We Interrupt This Violence…

…that is America’s foreign policy for some real whacking. Now that Tony’s long dream sequence is over (we hope), it’s time for some major blood flow on the Sopranos. Is Adriana history? And what about the out-of-control cousin Tony? Most important, will we see any familiar locations in our favorite filmed-in-Essex-County show tonight?
UPDATE: One down, one to go. And just when it looked like TV was getting its first major poster child for ulcerative colitis! Oh well. No whacking during the big Memorial Day holiday next weekend. So you have two weeks to plan your Sopranos Finale parties. The last episode — possibly until 2005 — is June 6.

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  1. I’ve been told March/April of 2006 is when the new episodes will show up. No more filming for 15 months from now, they say.

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