Bloomfield Crime: 28 Arrests, One Of a Montclair Man For Unlawful Possession of Gun With Hollow Point Bullets

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crimeTwenty-eight arrests, one of a Montclair man for unlawful possession of a firearm with hollow point bullets in this week’s Bloomfield crime blotter from Sgt. Anthony J. Servedio:


10/20/14  – A gate was forced open on a construction site on the 400 block of Bloomfield Avenue in a commercial burglary that occurred between Saturday 10/18 and Monday 10/20. The victim reported that the proceeds were $27,000.00 worth of aluminum light poles.

10/21/14 – A residential burglary that occurred between 7:50 am and 2:00 pm was reported on Forest Drive. A point of entry could not be determined and it is believed that the only item stolen was a change jar containing approximately $60.00 in coins.

10/22/14 – A residential burglary was reported on Woodland Road at 11:31 am. A basement window was determined to be the point of entry. It is unknown what if anything was taken.

10/25/14 – An apartment was burglarized on the lower end of Hill Street between 10/25 and 10/26. A bedroom window was determined to be the point of entry and the victim reported that a Sony Play Station 2 was stolen.

10/26/14 – An apartment was burglarized on the lower end of Mill Street between 3:00 pm and 9:30 pm. There were no signs of forced entry and the victim reported that 2 bottles of prescription cough medicine were stolen.

10/27/14 – The victim of a residential burglary reported at 3:00 am seeing a male at his bedroom window. The suspect fled on Henry Street and evidence was recovered indicating the suspect used a stick to cut holes in two screens in the attempt to gain entry.

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Montclair Crime: String Of Burglaries, One Seen by Homeowner on Remote Surveillance

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Montclair Crime: String Of Burglaries, One Seen by Homeowner on Remote SurveillanceA number of home burglaries all around town this week, as well as a rock being thrown through a window on Lincoln Street.


On 10-25-2014 at 1445Hrs, Mr. Karriem Holliday (45yoa from Newark), presented documentation at Police Headquarters in an attempt to get his vehicle out of impound. Upon reviewing these documents, it was discovered that Mr. Holliday had furnished a fraudulent insurance card to the Desk Officer. Mr. Holliday was also found to have $1,500 in open warrants out of Montclair. He was placed under arrest and charged with providing this bail insurance card. His bail was set at $5000.

On 10/27/2014 at 0117Hrs, an Officer observed a Jeep Cherokee stopped at the red light at Bloomfield Avenue and Maple Avenue. This light turned green, but the vehicle did not move. Upon investigating, the Officer discovered the operator slumped over the steering wheel. It was determined that this operator, Nathan Chappell (44yoa from Montclair) was in fact asleep. Officers administered field sobriety testing and placed Mr. Chappell under arrest for DWI. Continue Reading

Bloomfield Crime: Several Burglaries and Arrests, and IRS Agent Scam

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crimeSeveral burglaries, arrest, and an IRA agent scam in this week’s Bloomfield crime blotter from Sgt. Anthony J. Servedio:


10/13/14 – On the 500 block of East Passaic Avenue a bicycle was stolen between 2:00 pm and 3:30 pm from the garage of a residence.

10/13/14 – On the 200 block of Grove Street a self-storage bin was broken into and some personal papers were stolen. It has been a long time since the renter has been in the storage unit and a time frame for the burglary was not able to be reasonably determined.

10/15/14 – On Orchard Street between 10:50 am and 1:30 pm entry was made into a residence through an unlocked porch side door. Once inside the porch, the actors broke a small front door window and reached inside to unlock the door.  Proceeds are an X-Box game system, a Mac Book Pro lap top computer, and a coin jar containing $10.00 in change.

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Montclair Crime: Cell Phones, Cash Stolen From Montclair H.S. Locker Room

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Montclair Crime: Cell Phones, Cash Stolen From Montclair H.S. Locker RoomTwo juveniles were arrested in connection with a theft of cash and numerous cell phones from Montclair High School locker room. Police also responded to 20-plus gallon fuel spill on Bloomfield Ave. The week in police activity from D/LT. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department


On 10-09-2014, Detectives from our Juvenile Aid Bureau took a report of the theft of numerous cellular telephones and cash (Total loss approx. $2,600) from the Montclair High School locker room. On 10-14-2014, Juvenile Aid Bureau detectives arrested two 15 yoa Montclair juveniles in connection with these thefts. Detectives were successful in recovering all of the cellular telephones reported stolen in this incident. The juveniles were charged with Burglary and Theft offenses. Continue Reading

Montclair PD Invites You to Have Coffee With a Cop

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Coffee With a CopIn an effort to foster positive relationships with the police, the Montclair Police Department has announced a new initiative called “Coffee With A Cop,” with its first event taking place this Friday, October 17 at Trend Coffee & Tea House (411 Bloomfield Ave) from 8 am – 10 am.

