Paid Sick Leave Ordinance is Now in Effect in Montclair

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paid sick leave ordinanceIn November 2014, Montclair voted largely in favor to approve the public ballot question asking if the town should require all businesses to offer paid sick leave to its full- and part-time employees. The ordinance passed by a nearly 3-to-1 margin. Yesterday, March 4, the Montclair Paid Sick Leave ordinance went into effect.

Under Montclair’s Paid Sick Leave law (also known as Earned Sick Days) employees who work for at least 80 hours in a calendar year in the Township must be provided with paid sick time by their employers. The law excludes from this requirement individuals employed by the city, state, or federal government; individuals employed by any New Jersey school district or Board of Education; and a limited number of union members.

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Montclair Health Department “Stoop Time” Program Returns for Second Session

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stoop timesThe Montclair Health Department’s Stoop Time program returns for a second session, meeting Friday mornings, March 16 through April 20, at 10 am. Sessions will be held at the Montclair Municipal Building, 205 Claremont Avenue.

The Health Department describes Stoop Time as “a place for ‘mature’ women to discuss the ups and downs of life throughout its different phases with a small group of others who are experiencing similar change.” It’s a place for women to discuss their life issues, things such as experiencing a loss of a significant other or loved one, their neighborhood, careers and retirement, health changes, or being empty nesters.

Leah Johnston-Rowbotham, MS, APRN, BC created and will facilitate the Stoop Time group. “My own grandmother often discussed these issues on the front stoop while shelling peas, my mother had the stoop by the clothesline as she folded frozen towels and sheets in the late winter” says Rowbotham.

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Montclair Heath Department Offering Annual Health Screenings

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annual health screenings

The Montclair Health Department has announced that they will offer most of the following suggested annual health screenings. When they are unable to provide a screening, they have relationships and agreements with other local providers that allow Montclair residents to have the test done at a free or reduced cost at their site.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the following screenings for adults:

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Meditation and Mindfulness

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Can you remember the last time you ate a meal without checking your email or taking a photo of it to share on Instagram? Are you able to watch a television show without tweeting about it? How often do you perform one task and ONLY one task at a time? We’re willing to bet it’s been a long time, which is why the practice of meditation and the effort to obtain mindfulness, is becoming a popular practice.

Whether you want to slow down your day-to-day life and be more “in the moment,” improve your concentration, feel more spiritually connected, de-stress, or just want to sleep better—starting a daily meditation practice may be the answer.

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FREE Women-Focused January Workshops from SOFIA

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SOFIA workshop

True to its commitment to provide advocacy, support, and to help develop life skills for those who need it in the Essex County community, Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (SOFIA) is offering FREE workshops all through January aimed at building focus and purpose for the whole family.

As Baristanet mentioned last week, SOFIA is offering the popular “I’m a SUPERHERO!” workshop for children (6-12) and their caregivers on Saturday. However, the remainder of the community workshops are geared towards adults seeking motivation and focus in the new year. All events are free and held at the Community Services building at 11 Pine Street in Montclair, NJ. To confirm attendance, send an email with your name to Please put the name and date of the workshop(s) in the subject line.

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Achieving New Year’s Resolutions And The Montclair Y’s Open House

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YMCA of Montclair

Nearly everyone has a New Year’s resolution, but statistics indicate that less than a quarter of people will keep their resolutions.

Creating personal change takes effort and support. To encourage individuals and families to make their resolutions a reality, the YMCA of Montclair is holding an Open House for adults at their Park Street Branch on January 10  and offering incentives to new adult members throughout the month of January.

“Everyone resolves to improve,” says Washima Solomon, Health and Wellness Director at the YMCA of Montclair. “We all say, ‘Someday I’ll get on a regular workout routine. Someday I’ll play sports again. Someday I’ll have more time to spend with my kids. Our message is: why keep waiting? The YMCA of Montclair is a place where you can do this today. We’re a community that supports individuals and families in reaching their goals,” says Solomon.

Because personal change can be challenging, it’s important to take steps to make sure you stick with a routine:

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New Year’s Resolution Giveaway: d*FIT Studio Passes

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Becky Codi, CPT • Ramp*d

Becky Codi, CPT • Ramp*d

WINNERS: Congratulations to cheryl320 (Prize #1) and jillian (Prize #2)

It’s no secret that losing weight is the most popular New Year’s resolution, especially after binging on turkey, stuffing, pies, latkes, cookies and cocktails from Thanksgiving to the new year.

Getting healthy, fit and yes, even losing some weight to look better in those jeans, is a great goal. The key is finding a way to do just that that you will stick to. A great fitness studio helps.

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My New Year Resolution for 2015 is to….

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New Year's Resolution

This week, millions of Americans are deciding on a New Year resolution to make. An intention of losing weight, eating healtier, being nicer…. Very few will actually stick to it, though. According to a recent study, 92 percent of resolution makers will fail. Still, it’s a tradition and starting the new year off on a positive note is a good thing.

Take our poll and tell us what your resolution will be in 2015:



How Old Are You in Stretch Years?

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Power Stretch Studios

My name is Georgette Gilmore and I’m 25 years old. I love to kick, STRETCH, and kick!

That’s how I felt after visiting Power Stretch Studios in Montclair and finding out that I am 25 years old in “stretch years.” Take that almost 41 year old self!

Hakika DuBose has been stretching out locals since she opened up her shop a few years ago. She is now at a bigger studio space on Bellevue Avenue and gaining a big client fan base. After a stretch session with her, it’s easy to see why.

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Ugly Sweater Pub Run and a Doughnut Fun Run to Burn Off Those Thanksgiving Calories

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Two very fun ways to run off those calories from Thanksgiving:


Ugly Sweater Pub Run

Fleet Feet Sports’ December pub run is tonight and to kickoff the holiday season with some humor and laughs, you’re invited to put on your ugliest holiday sweater, wear reflective gear or lights for your safety, and join the crowd at 6:30 pm for a three mile run, jog, walk, or skip starting and ending at Just Jakes-Montclair (30 Park St. Montclair, NJ). Meet in the back of the pub. After the run, hang around, socialize, and enjoy happy hour! Food is available for order off the menu.

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