Martin’s Lament

We picked this up over at Montclair Unmoderated. Martin Golan has a problem. Now you do too.

I make no excuses for this except to share the pain.
A few days ago, someone hummed a song to me that has been haunting
me since. Not haunt like a theme from a Mozart piano concerto might,
or the eyes of a beautiful woman who passes on the street, but
haunting like a kidney stone in the brain, like an itch.
In the spirit of camaraderie I’m offering this:
“Do you like pina colladas?
And to walk in the rain?
Are you not into yoga? (is that it?)
Can you — something about “make my escape?”
I really apologize for ruining everyone’s weekend.
Does anyone know the words (I’ve been trying to forget them for a few

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