Biggest Local Stories of 2016

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Stories of 2016

Here’s a look back at the biggest local stories of 2016 brought to you by Baristanet:

These stories are just SOME of the news items we covered in 2016. What other local stories of the year would you have included?

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West Orange’s Chris Gethard Stars in Career Suicide, A Hilarious and Honest Look at Depression

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Sometimes there are those “aha” moments in therapy that can change your perspective on things and help you realize life’s not so bad. You’ll find insights like that and belly laughs in Career Suicide, a one man show by Chris Gethard at the Lynn Redgrave Theater in the East Village. The show tells the story of Gethard’s struggle with depression, alcoholism and self-destructive behavior, adventures—and misadventures with therapists—and his comedy performing and writing career. Act fast, because the performance closes January 8. Continue Reading

Montclair Public Library and Literacy Volunteers of America Provide ESOL Classes for Adults

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montclair public library

As part of a grant from the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Montclair Public Library (MPL) and Literacy Volunteers of America, Essex and Passaic Counties (LVA) continue to provide ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes for adult students. The grant supplies funding for 10-week sessions through spring of 2017.

LVA is currently registering students for the next session, which begins January 10Classes take place four mornings a week at the Bellevue Avenue Branch Library in Upper Montclair. There is a $25 non-refundable registration fee per session.

For more information and to register, call LVA at (973) 566-6200 ext. 217 or email [email protected], or email MPL at [email protected]



Happy Hanukkah!

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Baristanet wishes you and yours a very happy Hanukkah on this first night of the Festival of Lights!

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“Dear Alma” Tackles Holiday Entertaining and Food Issues

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Dear AlmaHappy holidays, everyone!

As we wind down this year, we have a few questions about entertaining during the holiday season and beyond but also about the never ending food issues with teens. Take a look and remember to send in your questions.

Dear Alma,

We love to entertain.  But this time of year, with food so much a part of the celebrations, it can get difficult with food allergies, food sensitivities and dietary restrictions so common among our friends and their children.  In particular, we have several friends on gluten free diets, a number of vegetarians and we feel like we need to be always wary of nut allergies.  Do we have to eliminate all of those ingredients from the menu for the night or is it enough to just have a few options that cover those circumstances?  What is the appropriate etiquette?  And can you suggest some good recipes that will be safe and delicious for our guests.?  We usually serve more on the casual, buffet style side of things. Continue Reading

Turtle Back Zoo Looking For Docents

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Turtle Back ZooIf you’ve been looking for a way to give back and love animal, a great volunteer opportunity is coming up. Essex County’s Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange is looking for animal loving volunteers to be Zoo Docents in 2017. Docents are volunteer educators who give educational talks, act as tour guides, and are stationed throughout the Zoo to provide information to visitors about the Zoo and its animal collection. This is a highly selective volunteer position and training is required.

New Docents must:

  • be 18 years or older
  • submit an application found here by January 15, 2017
  • complete a seven-day course instructed by experienced TBZ staff beginning on Sunday, February 12 and continuing on Sundays through the end of March.
  • pay a non-refundable fee of $25 to cover training materials and handouts.
  • commit to volunteer a designated number of hours/events on at least two selected days a month, throughout the year

Interested? Contact the Zoo’s Volunteer Coordinator via email or 973-731-5800 ext. 306. 




Who Wants to Be Governor of NJ in 2017? (Updated)

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Governor of New Jersey

The New Jersey gubernatorial election of 2017 will take place on November 7, 2017. The Garden State will say goodbye to Governor Chris Christie who is finishing out his 2nd term and elect a new Governor of New Jersey. So who wants to be the next Governor of New Jersey?

On the Republican side, several names are out for possible candidates:

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Montclair Band Pinegrove Play at NPR’s Tiny Desk

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pinegrovetinydeskSince Montclair’s own Pinegrove released its breakthrough album Cardinal earlier this year, the band has been touring the world and making new fans. One of the Pinegrove’s newest audiences is the staff at NPR Music, which gathered around to hear Evan Stephens Hall and crew play a Tiny Desk Concert. Continue Reading

Need Help? Ask “Dear Alma”

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take-backI love food. I love cooking. I love entertaining. Because I love these three things I have immersed myself in the world of cooking, eating, attending dinner parties and social gatherings where there is food as well as hosting others my entire adult life.

I am also a licensed clinical social worker. Why does this matter? Well, I have spent my countless cooking, eating and entertaining life with my ears and my eyes open, listening and watching as many people, myself included, make cooking mistakes, some disasters, as well as social faux pas as guests or hosts.

I’ve decided to put my years of experience to good use for the community and help others. Think of me as a younger, curly haired Dear Abby, a Suburban Jersey-ish Rachael Ray and a less-mustachioed and less judgmental Dr. Phil all rolled into one.

With a healthy combination of what I hope will be fun and educational, perhaps, dare I say, socially life-saving tips that will result in a minimum of mortifying social situations, I offer you my services.

Here’s my first column:

Dear Alma,

Do you have any tips for timing food and house preparation in anticipation of an event like a dinner party? I would love to be an effortless hostess, but I end up overplanning, stressing out, and STILL somehow scrambling to get things done, and not succeeding, by the time my guests arrive. They’re always kind, understanding people, but I’d love to be that kind of cool, relaxed hostess who has time to put on makeup and stuff before the guests arrive.

Please help!
Hostess with the most stress

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Plenty of Chills, From Thriller “The Bodyguard” at Paper Mill Playhouse

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If you’re still singing the songs from a musical a week after seeing it, that tells you something. And in some ways, it’s not surprising when I tell you that the musical is “The Bodyguard.” Adapted from the 1992 thriller starring Whitney Houston, the musical treats audiences to some of Houston’s biggest hits of all times — including “I’m Every Woman” and “I Have Nothing.”

Deborah Cox (Rachel Marron)and the company of The Bodyguard. Photo by Jerry Dalia.

Deborah Cox (Rachel Marron)and the company of The Bodyguard. Photo by Jerry Dalia.

The chills the audience gets during the performance (and there were many such moments) however, come from Deborah Cox (as Rachel Marron), who brings powerhouse vocals that pay bittersweet homage to the late pop star as well as an electric energy and excitement all her own. Cox, who has had Broadway turns in “Aida” and “Jekyll & Hyde,” is a Grammy-nominated R&B singer who also once recorded a duet with Houston. She is joined by Jasmin Richardson, who plays Rachel’s sister, Nikki. Richardson, an amazing singer in her own right, teams up with Cox on “Run From You” creating one of the night’s most memorable performances.
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