Bloomfield Crime: Theft of Trump Lawn Sign, Burglaries, Stolen Cars, Arrests

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The week in Bloomfield crime from Officer Ralph Marotti, Bloomfield Police Department:


08/15/2016- A purse was stolen from a vehicle parked on North 16th Street. The owner left the purse on the front passenger seat. She returned to the vehicle five minutes later and discovered the passenger window smashed and the purse stolen.

08/15/2016- 2 packages were reported stolen from the mailbox of a residence on Essex Ave. The thefts are believed to have occurred on 08/08/2016.

08/16/2016- A resident on Broughton Ave reported the theft of a Donald Trump support sign from their front lawn. A dark skin male was observed walking towards the backyard but fled after seeing the homeowner.

08/17/2016- An IPhone 6 was reported stolen from a parked vehicle. The vehicle a 2012 Subaru was parked on Fulton Street. Unknown actor entered the window through an open window.

08/17/2016- Confesor Perez age 42 of Newark was arrested at 5:12pm and charged with Shoplifting. Store employee at 244 Bloomfield Ave witnessed the shoplifting. Mr. Perez fled the store on foot and was located by Police in the area of Willard Ave. Search incident to arrest revealed (2) hypodermic needles and a glass pipe. He was additionally charged with Possession of a Hypodermic Syringe and Drug Paraphernalia. Mr. Perez was issued a court date and ROR.
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New Nonprofit Formed to Support the Bloomfield Animal Shelter

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Supporters of the Bloomfield Animal ShelterA group of shelter volunteers recently formed a nonprofit organization, Supporters of the Bloomfield Animal Shelter (SOBAS), in order to raise money and hold events to benefit the animals at the Bloomfield/Bukowski Animal Shelter.

The nonprofit received its tax-exempt 501(c)(3) designation in July. The organization is directed by a ten-member Board of Trustees and a governing body consisting of four officers: President, Jaclyn Mendyk; Vice President, Paige Sato; Treasurer, Marlene LaTorre; and Secretary, Diane Myers.

SOBAS plans to host fundraising events and adoption events, as well as collect donations on an ongoing basis to benefit the animals at the shelter. The money collected will be used for expenses above and beyond running the shelter on a day-to-day basis, which is the purview of the township. These expenses may include extraordinary medical expenses; funding to send an animal to a rescue or sanctuary; paying for special accommodations or equipment, and more. All donations to SOBAS will be tax-deductible.
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Bloomfield Crime: Armed Carjacking, Stabbing, DUIs, Shoplifting, Aggravated Assault

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bloomfieldpolicecarThe week in Bloomfield crime from Officer Ralph Marotti, Bloomfield Police Department:


08/08/2016- Jennifer Fischetta age 24 of Belleville was arrested at 9:54pm and charged with Shoplifting. The incident occurred at the Stop & Shop Store located at 8 Franklin Street. Loss Prevention Officer observed Ms. Fischetta placing store items into her pock book. Ms. Fischetta was also found to be in possession of 3 hypodermic needles and 49 open and used glassine envelopes commonly used to package heroin. She was charged with theft, Possession of a Hypodermic Syringe and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Ms. Fischetta was later transported to Nutley Police on an active warrant.

08/09/2016- A package delivered by FedEx to a residence on Myrtle Street was reported stolen. The package was delivered and left on the front porch on 08/08/2016. Delivery was confirmed by FedEx.

08/11/2016- Romerell Rodgers age 48 of East Orange was arrested at 2:07am and charged with Shoplifting. PO Joseph Finkler and PO Joseph Condito observed a store employee of the 7-11 Store arguing with an unknown male. Further investigation revealed the unknown male later identified as Romerell Rodgers shoplifted several bars of soap from the store. He was also found to be in possession of 2 glass vials containing cocaine residue. He was charged accordingly and later transported to East Orange PD on an active warrant.

08/13/2016- Gary Frazier age 48 of Newark was arrested at the Stop & Shop Store located at 8 Franklin Street and charged with Shoplifting. Loss Prevention observed Mr. Frazier placing soaps and body wash into a bag. He was issued a summons and ROR.

08/13/2016- Matthew Richardson age 28 of Bloomfield was arrested at 4:27pm and charged with Shoplifting. The incident occurred at the Home Depot Store located at 60 Orange Street. Loss Prevention observed Mr. Richardson exit the store with unpaid merchandise valued at $1,028.00 dollars. He was issued a summons and ROR.
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Bloomfield Council: New Fire Captain Sworn In, Public Records Website Improved

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It was, to quote the folk-rock band Dawes, a little bit of everything.  It was the proclamation for the local boys’ soccer team, a parking ordinance, a demonstration of silence from a mayoral candidate, and a presentation of improvements to the township’s public-record Web site – all spread out over, first, a conference meeting, and then a regular meeting.  Such was the Bloomfield Township Council’s activity on August 15.

