Montclair Fire Department Swears In Probationary Firefighters

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(Pictured left to right: Kevin Polek, Christopher Herrmann, Matthew Gifford, Gregory Miller, Todd Thompson, Timothy McLoughlin, Thomas Hargraves)

(Pictured left to right: Kevin Polek, Christopher Herrmann, Matthew Gifford, Gregory Miller, Todd Thompson, Timothy McLoughlin, Thomas Hargraves)

Seven probationary firefighters were promoted to firefighters during a swearing in ceremony in Montclair Township Council Chambers this morning. Township Clerk Linda Wanat presided over the swearing in of Thomas Hargraves, Gregory Miller, Matthew Gifford, Todd Thompson, Kevin Polek, Christopher Herrmann, and TimothyMcLoughlin.

Hargraves came to the Montclair Fire Department from the Washington D.C. fire department, and was directly assigned to a shift. The other six men attended the Essex County Fire Academy after being sworn in last year as probationary fighters. They studied for ten weeks at the Academy, developing a fundamental understanding of firefighting, physical training and conditioning. The six men continued to develop their craft while also learning about the Montclair Fire Department after graduating from the Academy.

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Bellevue Avenue Library Celebrates 100 Years With Centennial Music Mondays

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bellevue library

A 2013 Muic Mondays performance

The Montclair Public Library system is celebrating the 1914 opening of the Bellevue Avenue Library, the town’s landmark Carnegie Library with Centennial Music Mondays throughout the summer.

The Friends of the Bellevue Avenue Library with the support of the Montclair Public Library present the music celebration on Mondays, 6 – 8 pm, in the plaza at 185 Bellevue Avenue in Upper Montclair. The free concerts will be held on July 14July 21July 28August 11August 18 and August 25.

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Get Your Growlers in Montclair (Updated)

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Update: Amanti Vino just posted this on its Facebook page:

CANCELLED – Our growler program has been shut down! Apparently our license no longer covers repackaged goods! What a disaster, am I right? We are still selling our empty growlers. Why, you ask? Because if you take it to certain bars in the area, they’ll give you a dollar off your growler fill if you have an Amanti Vino branded growler. Pretty sweet right? List of bars coming soon.

Love always,
Amanti Vino

I’ll admit it, I had no idea what a growler was until I learned about the Cold Brew filled ones at Jave Love. But growlers are traditionlly half-gallon glass bottles of beer to go. According to, the term “growler,” goes back to the late 1800s when fresh beer was carried from the local pub to one’s home by means of a small-galvanized pail. When the beer sloshed around the pail, it created a rumbling sound as the CO2 escaped through the lid, thus the term “growler” was coined. 

For beer loving folks, it seems that growlers are back in style and Montclair has a couple of places that offer the beer to go bottles:


Amanti Vino is offering growlers! Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is on tap now and New Jersey Beer Co. is coming today with IPA and pale ale.

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Montclair Public Library Holding an Opportunity of a Lifetime CD Sale

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Opportunity of a Lifetime CD Sale

While CD sales are on a decline thanks to digital downloads, they are still going strong. According to, in 2013 CD sales were at  57.2 percent, digital sales at 40.6 percent, and cassettes, vinyl and and DVDs were comprised 0.2 percent of sales. So folks,  if you want to score some for CDs a buck a piece, head to the Montclair Public Library through July 14 for its Once in a Lifetime CD Sale on the first floor of the Main Library at 50 South Fullerton Avenue.

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Montclair Township Council Returns With Huge Conference Agenda

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Councilor-at-Large Rich McMahon with First Ward Councilor William Hurlock at the July 8 Montclair Township Council conference meeting

Councilor-at-Large Rich McMahon with First Ward Councilor William Hurlock at the July 8 Montclair Township Council conference meeting

After some lighthearted bantering about Germany’s 7-1 win over Brazil at the World Cup earlier in the day, the Montclair Township Council began its second half with its first conference meeting in a month on July 8, covering numerous topics at length for consideration at future meetings.

Gift to Edgemont
The council even got an unexpected surprise.  In public comment, Brooklyn resident Park Burger and  Montclair resident William Hobbie, speaking on behalf of Friends of Edgemont Park, announced an anonymous gift from a friend who  had recently died. The gift is seating area in Edgemont Park, near where the brook in the park empties into the pond, eighteen feet across for four to six people, with a quote (to be selected) adorning the top side of the bench. The installation would cost under $15,000. The council was grateful and looked forward to implementing the process to accept it. Township Attorney Ira Karasick said a resolution would be needed, and Township manager Mar Dashield added it would need a review by the Department of Community Services (DCS). Fourth Ward Councilor Renée Baskerville was particularly pleased with the gesture, and she hoped that an ongoing fund for maintaining the sitting area could be set up.

Environmental Issues
The council also heard on environmental issues regarding trees and water. Deb Ellis and Barbara Hedeen of the Montclair Environmental Commission made a presentation urging Montclair to adopt a forestry management plan to preserve the township’s tree canopy and to promote the preservation of trees on residents’ private property. Ellis and Hedeen said that legislation passed by the state in 1996 encouraged such a plan to protect municipalities from liability at a time when shade tree commissions were being sued out of existence. If Montclair adopted such a program, they explained, the township would be protected from liability and be able to preserve the township’s tree canopy while being more attractive candidate for grants to preserve its trees. The pair also highlighted the ability under such a plan for Montclair to take inventory of the town’s trees and devote up to two hours a week to maintain them. Mayor Robert Jackson said that such a comprehensive plan was long overdue, and he was sure that it would prove to be an asset to the town.

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Cat Lost from North Mountain Avenue in Montclair

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losttabbyA woman from North Mountain Avenue in Montclair writes that her cat, Nicholas, never came home on July 4th and she has not been able to find him since. He may have gotten trapped in a garage because it rained on the 4th or may have been frightened by fireworks. He is a male gray tabby with a little white under his chin and on his paws. He weighs 14 pounds. If you’ve seen Nicholas please contact

Montclair Third Ward Councilor Spiller to Host Community Meeting July 23

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Sean-SpillerThird Ward Councilor Sean M. Spiller will hold a community meeting Wednesday, July 23, from 7:30 – 9 pm at the Montclair Public Library, 50 South Fullerton Avenue.

The meeting is open to everyone and will focus on current issues and concerns of the Montclair community.

For more information, contact Councilor Spiller at





Lightning Strike Caused Fire in Montclair Home

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Lightning Strike Caused Fire in Montclair Home

Last night’s severe thunderstorm not only caused major flash flooding, but lightning hit the roof of a home at 141 Central Avenue in Montclair causing a fire.

Montclair Fire Department’s Acting Chief, Tom Diveny, tells Baristanet the 2nd alarm fire was reported at 7:04 pm.

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Montclair Independence Day Parade Through Your Eyes

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O beautiful for spacious clear skies! The rain held off for the 64th annual Montclair Independence Day Parade. Stay tuned for our full coverage of Montclair’s Foruth of July celebration, but enjoy the parade through your eyes:


Happy Fourth of July!

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Happy Fourth of July! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the rain holds off for the Montclair parade so you can cheer on Elvis, this year’s Grand Marshall.

We can’t march in the parade this year, but Baristanet and Barista Kids are proud supporters of Montclair Celebrates and we’ll share photos of the big day with you.

The parade will go even if it rains, but the picnic in Edgemont Park and fireworks at Yogi Berra Stadium will be canceled if the weather is bad. We’ll update if cancellations are made. Yo can also call the Township at 973-509-4914 for information.




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