Eagle Scout Project Rejuvenates Montclair Animal Shelter’s Dog Area

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 Clifford LindholmHere’s a great story from the Montclair Township Animal Shelter of a kid doing good:

The Montclair Township Animal Shelter (MTAS) relies on volunteers to help with a number of tasks throughout its two-story building – from walking dogs, to painting walls to doing laundry. While these chores are done by a series of volunteers every day, there are longer-term projects that require continuity in leadership and a longer commitment. One such project was the restoration of the yard and the outdoor dog runs.

Stepping up to take on this challenge was 17-year old high school senior and Eagle Scout candidate, Clifford Lindholm. After meeting MTAS Director Niki Dawson, Clifford thought the shelter and its canine residents would benefit from a revitalized yard.

“What the shelter does is important and I thought there was a need to help them,” said Clifford.

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Missing Cat in Montclair

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Missing Cat

A reader writes in:

Our 17 year old cat Petey slipped out of the house around 10 pm Sunday evening on Valley Rd and Glenwood in Upper Montclair. He is about 8 lbs and can be recognized by his right ear which is missing its tip. He has only been out a few times in his life and is probably hiding under a porch or in low bushes. He can also be very vocal at times so you may hear him. He is not declawed but is very gentle with strangers. Please call or text 973.768.6944 if you see him.



Found Cat in Montclair

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Found Cat in Montclair

Is your cat missing? A reader writes in:

This sweet and friendly male cat was hanging out in our backyard last night on Midland between Walnut and James Street. He insisted on getting into our house. We fed him and gave him some love, then he wanted out again. He has a collar with the name “Snotty” on it. He is not here now, but I woke up last night at 2:30 am and he was still on our deck.



Montclair Animal Shelter’s “Black is the New Orange” Campaign a Huge Success

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Montclair Animal Shelter

The Montclair Township Animal Shelter’s hugely successful three-day “Black is the New Orange” adoption campaign for the nation-wide “Clear the Shelters” effort saw a total of 54 adoptions: 33 cats and three dogs went to forever homes during the weekend and another 18 dogs will be taken home this week – all thanks to the hard work and dedication of shelter staff and volunteers.

“They are truly a dream team,” said Shelter Director Niki Dawson. “I can’t thank everyone enough for the countless hours they devoted to ensure the campaign would succeed in finding homes for such a large number of our animals.”

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Local Businesses Join Effort to Help Animals in Need

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The Dog Days of Summer

We told you about the Montclair Township Animal Shelter’s adoption event “Black is the New Orange,” that will take place on Saturday, August 15. Now, two local businesses are joining in the efforts to help our furry friends.

Portraits by Michael Stahl will once again hold The Dog Days of Summer benefit. On Saturday, August 15, you can get a portrait of your pet for a small fee and a donation to the Montclair Animal Shelter.

The shelter’s director, Niki Dawson, reports there is a critical need for wet cat food, as the cat population at the shelter is very high. The shelter also needs kitty litter, canned dog food, chew toys, rawhides and even peanut butter (to stuff Kong toys). Unlike years past, the studio will NOT be seeking bags of dry dog food.

The session fee is $39 per dog and one of the following:

  • About $25 of wet or dry cat food
  • About $25 of wet dog food
  • About $25 or so of dog toys, rawhides, etc.
  • or a gift card from a pet supply store for $25 or more

The Dog Days of Summer is very popular and sells out quickly. Give the studio a call at 973.783.3618, with your credit card handy, to reserve your spot. Each dog requires its own reservation and fee.

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Pet Adoption: Montclair Project Using Local Businesses to Help Find Animals Homes

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Pet Adoption: Montclair

There is a new project in Montclair that will help find homes for animals at the Montclair Township Animal Shelter. Created by local veterinarian Dr. Nancy Katz and designed by a professional branding expert, Pet Adoption: Montclair gives local businesses the opportunity to be matchmakers for animals waiting for homes.

Baristanet is proud to be one of the first businesses to participate. See this cute kitty? That’s Cinder and we’re his sponsor. Cinder is a 6-year-old cat, who is easygoing and affectionate. He is loved by everyone at the shelter and he loves to be held and petted. Cinder is really eager to get more freedom and would love to find a forever home. He is best in a house with no other pets.

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Friendly Family Cat at Cameron Animal Hospital in Need of a Family

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Cameron Animal Hospital

Looking for a family cat to adopt? A friendly adult cat at Cameron Animal Hospital, located at 417 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, is in need of a family:

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Montclair Animal Shelter Joins in Nationwide “Clear the Shelters” Effort

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Montclair Animal Shelter Joins in Nationwide “Clear the Shelters” Effort

The Montclair Township Animal Shelter (MTAS) will join shelters across the country in a nationwide effort to place homeless pets in forever homes. Dubbing the local adoption event as “Black is the New Orange,” the Montclair shelter aspires to break its animal “inmates” out of their cages, into the homes of loving adopters.

And the adopter pays no fees.

Hundreds of shelters will lower or waive fees to encourage the adoption of animals in need during the August 15 “Clear the Shelters” event, organized in partnership with NBC-owned television stations and Telemundo Station Group. NBC 4 New York and Telmundo 47 are working with shelters in the tri-state area to find permanent homes for all shelter animals.

Montclair’s shelter will waive its adoption fees for the entire weekend of August 14-16, two days more than the nationwide effort. The shelter asks those who are able to provide a $5 donation to help cover some expenses. Continue Reading

Montclair’s Pup Sensation: Cutest Dog of Church Street Speaks

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We told you about the contest “Dogs of Church Street“.

The winner of the contest, sponsored by Sorrelli with support from Portraits by Michael Stahl and Montclair Feed & Pet Store, was none other than Maccabee Hamm, beating out a bunch of other super cute pups.

!Mac (1)

We wanted to know more about this prize-winning pooch. Here’s what we learned (we’ll let him speak for himself): Continue Reading

Adorable Kitten at Cameron Animal Hospital in Need of a Family

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Cameron Animal Hospital

Looking for a kitten to adopt? An adorable 3-month-old at Cameron Animal Hospital, located at 417 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, is in need of a family:

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Thank you for this story!!! I must admit I was never a fan of this wall and always wondered about it when I drove by. Now that I know the story behind it, I think I will admire it when I drive by. I am sorry for Dr. Bloom's loss and hope that his work on the wall will continue to provide him some measure of solace.

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