Montclair Police Apprehend Inwood Avenue Burglary Suspect

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We tweeted this yesterday:

And today, Montclair Police announce they were able to arrest and charge a suspect in the burglary that same day. Continue Reading

Community Development Block Grant Applications Available

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Community Development Block Grant Applications AvailableMontclair voted to submit nine Community Block Grant applications in 2013. Interested in applying this year? CDBG Applications for federal funds under U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 2015 Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) are now available from the Montclair Department of Planning & Community Development.

According to Planning Director Janice Talley, Montclair received $322,927 in Community Development Block Grant funds in the 2014 program year. Continue Reading

Grove Street Grade Crossing to Close Temporarily Between Claremont Ave and Walnut Street Due to Repairs on November 7

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NJ Transit Will Get BiggerNew Jersey Transit announced today that the Montclair-Boonton Line Grove Street railroad grade crossing (between Claremont Avenue and Walnut Street) will be closed for track repairs starting Friday, November 7. The work is scheduled to be completed on or about Friday, November 21.

During this time, the track work will take place:

Continue Reading

SOFIA Vigil Honors Domestic Violence Victims and Raises Awareness

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photo courtesy of Armando Diaz, OUTlooks by OUTthere

On Monday night, Community leaders, elected representatives, and residents of Montclair, Orange, Belleville, and surrounding towns joined Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (SOFIA) for a vigil to remember loved ones lost, support those surviving, and to promote a unified response to breaking the cycle of violence that allows domestic violence to continue.

About 100 supporters circled Crane Park to speak names, share resources, and gather in unity. Cynthia Walker, SOFIA’s founder, organized the event to shine a light against the darkness of domestic violence in our communities. Those present at the vigil who had experienced domestic violence were each given a special pin to signify their status as a survivor. The mantra “Where There is Awareness There is Hope” was emphasized, as was the hope that by drawing attention to the issue, the secrecy and shame associated with it would dissipate. Continue Reading

Justin Bieber Sightings in Glen Ridge, Montclair (VIDEO)

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bieber 2

Justin Bieber was seen at the Forest Avenue School in Glen Ridge at pick up today. Continue Reading

Montclair Crime: String Of Burglaries, One Seen by Homeowner on Remote Surveillance

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Montclair Crime: String Of Burglaries, One Seen by Homeowner on Remote SurveillanceA number of home burglaries all around town this week, as well as a rock being thrown through a window on Lincoln Street.


On 10-25-2014 at 1445Hrs, Mr. Karriem Holliday (45yoa from Newark), presented documentation at Police Headquarters in an attempt to get his vehicle out of impound. Upon reviewing these documents, it was discovered that Mr. Holliday had furnished a fraudulent insurance card to the Desk Officer. Mr. Holliday was also found to have $1,500 in open warrants out of Montclair. He was placed under arrest and charged with providing this bail insurance card. His bail was set at $5000.

On 10/27/2014 at 0117Hrs, an Officer observed a Jeep Cherokee stopped at the red light at Bloomfield Avenue and Maple Avenue. This light turned green, but the vehicle did not move. Upon investigating, the Officer discovered the operator slumped over the steering wheel. It was determined that this operator, Nathan Chappell (44yoa from Montclair) was in fact asleep. Officers administered field sobriety testing and placed Mr. Chappell under arrest for DWI. Continue Reading

Montclair Planning Board Continues Master Plan Work: Redevelopment of A&P Explored

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The Montclair Planning Board meeting on October 27 was devoted to the proposed master plan, which is tentatively due to be voted on by the board at their December 8 meeting.  Residents who attended the meeting, which lasted after 11 P.M., gave public comment generally praising the board’s efforts to take the concerns of the public into consideration, but many of them were still concerned with the effect future development might have on Montclair, particularly on traffic.

Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson (left) and Montclair Planning Board Chairman John Wynn at the October 27 Planning Board meeting

Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson (left) and Montclair Planning Board Chairman John Wynn at the October 27 Planning Board meeting

Resident Andrea Cohen spent over 15 minutes giving comment, saying that development was profit-oriented, and that business motives only helped developers.  She said it was necessary for Montclair residents to protect public interests, and she was skeptical of suggestions that one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments would encourage people without children to move in and keep the tax base stable.  She also said that public transportation in the area remained an option only for commuters to New York but offered few if any viable ways of getting around in the immediate area.  Eventually, she said, everyone moving into Montclair would need a car, and she saw no evidence that any new parking garages would recoup the money that went into them. Continue Reading

Yogi Berra Museum To Receive Replicas Of Stolen Items From Collection

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Yogi Berra Museum To Receive Replicas Of Stolen Items From CollectionYogi Berra Museum announced today that it will be receiving a donation of exact replicas to replace items stolen at the museum as well as some new items: Continue Reading

Montclair To Vote On Mandatory Sick Leave Ordinance

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mandatory sick leave ordinnce

In November Montclair will join Trenton to vote on a ballot question to adopt an ordinance which would require Montclair private-sector employers to allow their employees who work in the Township to accrue paid sick leave. In August, the Township Council  had the opportunity to enact the ordinance without it going to the ballot, but elected to leave the decision to the voters after receiving a petition with 1,106 signatures in favor.

Freeholder Brendan Gill, Deputy Mayor Robert Russo, and 3rd Ward Councilman Sean Spiller have been vocal supporters of the ordinance. On the other side of the debate, Upper Montclair Business Association President Diane Esty has questioned the impact on small business owners and how it could be enforced by the township.

The ballot question and explanation reads as follows:

Continue Reading

These Are the People in the Pine Street Neighborhood

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POPs: Portraits on Pine Street

Aristotle is quoted as saying, “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” The POPS: Portraits on Pine Street project shows the inward significance of  the people of the community of Montclair. Looking at the faces, each person’s story is revealed. The strength in the mother’s eyes. The wisdom in the father’s stare. The joy in the young child’s smile. These are our neighbors. These are Montclair residents.

Mary Z, owner of 73 See Gallery, has big ambitions. Her Pine Street art gallery has turned into more than a space for local artists. It’s like a community center for the area families. She conceived of the idea of the POPs: Portraits on Pine Street as a community art project to help celebrate, recognize and unify our neighbors both within our neighborhood and our larger community. She asked neighborhood artist Seth Ruggles Hiler to paint the portraits of residents. They planned to do 100 and created a Kickstarter for the funds, but the campaign fell short. When Baristanet learned of the project, we made a donation to help.

“Our community has very few businesses and raising funds for our community projects and events is difficult at best. We held a kickstarter campaign to try and fund POPs in the way we envisioned and fell short. Baristanet really came to the rescue enabling us to fulfill this most critical piece of the project – printing high quality archival reproductions of each of the portraits to give to each of our sitters both to honor them and to commemorate their involvement.” says Mary Z.

Continue Reading

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