Montclair Crime: Storm-Related Incidents, Theft, Attempted Burglary

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Montclair Crime: Storm-Related Incidents, Theft, Attempted BurglaryThe week in Montclair Crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department:


07-13- 2016 (South Park Street) Mr. Anthony Catanzaro, 66yoa from East Orange, was arrested for disorderly conduct.

07-16- 2016 (Claremont Avenue) Mr. Henok Yohannes, 29yoa from Montclair, was arrested and charged with Attempted Burglary and Criminal Trespass for attempting to remove a window air conditioner to gain access to a residence.


07-12- 2016 (Park Street) Theft from an unlocked motor vehicle. Loose change was taken in this incident.

07-13- 2016 (Glenfield Park) Theft of a cellular telephone from an unattended book bag, near the basketball courts.

07-13- 2016 (George Street) Theft from a motor vehicle. A Dell laptop was stolen in this incident. Access was gained through a partially opened window.

Storm Related Incidents: 07-14- 2016 Continue Reading

Residents Raise Concerns About Race & Law Enforcement at Montclair Police Forum

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Montclair residents packed the Montclair Salvation Army church last night to attend Montclair Police Department’s July 18 forum to discuss law enforcement issues in light of the shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana and attacks on the police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.   The meeting, which was supposed to last an hour and half, ran an hour over to accommodate the many concerns of Montclair residents.  Though nothing comparable to the events in towns like Ferguson, Missouri or Falcon Heights, Minnesota have occurred in Montclair, new Chief of Police Todd Conforti said he wanted to make himself available and transparent to foster good relationships with the community.   Joining him were several members of the police force, including Deputy Chiefs Tracy Frazzano and Wilhelm Young, as well as Essex County Acting Prosecutor Carolyn Murray.

Montclair Police Chief Todd Conforti addresses a question at the police forum at the Salvation Army church while Essex County Acting Prosecutor Carolyn Murray listens.

Montclair Police Chief Todd Conforti addresses a question at the police forum at the Salvation Army church while Essex County Acting Prosecutor Carolyn Murray listens.

Attorney Jim Johnson, who has collaborated with the Brennan Center for Social Justice, moderated the forum and underscored its importance by saying that the police wanted to hear people’s concerns, and he called on everyone to take a moment to breathe deeply and be silent before they began, which they did.

Many black residents in attendance were fearful for their children, and they asked what they should tell their children of driving age on how to react to a traffic stop.  Chief Conforti said that that simplest thing a motorist should do when stopped by a police officer is to comply with an officer’s requests and demands and not provoke a confrontation.  The safest course of action, he said, was to wait patiently and allow the officer to go through the standard procedure, which involves handing over one’s license, registration, and insurance card when asked and to wait patiently for the officer to explain the reason for the stop.  Sergeant Tyrone Williams said that the best way to deal with policemen who act unprofessionally was to “comply and complain later” – comply with the officer, then file a complaint with the police department or the county prosecutor’s office. Continue Reading

Get Tickets Now For Eighth Annual Membership Luncheon — Montclair NAACP

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Montclair Branch NAACPThe Montclair Branch NAACP will host its 8th Annual Membership Luncheon on Saturday, July 23 at 2 pm, at the Montclair Salvation Army Citadel (13 Trinity Place). The Montclair Chapter is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chapter.

The spirit behind this event is not only in the interest of membership, but also to pay tribute to the past, present, and future leaders who have upheld the legacy of this great institution over the years; and to demonstrate our immense sense of respect, pride, and gratitude for their acts of courage, commitment, and strong resolve. Continue Reading

Montclair Police Invites Community to Forum on Monday, July 18

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Montclair Police DeaprtmentIn light of recent national events — in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and Dallas, Texas — The Montclair Police Department invites the community to come together and voice concerns and engage in talk about the relationship between police and the community. This forum is being organized in cooperation with The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office and the Montclair NAACP-Criminal Justice Committee. Continue Reading

Montclair Police Dept. Sends Four of Its Own to Honor Slain Dallas Law Enforcement Officers

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dallas police

The Montclair Police Department sent four of its Honor Guard officers to Dallas, Texas to represent the Department in paying respects at funeral services held yesterday and today for the five Dallas law enforcement officers slain by sniper fire July 7.

The Montclair officers who represented Montclair in Dallas are:
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Montclair Joins Together For A Night Filled with Prayer, Talk and Hope

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Montclair came out Monday night to pack St. Mark’s United Methodist Church on Elm Street for the Vigil for Solidarity. People expressing both sorrow and hope, spent some 90 minutes praying for those affected by the shootings in New Orleans, Minnesota and Dallas and talking frankly about how those events affected them.


