Oh Sue, Fuggedaboutit!

The legendary Soprano Sue — self-appointed unofficial webmistress to the Essex County-based HBO series — told us she was turned down yesterday to appear in the VH1 TV show, “Totally Obsessed.”
We are stunned.

“I’m not weird enough for these people,” she said. “I wasn’t obsessed because I didn’t do things that crossed over the line. I don’t go by where Tracy got killed [at the Bada Bing club] and hug the guard rail. I don’t play-act the show with my husband. It’s a crime show. How do you imitate that?”
Sue, who is certainly one of the most obsessed people we know, submitted a videotape and underwent five hours of interviewing by the show’s producers before getting rejected.
The most obsessed thing she confesses to (besides maintaining her own site and the Bada Bing Blog and tracking down the cast and crew when and wherever they’re shooting in New Jersey) is renting a boat to watch the shooting of the “Whitecaps” episode (Season 4 Finale).
The final indignity. “They wanted me to say fuggedaboutit.” And, like, who in Joisey really tawks like that?

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