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And while you’re mulling thick v. thin crusts on your pizzas, maybe you should think about where to get your ice cream afterwards. Or you might just want to drive down to Tom’s River on Saturday for the second annual New Jersey State Ice Cream Festival. One of the contestants, we hear, is none other than Montclair’s own Applegate Farms.

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  1. Applegate Farms is pretty darn good. I used to stop there when I taught at MSU. I would also recommend Denville Dairy (in Denville).
    Bad news: Hoffman’s in Point Pleasant is going out of business after decades of serving the best artery clogger at the shore.

  2. Montclair heresy follows; cover your eyes if you don’t want to be incited to flame…
    Applegate’s is about the scene, not the ice cream. It’s well laid out, cute and crowded. Seen & be seen ice cream. But I find the goods pedestrian – ok – but not spectacular ice cream.
    Holsten’s (on Broad, nr park), however, is magic. Ice cream is overly creamy (too much so for some), candies handmade – the place is the real deal, in a time warp and picture perfect. Coffee chocolate chip….
    Btw – Hoffman’s; back from surf trip last yr and it was closed; was very surprised to see it open again this season. Also, if run by same family, stunning ice cream…

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