Reverend Jevon Caldwell-Gross, pastor of St. Mark’s, welcomed attendees — caring people of many races and creeds — and presided over the service. He started with these reflections:

“I didn’t think in the year 2016 we’d be having these conversations. But here we are. Here we are still talking about issues of race and justice. He we are talking about systemic forms of racism and inequality. Here we are still wrestling with some of the same issues that we’ve wrestled with for years. Here we are today with some of the same unanswered questions. Here we are today still wrestling with emotions we do not know how to articulate. Regardless of where you come from, here we are together with one mission and one heart. Hoping we can move forward as a nation and a people.” Continue Reading

Montclair Crime: DWI Arrests, Shoplifting, Vandalism at Nishuane Pool

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Montclair Crime: String Of Burglaries, One Seen by Homeowner on Remote SurveillanceThe week in Montclair Crime from D/Lt. David O’Dowd, Montclair Police Department:


07-06-2016 (Quick Chek, Valley Road) Mr. Raymond Tambascia, 45yoa from Montclair, was arrested and charged with shoplifting. He was also held on an open warrant out of Parsippany for $250.

On 07-02-2016 (Lincoln Street) A 15yoa juvenile female was walking on Lincoln Street, when approached from behind by an adult female. The adult grabbed the juvenile’s pocketbook, breaking the strap, and fled behind a nearby residence. The juvenile pursued the suspect, who took cash from the pocketbook and threw it as she fled. The juvenile victim recovered the pocketbook. Through investigation, Ms. Louisa Wegleski , 30yoa from Montclair, was arrested and charged with Robbery.
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Celebrity Manager From Montclair Charged With Wire Fraud, Money Laundering

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crimeA federal grand jury has charged Kevin R. Foster, 40, of Montclair, NJ with wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering in an indictment returned in Columbus, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office of Southern District of Ohio.

The case stems from the prior prosecution of Thomas E. Jackson and Preston J. Harrison, who raised approximately $9 million from investors under false pretenses to start and market the sports beverage “OXYwater.” The two were convicted by a jury of multiple wire fraud, money laundering and tax fraud charges in March 2015.

This indictment alleges that Foster, who served as business manager for Shaffer Smith (“Ne-Yo”), induced Smith to invest $2 million into OXYwater under false representations about the product. Foster served as an officer or controller of Imperial Integrative Health Research & Development, LLC in Westerville, Ohio with Jackson and Harrison. Foster did not disclose to Smith that he served as a controller for the company or that he would earn commission based on investments.

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Montclair Planning Board: Glen Willow Apartments Approved, Arts District Resolution Forwarded To Council

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The Montclair Planning Board managed to end its July 11 meeting just 10 minutes beyond the usual 11:00 PM cutoff time, approving a pending application for an apartment building on Glenridge Avenue, a new application to subdivide a lot along Alexander Avenue, and, at long last, the forwarding of the Seymour Street Arts District redevelopment plan to the council.  It was especially a productive evening Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager, serving in her first meeting as the council’s Planning Board liaison.

Montclair Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager joins Montclair Planning Board Chairman John Wynn at he first Planning Board meeting as council liaison.

Montclair Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager joins Montclair Planning Board Chairman John Wynn at he first Planning Board meeting as council liaison.

The board welcomed back architect Paul Sionas to discuss the Glen Willow apartment building planned by developer Steven Plofker.  Board members had questioned some of the details in the design when the plan was last discussed on June 13.  The apartment building, with two lower floors of parking and seventeen units spread out across three upper floors, had been subjected to new modifications, which now include decorative street lights for the Glenridge Avenue frontage, a third glass window added to the retail space fronting North Willow Street.  Two features were eliminated – signage and lighting above the artistic display window.  Sionas also emphasized the use of a parapet wall on the roof, set back 17 feet from the northern and southern sides, 20.1 feet from the eastern side and 26 feet form the western side acing North Willow Street, which shielding a rooftop equipment screen, ensuring that nothing on the roof would be visible from the street.  There was also an accommodation made for either the garage space directly behind the retail store for deliveries to said store, or on-street space for deliveries. Continue Reading

Members of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Fight to Save Their Parish

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After the Archdiocese of Newark announced in May that Our Lady of Mount Carmel (94 Pine Street) and Church of the Immaculate Conception (30 North Fullerton Avenue) must merge into one church, parishioners of OLMC have organized to save their church.

They launched a Social Media Campaign: #SaveOurChurchOLMC on Facebook & Twitter and a petition on, which quickly gained recognition statewide and in just days exceeded 1,000 signatures. They recently delivered that petition to The Vatican in Rome, hoping it would reach the Pope.

Raffaele Marzullo, a mmber on the Committee to save Mt. Carmel, tells Baristanet, “We don’t expect to hear anything for a week or more. It must go through Vatican Channels. But we were so excited that we were able to get the package all the Porter/security for the Holy Father Pope Francis.”

The Church Committee is also filing a formal appeal to keep their church from closing. They say that the excessive spending scandal surrounding the Archbishop of Newark will work in their favor.

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