A is for Airhead, B is for Bling Bling …

We swear we didn’t mean to spy, it’s just that our Spanish exchange student, Diana, used the back of this sheet of paper to write down a phone message for us.
What we found was a, well, a quiz on “Commonly used American slang words.” After all, when in Glen Ridge, you’ve got to learn to speak like a Ridger.
Here’s the vocabulary list, along with the definitions given.

Airhead: A stupid person
Chillin’: Relaxing; doing nothing
Fine: Extremely attractive

(This) sucks: Expressing dislike of something
Gig: A party or get-together
Bling Bling: Flashing a lot of jewelry
My bad: It’s my fault
Chick flick: A movie that appeals to girls
Drama: Trouble
For real?: Really?
Klutz: A clumsy person
Psycho: A crazy person
I’m outta here: I am leaving
A turn-off: Something that repulses a person
Crib: The place where a person lives
Booze: Alcohol
To hook-up: To kiss someone
Chicken: Someone who is scared
A “wanna be”: Trying to be other than what you are
Crap: Something that is worthless

There’s not a lot of bling bling around our crib, but we do have our share of crap. And drama.
Missing from the list: geek, geezer, tchotchke, take a hike, brown nose, yada yada yada, you go girl …. and, oh yes, and if you really want to confuse somebody from Spain, just ask, “Got Milk?”

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