Did You Get a Garbage Can Sticker Montclair Residents?

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Yellow Sticker

Garbage cans with over 35 gallon capacity will be branded with stickers this week. It’s all due to a new ordinance (292-21), which states:

A suitable receptacle for solid waste collection must be made of metal or rigid plastic and it must have a capacity of no more than 35 gallons. The receptacle must have handles and be solidly constructed to prevent spillage or leakage of its contents. The total weight of the receptacle and its contents must not be more than 50 pounds when placed at the curb for collection. Paper bags and cardboard boxes are not suitable receptacles for garbage. All containers must be tightly covered, tied or sealed to prevent spillage or leakage and the intrusion of rainwater.

A lime green sticker will be placed on oversized and/or overweight containers. Oversized containers will be tagged with the green stickers and emptied — if materials are bagged — until Friday, September 12.

After Friday, September 12, overweight containers will be tagged with green stickers and will not be collected at any time. The resident will have to repack the materials into containers that meet the size and weight restrictions in order to comply with township ordinance 292-21.

On a morning run yesterday from Watchung Avenue to Anderson Park, I counted seven garbage cans with stickers (which look yellow and not “lime green” as the notice states.)

garbage can

Has your can been branded with a sticker? What are your thoughts on this garbage can ordinance? Take our poll:

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Dog Days Fundraiser Raises 500 Pounds of Food Donated to Montclair Animal Shelter

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dog days

Wendy Stahl and studio dogs Lulu (left) and Colby (right) sowing off the day’s bounty.

Portraits by Michael Stahl  photographed 25 dogs and their owners donated almost 500 pounds of dog food at its 6th annual Dog Days of Summer fundraiser on Saturday, August 9. Donations were given to the Montclair Animal Shelter.




Montclair Township Council: Paid Sick Leave Debate, Street Improvements, and Plaudits For Planning Board

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Marcia Marley of BlueWave NJ

Marcia Marley of BlueWave NJ

The Montclair Township Council reviewed petitions on August 12 for an ordinance requiring the township’s private businesses to allow workers to earn paid sick time after Township Clerk Linda Wanat and her staff certified them as having 1,106 signatures to ask the council to pass it — eleven more than required. The council had the chance to pass such an ordinance on first reading and put it up for a second vote and a public hearing within twenty days, or it could allow it be placed on the November 4 election ballot.  The council decided not to act immediately, but it did decide to look at the issue more closely. It will still be on the ballot regardless.

Ordinarily, if a municipal council in New Jersey does not act on a petition for an ordinance, a twenty-day waiting period takes place, followed by a ten-day period, and then it goes on a ballot of a general election that is within forty days after that or requires a special election — something the New Jersey Families Working Alliance, which advocated the petitions, already ruled out. But Wanat’s office was so diligent and quick in certifying the petitions — it took her and her staff three days to do so — that  Township Attorney Ira Karasick advised the council that it would go on the ballot regardless of the council’s actions.

“Unless you pass it yourself, it will be on the November ballot,” Karasick said. “The timing will work.”

In order to pass the ordinance on first reading within twenty days, however,  the council would have to have a special meeting within the three weeks following August 12, as the next scheduled regular  meeting isn’t until September 16.

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Go Enjoy a Dance on the Lawn in Montclair

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Dance on the Lawn

Montclair will present the first annual free outdoor dance concert, Dance on the Lawn at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 73 S Fullerton Avenue on September 6.

The concert will include a diverse group of artists from New York, state-wide from New Jersey, and some of Montclair’s own:

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Villalobos: Rich and True Mexican Cuisine in Montclair

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The storefront of Villalobos has come a long way from the newspaper and Mexican flag covering the windows in April. And the inside has been transformed to a chic, warm, and welcoming space to enjoy what owner and chef Adam Rose calls “Traditional Mexican with a modern technique.”

villalobosNutley native Rose has worked at Restaurant Passione (former Montclair restaurant of Chef Michael Carrino of Pig & Prince) and Bin 14 Trattoria & Wine Bar in Hoboken, where Rose  earned an “excellent” review from the New York Times. Since October 2011, he’s been Executive Chef at NICO at NJPAC. Rose’s creative partners are VJ Moscaritola, another Nutley native who currently owns Gumdrop Hairdressing in Montclair, and Ashley A. Rose, Adam’s sister, who worked as interior designer of Villalobos. 