The Bloomfield Township Council

The Bloomfield Township Council

The regular meeting found Mayor Michael Venezia taking care of standard business, such as unanimously passing a first-reading ordinance to prohibit parking on Locust Avenue from 7:30 A.M. to 9:00 and from 3:00 to 4:00 P.M. near Watsessing School to ensure the safety of children who walk to school, unanimously passing a resolution to purchases two new cab-and-chassis trucks with twelve-foot rubbish bodies, snowplows, and tailgate spreaders, and approving new appointments to the Bloomfield Fire Department.  Mayor Venezia also swore in Fred Mamay as a new captain of the Bloomfield Fire Department, with many members of the department in attendance, as well as Captin Mamay’s family.  The council also passed proclamations honoring the Bloomfield Cheetah Thunder boys’ soccer team for its wins over the state cup champions of Virginia, West Virginia, and eastern Pennsylvania and for becoming one of the top two national finalists for the United States Youth Soccer National Championship in Tulsa (though they lost, 2-1) and honoring Bloomfield resident Leroy Q. Davidson, who was killed in a plane crash while serving in the Army Air Corps in 1943.  A sign honoring Davidson will be installed over a street sign at Clark Avenue.

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia (center) swears in Fred Mamay as a new fire department captain, with council members and Mamay's family looking on.

Bloomfield Mayor Michael Venezia (center) swears in Fred Mamay as a new fire department captain, with council members and Mamay’s family looking on.

During public comment Republican mayoral candidate Dave Tucker charged Mayor Venezia and his Line A ticket mates on the June primary election ballot with illegally posting signs up and down the streets near polling places, and he noted that the Department of Public Works had to spend $600 to remove them.  He wanted to ask if taxpayers would be reimbursed, but Mayor Venezia, admitting no wrongdoing, said that public comment was not a question-and-answer session, and Tucker asked how much time he had left. Township Clerk Louise Palagano told him he had exactly four minutes and 12 seconds . . . and that was exactly how Tucker spent his time at the podium in silence, thumbing though his copy of the agenda, before yielding.

Rich Galioto started talking about how the council voted in 2013 to dissociate itself from Birdsall Services Group, an engineering firm that had been indicted for making illegal political contributions, and then he turned to the January 2016 indictment of First Ward Councilman Elias Chalet.  “I didn’t hear Councilman [Nicholas] Joanow try to sever ties with his colleague,” Galioto said.  Do we live in a double standard?” Galioto said.  “If you’re going to do a full front, you should be consistent.”   He also complained about the “animals out there” – not stray cats or wild deer, but people who attack police officers.  Specifically, he called for the community to be more supportive of the police, and he apologized for not being politically correct with his language.

Following Galioto was Steve DiMarzo, who suggested that there should be a prayer starting off at least one council meeting once a month to “help remind us of our greater duty.”  He asked about a bridge by Clark’s Pond – “I think it’s at the end of Dewey Street,” he recalled – that is used by schoolchildren.  Mayor Venezia, knowing which bridge DiMarzo meant, said there was a delay in fixing the bridge due to the need for a permit from the state Department of Environmental Protection.   DiMarzo also said that the incident of Donald Trump supporter Peter Yankowski being assaulted outside Friendly’s should be seen as a hate crime, but the mayor reminded him that both Yankowski and the man who assaulted had hurled slurs against each other.   DiMarzo made it clear that he was not saying that he was either for or against Trump.

In the conference meeting, Township Administrator Matthew U. Watkins asked for a renewal of the township’s energy aggregation program, saying it saved over $100,000 in energy costs for Bloomfield residents and represented a 2 percent decrease in the current rate for those participate in the program, equal to 6 percent less than what PSE&G was expected to charge. The council approved the renewal.   Also, Councilwoman-at-Large Wartyna Davis updated the council on community conversations about community policing. She said she was “heartened” by community participation and their suggestions of what needed to be done and asking questions.  Dr. Davis said that the next step would be to have a follow-up to foster more conversations with panels and community stakeholders on each panel.

Bloomfield Township intern Maria Hurtado explains improvements to the town's public-records site to the council.

Bloomfield Township intern Maria Hurtado explains improvements to the town’s public-records site to the council.

Also, intern Maria Hurtado gave an overview of improvements to Bloomfield’s public-record web site ( to make it easier to find public records, file Open Public Records Act requests, and research adopted ordinances and resolutions.  Dr. Davis, a political scientist, was pleased, saying the improvements made municipal legislation more accessible and the mayor and council more accountable to the people.

