Curt Schilling Gets Former Montclair State Student Fired for Vulgar Tweets about his Daughter

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curt shillingFormer major league player Curt Schilling congratulated his 17-year-old daughter on Twitter last week after she got accepted to college where she could play softball.







What happened next were vulgar and violent sexual responses from a couple of Twitter users.

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S.O.F.I.A. to Offer a Free Martial Arts Self Defense Class for Essex County Women

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Start Out Fresh Intervention Advocates (SOFIA) — a Montclair non-profit that provides advocacy, supportive services and referrals for temporary housing to “at risk” women and children of domestic violence — is teaming up with Grand Master Craig Mason to offer a free comprehensive seminar on self protection tailored specifically for women.

The class will focus on practical methods of self-defense, as well as conflict avoidance.

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Winners of the 2015 People’s Choice Awards Announced

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montclair art museum

Discover Jersey Arts released its nominations for the 2015 Discover Jersey Arts People’s Choice Awards in January and today have announced the winner.

More than 100 nonprofit arts groups and arts districts were nominated for the 2015 Awards by members of the arts community. From the nominations, the public chose their favorites in the 16 categories, with nearly 15,000 ballots cast for arts organizations statewide.

The 2015 People’s Choice Awards winners are:

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DeCamp Debuts Its Newsletter: “On Board with DeCamp”

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DeCamp Debuts Its Newsletter: "On Board with DeCamp"

DeCamp Bus Lines, long criticized for being communications challenged, has started a new dialogue with its customers, via a newsletter “On Board with DeCamp.”

What will you find in the inaugural communique? Not too much. Some schedule changes, a letter from Adam Shapiro, a member of the passenger committee (who you can also reach out to on Twitter), and some trivia (apparently lots of people leave their eyeglasses on the bus, but someone once left a bag of lobsters) and where to go to retrieve lost and found items. Continue Reading

Strong Arm Robbery at Mountainside Hospital Parking Deck

Friday, Feb 27, 2015 7:40pm  |  COMMENTS (8)

Strong Arm Robbery at Mountainside Hospital Parking DeckA Bloomfield man was the victim of a strong-arm robbery yesterday afternoon on the fourth level of the parking structure at Mountainside Hospital (31 Sherwood Street).

According to Lt. David O’Dowd, Detective Bureau Commander, as the victim was walking to his vehicle, he was approached by a male suspect who said “I don’t want to hurt you, I just need cash.” Continue Reading

Go Out For the 2nd Annual Detective Carlos G. Wormley Bowling Fundraiser on Saturday

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Detective Carlos G. Wormley Bowling FundraiserOn Saturday, February 28, the Montclair Sentinels 16-87 will host its second annual Detective Carlos G. Wormley Memorial Bowling Fundraiser at Parkway Lanes in Elmwood Park, NJ.

You’ll enjoy music by DJ Hardcore, good food, fun, and fellowship to raise funds for the Sentinels scholarship fund in honor of their departed brother Detective Carlos G. Wormley.

Detective Wormley was a lifelong resident of Montclair, and served his community with great pride. He was known throughout the community to go above and beyond to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Detective Wormley was truly dedicated to his community, and held a special affinity for the youth of the community. He worked tirelessly as a DARE Officer, mentor, and founding member of Project Oasis.

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Seen Around Town: Random Acts of Kindness

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Random Acts of Kindness

We may fight over the PARCC, our school system, our taxes, leafblowers, and our government, but sometimes, the times that count the most, Montclair shows how kind, accepting, and just how damn great it is.

The Human Needs Food Pantry, which provides food, clothing and other services to people in need who live in Montclair and neighboring posted the photos above and the following message on its Facebook page yesterday:

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Get a Free Clip On Light at Upper Montclair Train Station Tonight

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Clip On LightLast month, Bike&Walk Montclair gave out free clip on lights at Walnut Street Train Station. Tonight, between 5 – 7:30 pm, they’ll be giving out the freebies at Upper Montclair Train Station.

“We will be greeting arriving passengers at the Upper Montclair train station and DeCamp stop (located at Bellevue Avenue) with a free blinking light to increase their visibility as they leave the station area. There will also be volunteers on hand with additional safety material,” says Norma Tassey, Executive Director of Bike&Walk Montclair.

The free lights easily clip to a bag, zipper pull or belt loop. Free lanyards are also available courtesy of Keller Williams Realty.



Mayor Jackson On State of Montclair Public Schools

Wednesday, Feb 25, 2015 1:30pm  |  COMMENTS (49)

Mayor Jackson On State of Montclair Public SchoolsMayor Jackson releases statement on Montclair schools’ budget deficit.

I know that Montclair residents are concerned about the looming budget deficit and leadership changes in our public schools.

First, I want to thank Dr. MacCormack for her service to our community and wish her success in a new career opportunity.

Second, I acknowledge that the prospect of property tax increases and program cuts is anxiety-worthy indeed.

That being said, I want you to know that the Board of School Estimate, in conjunction with the Board of Education, is committed to an open, exhaustive, and dispassionate budget process, as we work together toward a palatable course of action. I also want to affirm that staff, parents, and students are indispensable partners in this endeavor.

There is no panacea. Tough choices and sacrifice will be the order of the day.

Nonetheless, I am confident that if we summon our intellect, person-to-person respect, and fundamental love for our Township, we can see our way through.

I have an abiding faith in the people and the promise of Montclair.

Let’s get to work!

Montclair Public Library to Offer RFID Tags: an “E-ZPass-like” Check Out Program

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rfid tags

RFID tags used in libraries

Borrowing books just got easier in Montclair. On Tuesday, March 3, Montclair Public Library invites the community to help it celebrate being the first library in the state to fully implement radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

RFID technology, used in the familiar E-ZPass tags, provides libraries with a better tracking system and safer security, as well as expeditious loan and return of library materials.

“RFID makes the loaning process easy for borrowers,” said David Hinkley, director of Montclair Public Library. “It also lets our staff spend more time helping patrons find what they want to read, watch or listen to.”

Borrowers can check out multiple items in a single motion and self-return them.

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