The Noble East: Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant To Open in Montclair

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The Noble EastDavid Hsiung, whose family has owned and operated restaurants since the 1970’s in Chinatown, NYC and currently owns Hunan Taste in Denville, will open up a fine dining Chinese restaurant in Montclair this March.

The Noble East will be located at 4 Alvin place in Upper Montclair.

Hsiung, who has lived in Montclair for 2 1/2 years, tells Baristanet that he intends to open an establishment that not only delivers fine Chinese food, but also allows the guest to have a beautiful and ornate dining experience.

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The Weekend: Valentine’s Day Fun

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It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and there are great ways to enjoy it. Check out our Dining Out guide here if you want to include a meal. We told you about:

And there’s more. Here are your weekend highlights:

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Shop Local: Baristanet Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2016

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Looking for some Valentine’s Day trinkets for your love? Sweets for your sweetie? They can be found locally:


Love Notes



A Lovely Universe (195 Bellevue Avenue, Montclair, NJ, 07043) has a lovely selection of Valentines Day cards from paper good designer Paula & Waffle.

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Vegan Bites: Favorite Dishes From Baristaville Eateries

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Cassava Dumplings from Vital Dining

Cassava Dumplings from Vital Dining

If Senator Cory Booker can be a vegan despite shuttling between New Jersey and Washington DC, anyone can. Whether you’re incorporating “Meatless Mondays” into your routine or you choose not to use any animal products whatsoever, there are plenty of eateries around Baristaville that provide a variety of delicious options for you and whomever you bring along for a vegan meal.

Upper Montclair has Veggie Heaven, and there are, of course, the ever-popular pop-up dinners with Sally Owens that offer vegetarians and vegans reliable options for lunch and dinner around town. But we are also lucky to have many more creative chefs cooking for us. We recently sampled a few of the offerings, and chose some of our favorite items to share.

Mundo Vegan

L to R: Cashew Cheez, Picadillo, Massitas, Brownie at Mundo Vegan

Mundo Vegan, at 20 Church Street in Montclair, seems like the obvious choice for vegan fare considering its name. What remains a delicious experience for both first-time and repeat visitors is the variety of dishes Chef Fanny Fuentes-Phalon has on the menu. A favorite starter is the homemade Cashew Cheez with homemade bread. The cheez can also be ordered as part of a platter with dried fruit and olives. The creamy cheez is fantastic and the fresh bread is light and tasty. Local documentary editor Carla Gutierrez recently tried the Picadillo, an original entree with a diverse collection of flavors. “I loved the combination of flavors; it was hearty and delicious.” The Picadillo combines onions, tomatoes, potatoes, green olives, herbs and spices with pea protein crumbles. With a choice of beans, a side of rice, and a serving of avocado, it’s the definition of a well-rounded entree.  The homemade drinks are a full-fledged part of the Mundo Vegan menu. The homemade limeade is summery and tangy, and the cold-pressed juices are refreshing, healthy and tasty. Sweet tooth? We highly recommend both the rich brownie and the organic lemon quesadilla, which is a Salvadoran-style sweet bread.

Jamaican Carrot Juice at Vital Dining

Jamaican Carrot Juice at Vital Dining

Vital Dining, at 387 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, proved to be a most welcome surprise for vegan fare. Its tagline: Fresh. Creative. Jamaican. hints at a healthful menu, but diners will be happily satisfied with modern, vegan twists on Jamaican comfort food. Chef Kwame Williams is a longtime vegan, and his wide experience and experimentation with multiple versions of dishes shows in a delicate, wonderful balance of flavor. Every meal begins with a complimentary serving of plantain chips and Vital Hummus made with black-eyed peas. And for those wanting more appetizers, all the soups are vegan, as is the the creamy, spicy Callaloo Dip, and the satisfying Stuffed Avocado (which is filed under salads, but can almost be an entree!). Several delicious vegan entrees grace the menu, but the standout dish is the Cassava Dumplings, available on the dinner menu. The sun-dried tomato sauce resists being overly sweet, and the dumplings are perfectly crisp on the outside and fluffy and light on the inside. The spinach and stewed peppers and onions finish off the dish with a perfect addition of savory texture. Special mention goes to a side dish: the vegan Macaroni & Cheese. Jennifer Gannett, Montclair resident and long-time connoisseur of vegan food, couldn’t stop eating it. The creaminess that comes from cashews barely hints at a nutty, curried flavor that you’ll crave until your next visit to Vital Dining. The homemade Sorrell is a must-try, but don’t miss Chef Williams’ vegan take on Jamaican Carrot Juice. By switching out condensed milk for almond milk, he has created a healthy, delicious version of a nostalgic treat.

