we never gave Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, much thought – if it’s less than two hours away from this area, we reasoned, won’t we still feel like we’re home? But a recent autumn weekend of early leaf peeping and hiking showed us that vacation bliss really can be found just a short jaunt up the New York State Thruway.

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Real Housewives Star Teresa Giudice Gets 15 Months Jail Time

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teresa-giudice-headHer husband Joe Giudice will serve 41 months in prison, but first “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice will serve 15 months behind bars for her part in the couple’s multimillion-dollar fraud case, the Star Ledger reports today from the sentencing.

What do you think of the sentencing? Fair? Too lenient?

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I think it's great to have another convenient option in the neighborhood. I wonder what size trucks will be going down this partly residential street and how often? It is a moderately quiet street, and will see at least a little more traffic. At least it's certainly prettier than what is there now!

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