Beach Ball Day

If there ever was a pool day, this was it. So we’ve declared it Barista Beach Ball Day, and we’re sending our Chief Executive Barista, Carl Bergmanson, to all the local pools to give out beach balls. He’s planning to visit Nishuane and Upper Mountain in Montclair, the Glen Ridge Pool and the Glen Ridge Country Club.
And speaking of shameless self promotion, if you see Carl, ask him about our summer advertising sale. If you’ve got something to sell, now’s the time to advertise on Barista. (And by the way, check out the cute little kittens being offered, for free, in the classified ads to the right. Click on the some of the words in the ad to see the kitties.)

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  1. I’m in Michigan – with little local news – ( some watercooler responses to unknown other comments) and it is refreshing to get your
    local update on what is happening…
    adriana otoole
    visited the Coast Guard city of Grand Haven – who knew the coast guard was also located on Lake Michigan…learned
    a lot at the 80 year old celebration…
    I thought it only protected the ‘ coastline” and the michiganders all took offense at my lack of knowledge of ‘coastlines’ etc.

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