Celebrating the Celebrants

Saturday, Jul 31, 2004 12:06pm

The Celebrant USA Foundation, headquartered in Montclair, gets a nice write-up in the Jersey section of tomorrow’s New York Times (which home-delivery subscribers get on Saturday).

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Stage Mom Edition

Saturday, Jul 31, 2004 11:52am  |  COMMENTS (4)

Perhaps we are not 100 percent objective, but last night’s production of Les Miserable at the Passaic Valley Summer Theater was — what’s the word? oh yes — great.
Passaic Valley Summer Theater, traditionally a co-production of the drama clubs of Passaic Valley High School and Glen Ridge High School, actually drew talent from six local schools this year, including Bloomfield High School. Because the cast drew the top talent from such a wide area — and with the involvement of three directors, Jeff Budd of Little Falls and Darren Gage and James Millar of Glen Ridge — the show exceeded the standards of a typical high school musical. And with a revolving barricade and everything!

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Poetry Slam Online

Friday, Jul 30, 2004 3:31pm  |  COMMENTS (3)

Message boards, whether of the Yahoo variety or the NJ.com type, are known for lots of bickering and, well, even flaming about issues great and small. If you go to Montclair Unmoderated on most days (and particularly if you went right after Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” came out), you’d hear political discourse of the “Jane, you ignorant slut” variety. But on Fridays, a more civilized form of discourse prevails….

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A Revolt in the Making

Friday, Jul 30, 2004 11:03am  |  COMMENTS (16)

A group of local political leaders met last night at the Office restaurant in Montclair to discuss ways to radically change the structure of county government in Essex County.
Calling itself the Committee to Change County Government, the group is trying to put a question on the ballot in 2005 that would change Essex County’s form of government from a county executive model to something else.
Since adopting a county executive form of government in Essex County, “almost every county executive has gone to jail,” said Kevin Lee Allen, a leader in the group and one of the forces behind putting a secession question on Montclair’s ballot last year.
Allen said he has sent a number of letters to the county clerk asking about the new ballot question, but has received no response.
“We don’t get calls returned. We don’t get letters returned,” he said. “You’d think for the $26 million we send to the county, we should maybe get a postcard.” Allen was referring to Montclair’s $26 million tax bill from Essex County.

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Short Stop Protests

Friday, Jul 30, 2004 9:18am

Bloomfield’s Town Council received a sheaf of petitions this week protesting the conversion of the abandoned Short Stop Diner into a Dunkin’ Donuts. The 55 petitions all said the same thing: “Please add my name to the list of citizens who oppose a Dunkin’ Donuts on Franklin Street at the Short Stop location.”
Acting township manager Louise Palagano says that the petitions come too late because the decision’s already been made. The only remedy for opponents of the plan, she said, would be legal action.

Kerry Block Parties

Thursday, Jul 29, 2004 2:36pm

kerry_house_parties Our most recent weekly poll revealed that 60 percent of Barista readers are Democrats. Not exactly a surprise. That’s also the way our mail is running. We’ve heard word of two Kerry house parties this week: a block party tonight on Lowell Terrace in Bloomfield to listen to Kerry’s acceptance speech, and a barbecue/fundraiser on Orange Road in Montclair coming up on Saturday. Look here for more info on Kerry parties in the neighborhood.

Three Little Kittens

Thursday, Jul 29, 2004 12:51pm  |  COMMENTS (1)

archylogo_2What’s it take to get rid of some kittens? Our friend Kirsten’s been trying for a couple weeks to give some away for free, but no luck.
It reminds us of that old Archy and Mehitabel verse “Mehitabel and Her Kittens.”

well boss
mehitabel the cat
has reappeared in her old
haunts with a
flock of kittens
three of them this time
archy she says to me
the life of a female
artist is continually
hampered what in hell
have i done to deserve
all these kittens

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5, 6, 7, 8, 44, 45

Thursday, Jul 29, 2004 12:14pm

Do these numbers sound familiar to anybody?
Two people in New Jersey entered these winning numbers in the state’s Pick Six lotto on July 22 and are entitled to share a $15 million prize. According to this post on NJ.com Bloomfield Forum, there’s a new $15 million lottery winner in Bloomfield. The New Jersey Lottery hasn’t announced the winners of the Pick Six lotto yet, but they told us that one of the winners has contacted them and that there will be an announcement next week.
One ticket was purchased in Ocean County, the other in Hunterdon.

Thursday Morning Photo Roundup

Thursday, Jul 29, 2004 10:40am

witness_protection_program_2Carpooling just got more interesting. Click for closeup.

lincoln_rd_closureWater main installation in Glen Ridge will close Lincoln St. between Hamilton Rd. and Ridgewood Ave. (during the day) for about two weeks.

baby_out_with_the_bathwater_2Throwing the baby (seat) out with the bathwater?

‘Y’ Deals with Accident

Wednesday, Jul 28, 2004 4:26pm

The Montclair YMCA has invited parents of children in their Milford Lake day camp to a counselling session tonight. The counsellor will field questions and advise the parents how they should speak to their kids about the school bus accident Monday, which took the life of a 31-year-old pregnant woman in another vehicle. None of the children on the bus sustained major injuries.
Tom Boynton, president of the Y, attended a session last night for senior staff. “If the children are talking about it, you don’t want to stop them from talking about it,” he said. “But you don’t want to make it larger than it is, either.”
The meeting will be at 7:30 pm and is not open to the media.

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I'm struck by how much attention is being paid to the details of a parking lot, as opposed to the attention paid to the future impact of the monstrous projects being planned.

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