Corefire Studio: Getting Hooked On Upper Montclair’s Addictive Workout

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corefire1There’s something deceptively inviting about the Megaformer — the bed-like piece of equipment that’s at the center of the killer workout you get at Corefire Studio, a bright, inviting fitness studio looking over Bellevue Ave in Upper Montclair that’s one of only a handful of places in New Jersey where you can find the Lagree Fitness Method — a sweat-inducing combination of Pilates, cardio and resistance training. Sebastian Lagree developed the method and devotees include celebrities and athletes alike (think Sofia Vergara and pro hockey player Andy Sutton).

Once you get up close and see the springs, pulleys and platforms, you start to get a sense of what can be done on the Megaformer — basically it allows you to workout muscles you never knew you had in a high intensity, low impact workout that burns upwards of 500 calories in 45 minutes. Continue Reading

Montclair’s One Savvy Design Expands With Shabby Chic Furniture Store

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room.37110113_stdMontclair’s One Savvy Design has expanded both its space and offerings. Two concepts are next door to each other are under one roof at 74 Church Street. Continue Reading

What Makes The Montclair Y Special?

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Donna BlanesThe YMCA of Montclair is holding its annual Strong Community Fundraiser Campaign. Donations are used to help defray the costs of memberships for those residents who otherwise  couldn’t afford to join.

The YMCA has been asking members to share their stories explaining how the Montclair organization is special to them.

Here, Donna Blanes writes about her special connection to the Montclair Y…

Continue Reading

Gallery Loupe Showcases Art As Jewelry, Jewelry As Art

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gallery loupe brooch

Brooch by Israeli jeweler Shirly Bar-Amotz.

One of my favorite places in Montclair is the contemporary art jewelry studio, Gallery Loupe–the underrated gem of Church Street.

In the center of the small, spare white space is a long table topped with whatever collection is currently on display. The furniture also functions as an oversized jewelry box, featuring dozens of drawers filled with wearable works of art. My young daughter delights in gently sliding open those slim drawers, each containing a gorgeous, gleaming surprise. Continue Reading

Buzzing and Bragging About All Things New Jersey

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Ah, New Jersey.

What’s not to like? C’mon admit it, you kind of love it here, right? BuzzFeed does, and put this fabulous throw-down post up a few days ago — a fun, funny, righteous and irreverent look at “Why It’s Awesome to be From New Jersey.”

Are you feeling the awesomeness lately?

Hop over and take a look at the silly/serious, image-laden post (some slightly less suitable for work others), which is all you’ll ever need to send to any Jersey-bashing frenemy you may encounter. There’s pizza, beaches, tough and talented guys and gals, Taylor Ham (or is it pork roll?), gas pumps, jug handles, the triple-S threat – Sinatra, Springsteen and the Sopranos — and a lot more. Toss in a healthy dose of braggadocio. Why not?

Okay, they left out diners. And maybe you’ll think of a few other things. What do you love about your state? And what else should Buzzfeed have included?

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons

Rich Rockwell: The Morris Canal, My Favorite Place in Baristaville

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A hundred and fifty years ago, the Morris Canal was the ‘superhighway’ for freight across the state of New Jersey – mainly anthracite coal shipped from the mines in Pennsylvania to the iron forges in North Jersey. Before the canal, the Iron Forges were floundering because they were running out of fuel. They used charcoal made from trees from local forests. It took 1,000 acres of trees to power one iron forge. (If you had to choose between cutting a thousand acres of trees, and polluting the air by burning anthracite coal, which would you chose? Oh, wait… you don’t get to choose, there are no trees left.) Continue Reading

My Favorite Place: Bangz Salon and Wellness Spa for Mother’s Day

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The one thing we do not have a shortage of in the area is salons. As to why one person goes to one salon over another is usually because they get hooked on a stylist and stay. One bad cut or color can send the most open and happy woman into a fit of sobbing, wine guzzling and throwing glassware. I have long hair, and at this point of my life I have thrown too much glassware and no longer trust my hair to just anybody. My most recent cut and color at Bangz Salon and Spa, done by my fabulous stylist Cory Marc, has made me a silly vain woman. Admiring my own hair in the mirror like a storybook princess. The man is a hair genius. Continue Reading

The Most Enchanting Place in Montclair

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If you have never seen the wisteria blooming at the Van Vleck Gardens in Montclair, stop whatever you are doing right now and go (assuming you are not in the middle of surgery or reading Baristanet). When wisteria is in its full glory, as it is now, it is in two words, breath-taking. Hundreds of  massive purple grape-like racemes dangle from the vines that wrap the back of the house as the lovely scent wafts through the air. Continue Reading

Blowout’s Clubhouse of Cool in Montclair

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If you need some cool martini shakers, a James Bond poster, a military relic or if you simply like high-end mid-to-late 20th century kitsch, you now have a new place to look around. Blowout Gallery, which opened in mid-January at 209 Glenridge Ave. in Montclair celebrated its existence this past Sunday with an April Fool’s party and it was the first time I’d gotten a look-see, even though I’ve known one of the co-owners, Charlie Potters, for years. Continue Reading

My Favorite Place: Montclair’s Glenridge Ave. Post Office

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April Fool’s!

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