At “Coffee With A Cop” the public will get the opportunity to meet and speak with their local law enforcement professionals in an open and friendly atmosphere. The Montclair Police Department’s Community Service Unit (CSU) says the event is part of its goal “to form partnerships with all of Montclair, including our residents as well as our businesses. All too often, the community only interacts with the police in times of crisis.”

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Montclair Crime: Diversionary Theft, Aggravated Assault, Burglary

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This week in crime from D/LT. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police:

Theft from MV

On 10-03-2014 at 2213Hrs, an Officer was dispatched to Plymouth Street on a report of a theft from a motor vehicle. The victim explained that sometime between 09/28 and 10/03 someone had entered their Infinity QX6 and removed a backpack containing soccer equipment. This backpack was found, discarded in the bushes next to their home. It did not appear that anything was missing from the backpack. Anyone with information is asked to contact our juvenile Aid Bureau at 973-509-4751.

On 10-12-2014, an Officer was dispatched to a report of a theft from a vehicle. The victim explained that between 10/11 at 2230Hrs and 10/12 at 1025Hrs, someone had entered his Nissan 350. The suspect had punched in the driver side door lock in order to access this vehicle. Stolen in this incident was a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Anyone with information is asked to contact our Juvenile Aid Bureau at 973-509-5751.


On 10-03-2014, an Officer was dispatched to 34 Church Street, The Montclair Antique Center, on a report of a diversionary theft. Employees explained that at 1415hrs a subject described as a middle-aged white male, dark hair, wearing glasses and a blue jacket, entered the store and inquired about purchasing a number of different items. At the same time, two females, described as middle-aged white females, light colored hair, wearing large sunglasses and loose fitting long dresses, entered the store and inquired about purchasing jewelry. While helping the females, employees noticed that a platinum salon sapphire diamond ring valued at $3600 was now missing from the case. When they questioned the females about the ring, the male interjected, stating that an Indian juvenile with a backpack had just left the store, and must have taken the ring. The two females then stated that they too observed this juvenile exit the store. The employees searched the area of Church Street for this juvenile, with no success. It was later determined that no such juvenile had entered the store, and it was actually one of the females who had taken the ring. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective C. Cunningham at 973-509-4716.

On 10-08-2014, Officers were dispatched to Grove Street near Watchung Avenue, on a report of a theft from a vehicle. The victim explained that they had left their Honda Accord parked on Grove Street at 1100Hrs, and upon returning at 1430Hrs, observed that it had been entered. The suspect(s) stole the Pioneer stereo head unit from this vehicle. The steering column was also damaged in an apparent attempt to steal this vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective T. Turner at 973-509-4724.


On 10-03-2014 at 1844Hrs, Officers assigned to Mission Street observed a physical altercation occurring on New Street near Bloomfield Avenue. As officers approached, attempting to disperse the group of approximately 10 males, they observed a subject, Mr. Quadee Lapread (34yoa from Montclair) actively engaged in a physical confrontation. Mr. Lapread then fled on foot, toward Mission Street. A victim was located, with a laceration to the top of the head. The victim (36yoa from Newark) stated that the subject, who Officers had observed to be Mr. Lapread, struck him on the top of the head with a golf club. This victim was transported to Mountainside for treatment. Mr. Lapread was then located and arrested. He is charged with Aggravated Assault and Weapons Possession. He was held on $30,000 bail.

On 10-04-2014 at 2130Hrs, officers located a motor vehicle accident in which vehicle operator Anne Woodruff (20yoa from Bloomfield) had struck a parked vehicle. Officers detected an odor of alcoholic beverage from Ms. Woodruff. After participating in field sobriety testing, Ms. Woodruff was placed under arrest for DWI. There were no injuries as a result of the collision.

On 10-11-2014 at 1456Hrs, Officers were dispatched to The Bank of America, 441 Bloomfield Avenue, on a report of a motor vehicle theft in progress. This stolen vehicle, a white Acura TSX, was then reported to have crashed into a telephone pole at the intersection of Bloomfield Avenue and Glenridge Avenue. Witnesses observed the actor fleeing the scene on foot, east on Glenridge Avenue. The suspect, a 17yoa juvenile from Newark, was located in the area of Bloomfield Avenue, near Elm Street. This juvenile was found to be in possession of an imitation handgun, and a screwdriver. This juvenile was charged with theft and weapon offenses. He was remanded to the Essex County Juvenile Detention Center. There were no injuries reported as a result of this incident.


