New Guilty Pleasure

pea_shooting_2All the rage in Glen Ridge. Ok, we saw it at one party. Pea shooting, and by grown-ups, no less. Only partly politically incorrect; the peas are all organic, from Whole Foods. Nobody got hit in the eye, although the Barista took one in her hind quarters.
Equally old-fashioned, low-tech, amusing and fun for children of all ages, batting around a beach ball in the pool.
You could almost imagine that we were back in the Wonder Years, with nary a computer anywhere. Except for the fact that the Barista shot these pictures on her Motorola V300 cell phone — and sent them back to the home office by e-mail.beachball_in_pool_2
What else can you do with a cell phone? Read this, snagged by our Seattle bureau chief.

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