The Max Challenge: My Big Fat Fitness Obsession

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Annette, center, with her 8:30 a.m. class after completing her challenge.

Annette, center, with her 8:30 a.m. class after completing her challenge.

Behind ACME supermarket, in the former location of a Chinese restaurant, a new fitness business, The Max of Montclair, is changing lives. Baristanet’s Annette Batson donned her workout gear — learned what a burpee was — and discovered how a combination of cardio and camaraderie, weight training and kickboxing, turns into such a transformative (and fun!!!) experience.

I’m a Max disciple. Now in my 15th week, I can’t adequately explain what an empowering, life altering, spirit awakening and effective physical strength building program this is.

Annette, (center) with her Max workout friends.

Annette, (center) with her Max workout friends.

I’ve been dieting on and off for 50 years, have tried all the diets and exercise trends, with dubious short-term success. What I now know is that our DNA, our own biology fights against weight loss and makes it hard to keep off anything we do lose. It’s all about metabolism. All calories are not equal; hours of exercise will not necessarily be productive. Right when I started the Max of Montclair’s 10-week fitness challenge, the New York Times published a discouraging report on how difficult is to keep those pounds off, especially if we continue to eat and age. Guilty of both — but tell me who isn’t. Continue Reading

American Iris Society Convention Iris Sale at Montclair’s Presby Gardens This Week

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Presby Memorial Iris Gardens

If you love the Presby Memorial Iris Gardens and wish you could replicate some of its beauty in your own backyard, this weekend is your chance. ​If you visited the Gardens in the past couple of years, you’ve seen the American Iris Society’s Convention Iris display. Many visitors have asked if they could buy one of these glorious irises. Good news! A selection of convention iris will be sold on Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25 from 10 am – 3 pm at Presby. Continue Reading

Exercise Your Mind: Montclair Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program

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exercise your mind - readMontclair Public Library gets grown ups involved in summer reading again this summer. This year’s theme is Exercise Your Mind–Read!

All you have to do is challenge yourself to read one book every week between June 24 and September 9. When you complete a book, submit a review to earn chances to win a new FitBit or one of many gift cards to Watchung Booksellers!

MPL joined forces with Bike&Walk Montclair to push the exercise theme.

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“Love is Love” T-Shirt To Benefit Orlando Victims, From Lin-Manuel Miranda, Designed By Montclair’s Jessica Sporn

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Montclair's Jessica Sporn designed the T-Shirt bearing words from Lin-Manuel Miranda's acceptance sonnet.

Montclair’s Jessica Sporn designed the T-Shirt bearing words from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acceptance sonnet.

If you were moved by Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acceptance sonnet at the Tony Awards, check out this T-shirt bearing his beautiful “Love is love” sentiment that will help Orlando victims and the LGBT community. Montclair’s own Jessica Sporn took Miranda’s words and created the design for the shirt. Sporn, an actress and artist, is also known locally as the founder of Glen Ridge’s Gas Lamp Players. Continue Reading

How to Clean Your Home Right: Local Cleaning Pro Shares Top 5 Tips

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Clean it RightRuth Bollo is on a mission. Her goal is to teach you how to clean your home in the most efficient and effective way. The Montclair native and now, Cedar Grove resident, has started a company called Clean it Right.

“I fell in love with the art of cleaning when I was a very young girl, says Bollo. “I helped my mom, grandmother aunts and cousins clean every Saturday and/or Sunday. We would work together in each other’s homes dusting, vacuuming, mopping and shining every last candy dish, faucet and knickknack. The times spent with these women that I love so much were full of fun and laughter. I never considered it a job. And I remember how happy and proud they were of how beautifully clean their homes were. I was always happy and full with a sense of pride. I carry that love with me every day of my life.”

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MSU Presents ‘Hearts of Men’: Two Week Dance Program for Boys/Men

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hearts of men

Earl Mosley’s Institute of the Arts (EMIA) presents Hearts of Men, a two week dance experience, for males aged 13 and up at Montclair State University this summer.

Designed to create dances of culture, inspiration, beauty, and brotherhood – Hearts of Men features dance instruction, workshops, and guest speakers. Hearts of Men, the creation of Fredrick Earl Mosley, brings together many generations of men, from elders to youngsters, in one circle of shared experience. With the opportunity to dance together dancers learn not only from their peers, but from their elders and the youngest of participants.

An appetite for movement is all that is needed to qualify!

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Cheer for Montclair on Jeopardy Thursday Night!

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Answer: Liz Lynch. Question: Which Montclair resident will compete on Jeopardy Thursday night?

Liz Lynch has watched and loved the game show Jeopardy since she was a little kid, shouting out responses with her mom. She always wondered how she would do for real, so when she saw a post about the audition test on Facebook, she decided to try.

“I took the online test one night at the kitchen counter after dinner. I figured, it’s just online, no biggie,” says Lynch. It turns out, it was a big deal. Lynch scored high enough to be invited to an in-person audition.  She traveled to Boston for her audition last fall. Continue Reading

Montclair Wildlife: Feathered Friends Edition

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Yes, there have been lots of interesting animal sightings of late in Bearistaville, but we love this sequence of photos, captured by Russ Pinilis, over on South Mountain Ave:

(Photo: Russ Pinilis)

(Photos: Russ Pinilis)

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Montclair Senior Hub Provides Information For Seniors Residents

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Aging in Montclair Have questions about senior housing?  Transportation options? Activities to stay engaged in the Montclair community?  Answers are now a phone call away.

Aging in Montclair (AIM) has announced the launch of the Senior Information Call-In Center located at the Montclair Senior Hub in the Salvation Army building on Trinity Place.  Starting Monday, June 13, trained volunteers from AIM will be ready to take your calls between 10 am and 2 pm, Monday through Friday at 973.707.5088.

Questions might include:  How can I get a ride to my doctor or the grocery store and back?  Is there a program to help me find a tenant to share my home? How can I find out if I qualify for subsidized housing?  How can I find an in-home aide? What programs for seniors are offered at the Edgemont Park House or the Montclair Public Library or the Montclair Art Museum?  The call-in center will provide the most accurate information about the programs and services primarily targeted for those aging within the Montclair area.  All calls will be kept completely confidential.  The volunteers will be giving out information, not advice.

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How Montclair, Bloomfield & Glen Ridge Voted

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2016 primary election

We told you how New Jersey and Essex County voted in the 2016 Primary Election on Tuesday, now we have final numbers on how Montclair, Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, and other area towns voted.

From the Essex County Clerk’s Office:

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