A Great Day For Dogs At Strut Your Mutt

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strut nascarIt was a fun day for dogs, yesterday at Strut Your Mutt, Essex County’s annual Halloween costume contest and parade at Brookdale Park. Costumed dogs and many costumed owners walked the runway as judges decided winners in a variety of categories.

Taking the top prize for Most Creative was “Army Girl” a pup in full military gear,manning a tank. Scariest winner was “Cruella Deville” and her dalmatians. Best in Show went to “The Nascar Team” (pictured above), dogs driving race cars. Continue Reading

Lost Dog at Montclair Animal Shelter

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lost dog october

A volunteer with the Montclair Animal Shelter writes:

This dog came in a couple of days ago with a red collar on with a gray stripe. He looks like he definitely belonged to someone. He was picked up by animal control in the Nutley/Montclair area. Could you post his picture in the hopes that someone is searching for him? He is being held at the Montclair Shelter.

Scenes From the Montclair Dog Walk of the Dead

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The dreary, rainy day made for an even spookier Dog Walk of the Dead on Saturday, October 11 at Erie Park in Montclair. The fun annual event raises funds for the Montclair Animal Shelter. Continue Reading

(Update) Montclair Animal Shelter Manager Resigns, Effective Immediately

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Montclair-Animal-ShelterUpdated with comments from township officials:

Melissa Neiss, the much-criticized director manager of the Montclair Township Animal Shelter, resigned this morning, effective immediately, multiple Montclair Township municipal officials have told Baristanet.

Baristanet reported that Neiss was on leave on October 4, however officials would not confirm complete details.

When asked for the reason behind Neiss’s resignation, Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson tells Baristanet: “I can’t comment on it other to say I thank her for her service to the township and i wish her well with the next part of her life.”

Jackson also spoke about positive and encouraging changes for its future.

“We are moving aggressively to make our animal shelter a state of the art facility,” he says, “both its structure and its operations.”

Veterinarian Nancy Katz, vice-chair of the Montclair Animal Welfare Advisory committee, is hopeful for positive change and she urges the Township Council to adopt the committee’s recommendations regarding a new shelter director.

“It’s very easy to look at a shelter like Montclair and see the chaotic state it is in right now and point out what’s wrong with it,” Katz tells Baristanet. “It is a completely different thing to be able to envision a detailed and comprehensive plan not just to fix it but to turn it into something great and we need someone who could do the latter.

“There is no person within the shelter or health department who fits what the animal welfare committee has envisioned as shelter director,” she continues.  “I think it’s great news because it gives us opportunity and opportunity is a great thing.”

‎Kay  Sherwood, chair of the animal advisory committee, says Neiss’s resignation is a first step toward making permanent improvements in Montclair’s animal control and sheltering services.

“We look forward to a different and better future for our town’s animals,” she says.



Update (Found): Lost Dog in Montclair

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Lost Dog in Montclair

Update: great news, Daisy has been found!

A reader writes in:

Daisy has been missing since 8:30 am this morning in Upper Montclair near Lacordaire. Please call 301-928-2298.

Update: Yellow Lab Found Wandering in Montclair

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Found Dog in Montclair

Update: Great news, the yellow lab, who we now know as Sunny, has been reunited with her owner. 

A reader writes in:

Older female yellow lab found wandering this morning on Waterbury Rd. In Upper Montclair. Has collar with rabies tag but no name or phone. Please call. 973-216-0853 if you have information about the dog’s owner. 




Change in Store for Montclair Township Animal Shelter?

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Veterinarian Nancy Katz, left, shows councilwoman Robin Schlager the dogs. In the background is the MAWAC chair Kay Sherwood.

Veterinarian Nancy Katz, left, shows councilwoman Robin Schlager the dogs. In the background is the MAWAC chair Kay Sherwood.

During her tour of the Montclair Township Animal Shelter this past Thursday in preparation for tomorrow night’s 7 p.m. Township Council meeting, when the embattled shelter will be discussed, Third Ward Councilwoman Robin Schlager’s face was crestfallen.

“It’s very upsetting,” said Schlager as she looked at the dogs in their living quarters. “I’ve never seen this many dogs here. These dogs look so sad. It looks like a jail.” Continue Reading

Pitty Rescue To Hold Fall Yard Sale Fundraiser, 9/27 & 28

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Pitty Rescue, Inc. volunteers working at the garage sale in May 2014, which netted over $2,400 with all proceeds going towards the dogs.  Pitty Rescue Fall Yard Sale will take place at Paradise Pets in Bloomfield on September 27 and 28 from 9 am to 3 pm.

Pitty Rescue, Inc. volunteers working at the garage sale in May 2014, which netted over $2,400 with all proceeds going towards the dogs.

Pitty Rescue, Inc., a charitable nonprofit rescue organization, is holding a fall yard sale to help raise funds for Lucy the dog, who currently is in their foster care network and needs anterior cruciate ligament (ACL ) surgery. The fall yard sale will take place on Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28 2014 from 9 am to 3 pm both days at Paradise Pet Store, located at 48 West Passaic Avenue in Bloomfield. Continue Reading

Katz & Dogs Animal Hospital Feline Adoption Festival, 9/20

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katz and dogsOn Saturday, September 20, 2014, Katz & Dogs Animal Hospital will be teaming up with The Homeless Animal Adoption League (HAAL), PAWS, Montclair Animal Shelter, Kitty Krusade and The Angels for Animals Rescue League for a community pet adoption event aimed at helping cats find lifelong, loving homes.

“This is the third annual adoption event for Katz & Dogs Animal Hospital,” says Nancy Katz, veterinarian and owner of the Katz & Dogs Animal Hospital. “There will be curious kittens and still spunky young toddlers and we of course cannot forget our beautiful mature adults who still have so much love to give.” Continue Reading

Dogs’ Feet Burned at Montclair Animal Shelter; Alleged ‘Illegal’ Medical Decisions Made

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Montclair Animal Shelter

On August 18, Carolyn Sikes visited the Montclair Animal Shelter to donate supplies. Immediately, she noticed the strong smell of a cleaning agent in the air.  “It was breathtaking,” said Sikes, a member of the Montclair Animal Welfare Advisory Committee, at the committee’s meeting this past Wednesday, September 3. “Before leaving I went to the back to visit the dogs. Several had blood-red, severely irritated paws and toes, she said.

Sikes’ feet, meanwhile, clad in flip flops, began to burn. 

She told a shelter worker about the dogs’ feet, and, soon after, spoke to a local veterinarian, who told her “it was most likely an inappropriate dilution of a cleaning agent at the shelter,” Sikes recalled.

That educated guess was correct. In an email to Sikes two days later, she said, Township Manager Marc Dashield confirmed  that the cleaning agent wasn’t properly diluted. When she inquired what the agent was, no one returned her emails. 

Continue Reading

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