Internet-Free Montclair

detente_party_2Did you hear the silence? That would be the internet being turned off.
Between about 4 and 8 this evening, most of the big machers on the Montclair internet scene were decidedly offline. The occasion? An “Unmod” party, for select members of the Montclair Unmoderated yahoo group, thrown by jmosier55 and catered by Indigo Smoke.
Seen at the party were these familiar handles: MindOutOfTime, klad2688, t kennon, villageradio and ltbloomr.

cooler_meets_unmod_2 The Barista went with Barista beach balls and no intention of doing any reporting, but when all the itsy-bitsy cameras came out, we joined in the fun. Above, the sign (Detente Party, in honor of Unmods of all political stripes coming together, with some members of the Montclair Watercooler in attendance too). Below, Coolerista Raymmmondo sharing a drink with Unmod’s chief unmoderator Kevin Lee Allen.
Not seen, but definitely looked for, the Barista’s personal stalker, Right of Center.

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