On 10-06-2014 at 0726Hrs, Officers were dispatched to 146 Bloomfield Avenue, The Herreh Market, on a report of a burglary. The victim stated that between 2030Hrs on 10/05 and 0715Hrs on this date, someone had ransacked their store. It is believed that the actor(s) gained entry through a side window. The suspect(s) moved an ATM machine from the front of the store, to the rear stock area, where they attempted to pry it open. They were unsuccessful in accessing the cash inside this machine. Merchandise was thrown from the shelves all over the floor. Taken in this incident was a large amount of cigarettes and scratch-off lottery tickets. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective J. Anderson at 973-509-4706.

On 10-08-2014, Officers responded to an apartment building on Grove Street to investigate a burglary. The victim explained that between 0900Hrs and 1800Hrs, someone had broken into her apartment and stolen numerous items. The officers observed fresh pry marks on the victim’s door. Taken in this incident were an Apple Macbook and charger. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Cunningham at 973-509-4716.


On 10-04-2014 a vehicle operator reported that unknown persons had thrown an item off the train bridge on Chestnut Street, cracking their windshield. Officers observed numerous rocks on Chestnut Street, which may have been thrown from the train tracks. There are no suspects at this time. Anyone with information is asked to contact our Juvenile Aid Bureau at 973-509-4751.


On 10-06-2014, a Talbot Street resident reported that they were contacted by a female, claiming to represent PSE&G. This female advised that if they did not purchase a pre-paid GreenDot Moneypak card, and provide her with the redemption code, her power would be shut off. The victim purchased a GreenDot card for $362.66 and furnished this suspect with the redemption information. The victim then contacted PSE&G and was advised that this was a fraud.

Yogi Berra Museum Burgled Overnight

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Yogi Berra Museum

The Yogi Berra Museum at Montclair State University was the victim of a professional burglary that took place early Wednesday morning, police say, and some priceless items were taken.

The Essex County Sheriff’s Office has announced a $5,000 reward for any information regarding the break-in, An inventory of missing items in the heist has not yet been released.

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Bloomfield Crime: Several Thefts, Stolen Cars and DUI Arrests

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crimeSeveral Thefts, Stolen Cars and DUI Arrests in this week’s Bloomfield crime blotter from Sgt. Anthony J. Servedio:


10-03-2014 – On the 900 block of Broad Street, the victim of a burglary reported that she returned home around 3:00 pm and noticed several bags were overturned in her apartment. The victim also reported that 3 pairs of earrings, two necklaces and $300.00 in cash was missing.



09-29-2014 – On the lower end of Thomas Street a 2006 Honda was broken into and $10.00 in cash was stolen.

09-29-2014 – On Lombard Street an unlocked 2003 Ford was entered. The vehicle owners ID, credit cards, and cellphone were stolen from the vehicle.

09-29-2014 – On New Street an unlocked 2010 Ford was broken into. A Pioneer radio was stolen from the vehicle.

09-29-2014 – On New Street an unlocked 2008 Chevy was entered and the interior of the vehicle was ransacked. The vehicle owner does not believe anything was taken.

09-29-2014 – On the 200 block of Franklin Street, a 2002 Honda and a 2012 Chrysler were broken into between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 7:30 am. Passenger side windows were smashed on both vehicles to gain entry. It is unknown what if anything was stolen from either vehicle.

09-29-2014 – On the 100 block of N 16th Street a 2013 Honda was broken into between 5:30 pm 9/29 and 8:00 am 9/30. The vehicle was entered through partially open window and cash was reported to have been stolen.

09-29-2014 – On the 100 block of Washington Street an unlocked 2013 Nissan was entered. A debit card and a driver’s license were stolen.

10-02-2014  - On Beach Street a 2004 Chevy was broken into between 6:00 pm on 10/2 and 7:00 am on 10/3. There were no signs of forced entry and $20.00 was reported to be taken from the vehicle.

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UPDATE: Body Found In George Washington Field Has Been Identified as Montclair Resident

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Update: Katherine Carter of the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office tells Baristanet that the person has been identified as Curtis E. Dandridge III, age 47, of Montclair. He was pronounced dead at the scene at around 5:20 p.m. yesterday. The preliminary investigation indicates there are no signs of foul play but we are awaiting the autopsy results.

Superintendent of Glen Ridge Schools, John Mucciolo, sent the following update to Glen Ridge School parents:

“In consultation with the Glen Ridge Police, I have learned that the cause of death appears to have been a medical emergency. There is no evidence of foul play.  In response to this incident, the Glen Ridge Police will continue to patrol the area, and our High School Guidance staff has met with the JV Soccer team.”

Police are conducting an investigation after a body was found this evening in a wooded area at George Washington field. Glen Ridge Schools sent this announcement to parents: Continue Reading

Montclair Crime: Armed Robbery Near Bloomfield & Elm

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The week in crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department: Continue Reading

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