And You Don’t Even Have to Bring a Present

jewniverse_cake_2What could be better than getting invited to a Bar Mitzvah? How about seeing a campy movie about one?
From the improv geniuses responsible for MTV’s The State, Dr. Katz: Professional Therapist, Upright Citizen’s Brigade and the cult classic film Wet Hot American Summer comes a new indie film called To Life! And one of its stars is the lovely 17-year-old Julie Rugg, a junior at Montclair High.
NakedBearFilms gives the following description:

Days away from his Bar Mitzvah, Ernie Goldberg is trying to “become a man” with some help from his friends, his family, and a friendly phone sex operator. His father, Herman, is coming to grips with a cheating wife and a cranky dad. Will Ernie get laid? Will Herman? (Will I?) Only the Torah knows the answers. And it will take He-Man and a deaf Tupperware heiress to make things right again.

Rugg plays Ernie’s the love interest. To Life! is due out this summer.

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