Talking to Rose, you can feel how passionate he is of Mexican cuisine. Though not formally trained in the food, Rose said he came to admire the cuisine while working in various kitchens with Mexican staff. His travels took him to Oaxaca and Mexico City where he tasted and learned how to make what he calls “a rich and true cuisine.” Rose chose Montclair to open his first restaurant because he feels its the food destination in Northern, NJ.  He gave a shout out to El Matador in Bloomfield for offering great and authentic Mexican. 

What is this?

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One Less Cuban Cafe, One More Burger Joint in Montclair (Updated)

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Spotted this week in the former Plato Cubano spot on Valley Road, is a new sign for Stuffed, 100 percent grass fed burgers. The menu on the website has 6 grass fed burger options — all stuffed with cheese — various toppings, a vegetarian option of Stuffed Portabello Mushroom, fried, coleslaw and more.  The inside is currently under construction and Stuffed is expected to open this fall.


Montclair Township Council Discusses Redevelopment, Sick Time Ordinance, and Other Issues

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The Montclair Township Council meeting in conference on August 5.  First Ward Councilor William Hurlock was absent.

The Montclair Township Council meeting in conference on August 5. First Ward Councilor William Hurlock was absent.

The August 5 conference meeting of the Montclair Township Council was almost literally all talk and no action. Apart from a bill resolution adopted by a 6-0 vote — First Ward Councilor William Hurlock was away — there were no pending resolutions to be voted on as there have been in previous conference meetings. Instead, the council discussed a variety of topics on which to act, most of them pending as soon as the August 12 regular meeting.

As the construction of Valley & Bloom continues, with Building 1 close to being topped out, Planning Director Janice Talley addressed the council on redeveloping the area around Seymour Street. Talley sent out a request for proposal (RFP) for land-use consultants to bid on the project, and although Phillips Preiss Grygiel, which has worked with the township before, presented the lowest bid, Talley said she was impressed by the third-lowest bidder, Group Melvin Design with consulting firms Urban Partners and Fitzgerald and Halliday, with a proposal she found more detailed and well-rounded.

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UPDATE: Found Bird in Montclair

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found bird

Good news! The tipster writes in:  

I just got off the phone with the owner. Hooray! Thank you so much for posting! So happy Lady will be reunited with her family. Kudos to Baristanet and another thumbs up for the power of social media!

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Afghanistan to Montclair: Living the Humanitarian Village

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Leslie Granda-Hill and Bilal Sharif

Learning photography at the Iris Presby Memorial Gardens *photo courtesy of Leslie Granda-Hill

In the midst of horrific news and events, sometimes it is the most tender human stories that remind us of the good that keeps the world in balance. A Montclair photographer is playing a role in an inspiring story of one boy’s journey to health and well-being. Leslie Granda-Hill, whose work often intersects with humanitarian and charitable causes, has been documenting the story of Bilal Sharif. Continue Reading

Development, Code Enforcement, and Public Safety Dominate Montclair Fourth Ward Community Meeting

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Montclair Fourth Ward Councilor Renée Baskerville hosting her July 29 community meeting at the Montclair Fire Department.

Montclair Fourth Ward Councilor Renée Baskerville hosting her July 29 community meeting at the Montclair Fire Department.

Development issues dominated Montclair Fourth Ward Councilor Renée Baskerville’s July 29 community meeting at the Montclair Fire Department, with Fourth Ward resident and activist William Scott taking the lead in updating attendees about development plans in the ward and, slated for August, upcoming Planning Board discussions of the master plan. The meeting began with a presentation by John Fromhold, CEO of Mountainside Hospital, which is part of Hackensack University Medical Center, regarding plans to bring in more doctors into the hospital on the primary care employment model in one place by constructing a new medical office building across the street from Mountainside Hospital on the site of the School of Nursing campus.

“Physician employment is an investment, as much an investment as a piece of equipment, ” Fromhold told the residents.  “They’re the ones who are going to provide you and the community health care.”

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