Baristanet Profile: Petra Kershaw

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Petra Kershaw

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Petra Kershaw

Where do you live? Montclair

When did you move there? First in 2007 until 2009, then I just moved back in August of 2015

Where did you grow up? I was born in Germany, then move all over this country as my family was military

How do you make a living? I am the owner/operator of a home-based business “Hospitality Accounting Services” (646-361-7775) in which I handle all aspects of full-charge accounting to include payroll for the Food and Beverage Industry exclusively. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

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BoltBucket: Simplifying Technology for the Masses

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TedGreenWe are obsessed with our gadgets – as I write this from my daughter’s ballet class, every parent around me is glued to their smartphone – yet few of us understand the nuts and bolts behind our technology. Montclair resident Ted Green wants to change that.

Green has been an IT professional for 15 years but even he finds the subject of technology, well, a little dry.

So he created a podcast, BoltBucket, to make technology more interesting and understandable to the average smartphone-wielding person – such as, say, that mom scrolling through her email inbox as her daughter learns first position.

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Baristanet Profile: Armando Diaz

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Armando Diaz

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Armando “OUTthere” Diaz

Where do you live? Montclair

When did you move there? In 1978

Where did you grow up? Montclair

How do you make a living? Graphic Design/Photography and I work on the occasional PC when someone asks.

Coffee, tea or … ? Coffee, for sure.

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Locals Raising Money for Medical Costs for Beloved Server at Bluestone

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camille bluestoneIf you have eaten at Bluestone in Watchung Plaza, you probably know Camille, the manager. She has served customers with a smile for years. Camille is battling with cervical cancer and community members have set up a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money for her medical bills: Continue Reading

Baristanet Profile: Johanna Howard

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Johanna Howard

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Johanna Howard

Where do you live? Montclair, NJ – in the beautiful South End.

When did you move there? 2005 (as part of the Great Brooklyn Migration)

Where did you grow up? Stockholm, Sweden.  I came to the U.S. as a high school exchange student and then moved here permanently in 1987.

How do you make a living? I have my own luxury home decor company, Johanna Howard Home and Accessories, and I design and sell throws, pillows and scarves made from alpaca.  I worked in women’s fashion in LA & NYC for many years and decided to follow my passion for home décor two years ago.  I design everything in Montclair and then use fair trade companies in Peru to bring them to life.  It’s challenging, but it allows me to express my love for colors and textiles and to be home when my daughter gets off the bus from school.

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MHS Student Wins Miss NJ Teen Humanitarian Award

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Grace BarnettThere aren’t too many high school students who can say they have a YouTube channel that’s received more than 550,000 views.

But 16-year-old Montclair High School junior Grace Barnett, who began uploading videos to YouTube with a friend about three years ago, can say that. Focused mainly on horseback riding – Grace is an avid equestrian – the channel has more than 20,000 subscribers and collectively the videos have received over half a million views.

“I really can’t say how the channel grew so much,” Grace tells Baristanet. “Neither of us ever really promoted it. We just uploaded consistently and the rest just fell into place.”

The videos detail horse-related themes such as prepping the night before a show, barn tours and grooming bags. Grace began riding horses when she was six, doing so on and off until a few years ago when she began doing it full time.

“For a while I really wanted to compete actively, but I’m really content to just go out to the barn and hang out with the horses,” she says. “I’m a part of my barn’s Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA), so I compete with that throughout the winter. It’s a really fun, low-key way to exercise the more competitive side of me and is also awesome for riders that don’t have the budget to show with their own horse.”

Recently, others began to take notice. Over the summer, Grace was approached by Alp N Rock, the luxury sport apparel company, and asked to be a teen brand ambassador.


What’s more, she applied and was accepted for the Miss New Jersey Teen USA competition, which took place last weekend. Competing against 82 other hopefuls, Grace was one of three contestants to win a humanitarian award, for collecting over 400 coats to donate to Big Brothers Big Sister of America, and was selected to receive the Miss Amity Award (the pagent’s equivalent of the Miss Congeniality award), which is chosen by delegates and recognizes those competitors who are the friendliest and make the pageant experience the most enjoyable.