Bloomfield Crime: Man Beaten For Wearing Donald Trump T-Shirt, Shoplifting, Arrests

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Aggravated Assault

A 62-year-old male was assaulted in the parking lot of Friendly’s at 1243 Broad Street last Wednesday. The victim was walking on West Passaic when an unknown male in an older grey vehicle questioned the victim on his Donald Trump T-shirt. The suspect followed the victim to the Friendly’s Restaurant. The suspect then approached the victim armed with a crow bar. A physical altercation occurred with the suspect striking the victim several times. Victim sustained injuries to his forearms, hands and thighs. Suspect fled prior to police arrival.

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Man Found Dead in Car in Bloomfield

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bloomfieldpolicecarBloomfield Police Department is investigating an incident involving a man found dead inside a car in Bloomfield on Thursday, August 4 around 8 pm. Officer Ralph Marotti of the Bloomfield PD tells Baristanet that “Bloomfield PD responded to an unresponsive male in a white vehicle on Lakewood Drive. The male had no identification. DOA on arrival. Active investigation at this time.”

Katherine Carter, public information officer for the Essex County Prosecutors Office, tells Baristanet that the death was not ruled a homicide.

Montclair Road Project Christie Will Shut Down if No Transportation Trust Fund Deal

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Transportation Trust Fund

Governor Chris Christie released a list of NJDOT Transportation Trust Fund Construction Projects that will be shut down today at midnight if he and the state senate can’t reach a deal on how to fund the TTF.

The list represents $3.5 billion worth of road and rail projects across the state and Montclair’s Gates Avenue (section 2) project in included.

Township Engineer Kimberli Craft tells Baristanet that the project included construction of granite block curb and paving at a contracted cost of $252,397.31.  “Montclair received a grant in the amount of $221,544.00 and as of now, there are no adverse effects for the Township as a result of the shutdown.  This is because it is the NJDOT’s policy to provide 75% of the grant award (or project cost – whichever is less) to the municipality once the project has been awarded,” explains Craft.
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Bloomfield Under Boil Water Advisory

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Bloomfield Water Deemed Safe, Boil Water Alert CancelledTownship of Bloomfield in an emergency announcement today stated that a motor vehicle accident has caused severe damage to a water main and, as a precaution, the Township is presently under a boil water advisory. While at this time the presence of e-coli or fecal coliform has not been detected in the water system, watermain breaks of this nature require the Township to sample and re-sample the water to verify that these contaminants have not been introduced into the water system. Therefore, until Further Notice, all water used for consumption, brushing teeth and washing dishes should be boiled for at least 1 minute before use. Use of bottled water is encouraged. Further information can be found on the Township website, or by calling the water department at 973-680-4177. The Township will continue to update residents through the website, our Cables TV Channels 35 on Comcast and 30 FIOS and through further telephone announcements.

Run in the Sunset Classic on Thursday Evening

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sunset lcassic

On Thursday night, June 30, join other runners to celebrate the 28th running of The Sunset Classic.

The challenging and picturesque 5 mile USATF certified course begins at 6:30 pm and winds its way through Bloomfield and Glen Ridge ending with a stadium finish on the track at Foley Field/ The Sunset Classic also features the Mile Fun Run and Kids Sprints.

After the run, hot dogs, ice cream, and other summer treats will be waiting for you to enjoy. Plus, music and beer!
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Bloomfield Council Faces Negative Feedback Over Passed Re-Appointment

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Bloomfield Township Council passed numerous first-reading ordinances at its June 27 meeting regarding traffic, including one to place a “Yield” sign for westbound traffic on Washington Street and the intersection with Farrand Street and stop signs for eastbound traffic on Brighton Avenue, East Lenox Terrace, and Carteret Street where they all intersect Cleveland Terrace, as well as resolutions that included acceptance of a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Administration to assist firefighters and the authorization of water charge overpayments. With Councilman-at-Large Carlos Pomares absent, these items all passed 6-0.  The big controversy of the meeting however, came in public comment.

The Bloomfield Township Council

The Bloomfield Township Council

Michelle Davidson, a member of the Bloomfield Cultural Commission, had been up for re-appointment to that body but Mayor Michael Venezia and the council failed to re-appoint her.  Ms. Davidson herself rose to defend her record of service and said she was “appalled” at the way her re-appointment was “totally disregarded”  for what she said were political reasons.

“In my view, your politically motivated actions were cruel, unprofessional, and in keeping with your own agendas rather than that of the community, she said as Mayor Venezia and the council listened.  Concurrences followed in rapid order; Ms. Davidson’s husband Walter followed, tendering his resignation from the Bloomfield Board of Adjustment in protest.  Resident Madeline Wollner compared Ms. Davidson to the heart of the commission, saying it had been torn out.  But former councilman Dave Tucker,  the 2016 Republican candidate for mayor of Bloomfield, offered the angriest rebuttal. Continue Reading

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