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  1. Not sure how good it is, but I found a pitcher and eight cups from the 1950’s. I paid an exhorbitant $10 for them. Why? They are solid COPPER. The scrap value alone should be more than that…
    Or, how about the two German folding bicycles I bought for $1.00 each? Yes, they fold in half and yes, I paid $1.00 each. The downside: they needed tires, $50 each bike and I had them re-greased and tuned-up, another $50 each – too
    New, a cheap, boring folding bike goes for $200 and so, I guess we did OK at $200 for two.
    By the way, we LOVE the fact that they fold. One fits in the trunk and the other in the back seat of my Honda. No racks, no fuss. We plan on biking all over NJ and NY.

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