Long, Longer, Longest

Friday night in Brookdale Park:


The fireworks display was impressively long.

The concert was even longer.

The wait to get out of the park: endless.
We don’t want to complain, but….

  • The rearrangement of the concert space to the Watchung Ave. side of the park (because of the county’s installation of a new turf playing field near the Bellevue Ave. side) caused the worst traffic tie-up in memory.
  • The fireworks were set off too close to the crowd. Within an hour, we had reports of two personal aquaintances hit by falling sparks — and a neighbor who was sitting in front said that people in that section ran for the trees because the fireworks were so scary.
  • The same neighbor informed us there were only four Forrest Gumps (port-a-potties) for the whole event. (We don’t know if this is really true. But the park restrooms were nowhere near the crowd.)
  • girl_with_beach_ball

  • In a bizarre twist, the fireworks were delayed about 20 minutes after the concert ended and searchlights blazed into the crowd, all because some child wandered off.
  • Do we even have to mention that the canned music they play with the fireworks really sucked?
  • On the bright side, this girl really seemed to enjoy playing with a Barista of Bloomfield Ave. beachball.

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    1. bitch…bitch…bitch…
      All in my family had a good time! We were even in the ‘danger’ section up front.
      However, unlike Barista, *we* tend to be in a good mood when there is lots of quality free entertainment to be had.
      But that is just *us*.

    2. I was one of those “hit” by flying fire. The blazing ember hit my foot. Shreiking, I kicked it off onto my comforter, where it burned a hole almost through the batting. This was no minor spark. Unable to don my shoe, I was ferried to the ambulance by a a friendly golf cart driver and well treated with a wrapped bandage by the ambulance crew. The kids thought it was fun. I am not so sure how they would have felt if it had landed 8 inces to my left on one of their upturned faces. I am not sure if this was preventable. It did fizzle my expereince a bit, but in all I have to say we enjoyed the community chats and overall festive air, but that moon! It was the best show of all!

    3. Dear RoC,
      It seems to me as though you are NOT in a position to be giving critisism about negitivity?

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