Da Schnitzel, courtesy of Positivitea's FB page

Da Schnitzel, courtesy of Positivitea’s FB page

For a more casual vegan meal, Verona’s Positivitea, at 550 Bloomfield Avenue, is a tasty spot focused on burgers, wraps, and teas. The Big Bean Burger is the most popular menu item for its delicious combination of ahi sauce, mustard, vegan cheese, miso spread, and fresh lettuce and tomato. But it’s the Da Schnitzel, made with the popular black bean patty that creates the biggest impression. Served on a pretzel bun, with lettuce and tomato, spicy mustard, and sauerkraut, as well as a homemade relish of pickle, onion, and cucumber, this dish is a satisfying and exciting meal. The large menu of blends, smoothies, and teas guarantee there’s something for everyone. True to the Positivitea name, the drinks are named after positive affirmations. We were tempted by I Am Awesome with its apple, cucumber, and lemon combo, but we especially liked I Am Grateful, which combines cucumber, honeydew, and mint in a refreshing, cold drink.

It’s a boon to our area to have a wide variety of vegan cuisines and flavors to enjoy. Add to this list! What are some of your favorite vegan dishes around Baristaville?



Montclair Historical Society Announces Price of Liberty Film Series Line-Up

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The Price of Liberty Film Series

For the third year in a row, the Montclair Historical Society will host a film series focusing on Civil Rights and the African American experience with a historical perspective. Each program in The Price of Liberty Film Series consists of excerpts of the documentary plus lively discussion and Q&A with a humanities scholar. 

Mark your calendars for three very important films:

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Racial Discrimination Depicted in Upcoming Solo Art Exhibit in Newark

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Nina Chanel AbneyProject For Empty Space at Gateway Project Spaces is pleased to present If You Say So… a solo exhibition by artist in residence Nina Chanel Abney on February 10 from 6 pm – 9 pm. A series of limited edition prints created for the exhibition will be released in conjunction with the opening reception.

If You Say So… is an exhibition of large scale paintings and collages created by the artist during a recent trip to Brazil and during her residency in Newark. The works are comprised of brilliantly hued geometries, alphanumeric forms, and androgynous figures. Hyperpigmented blues, blinding oranges, and curvaceous yet precise monochrome silhouettes of faces samba across the giant canvases. And yet, despite the apparent gaiety and vibrancy of Abney’s works, the conceptual genesis of this collection is borne from the nefarious and widespread transnational pandemic of racial discrimination, economics, and police brutality.

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Pedestrian Struck At Watchung and No. Fullerton Aves., Montclair

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watchung and north

A 62-year-old female pedestrian was struck near the intersection of Watchung and North Fullerton Avenues yesterday, reports Montclair Times.

Sgt. James Milano of the Montclair Police Department said the driver stayed on the scene, and that the victim sustained a small laceration to the left side of her head, which he referred to as “not life-threatening.”



The Weekend: Museums, Music, Markets, and More!

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Montclair Film Festival

Lots of great events to enjoy this first weekend in February!

We told you about:

Here’s what else is happening this weekend:

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Where to Get Your Game Day Grub

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Football fans will tune in to watch Super Bowl 50 this Sunday, February 7.  Whether you really care about the championship game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers or are just tuning to in watch the commercials, one thing’s for sure – everyone wants game day grub.

Here are a few local places that will offer catering for your Big Game party:

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Montclair Township Council: Senior Bus Service, Affordable Housing, Security

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Dr. Katie York

Dr. Katie York

The Montclair Township Council’s February 2 conference meeting – which took place in the council chambers rather than the second-floor conference room owing to the municipal building’s elevator being broken – featured discussions on numerous topics within an hour, with Dr. Katie York’s presentation on senior bus service being paramount.

Dr. York, the project director for the senior advocacy group Lifelong Montclair, proposed a partnership between the township and Meadowlink — a nonprofit transit provider — to operate the senior bus line for Montclair.  She said that Meadowlink’s service would be superior to Montclair’s current senior bus system by providing more service, safety and reliability, as well as on-board cameras, and GPS directional service,  and backups for both buses and bus drivers to ensure consistent operation.  All of their buses are less than five years and inspected by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.

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