Grace is presented with  the Amity award from the 2015 winner.

Grace is presented with the Amity award from the 2015 winner.

Grace called her application to Miss New Jersey Teen “a spur-of-the-moment thing.”

“We just managed to slip in my application and I was contacted by pageant headquarters a few days later,” she said. “There was a phone interview and a few nerve-racking days of constantly refreshing our emails until we got the message that I was in.”

While Grace doesn’t know whether she wants to keep competing – in pageants or on horses – she is sure of one thing: she wants to go to college and study marine biology.

“That comes as a surprise to most people,” she says. “But it’s something I’m really passionate about.”

Baristanet Profile: Warren Zanes

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Warren Zanes

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Warren Zanes

Where do you live? Montclair, the northern part of town. Some say “upper,” but I can’t promote a hierarchy in the township (despite the fact that it’s a superior part of town)

When did you move there? My family took an odd route: Park Slope to Cleveland, to Southern Montclair, and, after divorce, Northern Montclair. But we’ve been in town for over a decade!

Where did you grow up? Concord, New Hampshire

How do you make a living? My primary job is as executive director of Steven Van Zandt’s Rock and Roll Forever Foundation. But I also teach at NYU, write, work in film, and make music–though never all on the same day! (Editor’s Note: Warren’s new book Petty : The Biography will be released on November 10)

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YMCA Of Montclair to Honor Fleet Feet Owners at the Annual 1891 Gala

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Fleet Feet

The YMCA of Montclair’s annual 1891 Gala will take place on Saturday, November 14,  at Mayfair Farms in West Orange. This year’s Gala honorees are John and Dawn Fabbro, the owners of Fleet Feet Sports in Montclair.

For 28 years and counting, the Fabbros have served as the lead sponsor of the Montclair Run, a Y event each June, raising thousands of dollars for the YMCA of Montclair. In addition to their work with the Y, the Fabbros have also raised money for numerous local charities and are founding members of the New Jersey Coalition for Inclusive Education.

“Twenty eight years ago when we opened Fleet Feet Montclair, our dream was about people, community and including everyone in something healthy and fun. Putting the right shoes on feet with consideration to heels, bunions, corns, tarsals, metatarsals and phalanges is simply our area of expertise to start the fitness conversation,” the Fabbros told Baristanet.

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Baristanet Profile: Frank Diaz

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Frank Diaz

The latest installment of our Baristanet Profile series, where we get to know the people in our neighborhood:

Name: Frank Diaz

Where do you live? In lovely Montclair, NJ

When did you move there? I moved here in 1996

Where did you grow up? I grew up on Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY playing under the boardwalk in the shadows of the decaying amusement rides.

How do you make a living? Well, actually I split my time between overseeing the hospitality public relations firm I co-founded with my wife Karen Schloss  — diaz • schloss communications — and being an international fine art photographer with my collaborator Deb Young from New Zealand.

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R.I.P. Peter Joseph Beattie

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Peter Joseph BeattiePeter Joseph Beattie, 55, of New York City, passed away on October 7, 2015, after a brief illness.

Born on April 23, 1960,  and raised in Upper Montclair and Manhattan, Mr. Beattie played on the Montclair Hockey Team at Clary Anderson Arena, was on the swim and tennis teams at Bradford Bath & Tennis Club, and was a member of The Montclair Riding Academy.  He loved animals.

Mr. Beattie’s career began with Cappy Productions in Manhattan in the 1980s where he worked in television and film for Bud Greenspan, most notably for the Heisman Trophy Awards, The Olympics and the sports segment of the CBS Nighly News entitled, “This Day In Sports”.

He switched careers to marry and raise a family with Vera Yefremova Beattie and became a well known fancy food executive in the 1990s, often interviewed by Crain’s New York and the New York Times as an  appy and imported cheese expert.  Mr. Beattie was a highly sought after creative concept talent who launched innovations for Balducci’s, Dean & DeLuca, Marche Madison and Fairway in Manhattan.  He was recruited by Liquor Barn in Lexington, KY, in the mid-1990s and relocated there for many years.  Mr. Beattie returned to Fairway, NYC, in 2013, where he was employed until his death.

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