Pie Wars

star_tavernSure the 9-11 Commission Report is due out this week and the Democrats are meeting in Boston next week. But what we’re talking about here, in Essex County, is pizza.
Over at e-Gullet’s Jersey Forum, there’s a discussion about whether the Star Tavern in Orange deserves its reputation. Despite its location in an unattractive neighborhood, the Star is always a mob scene on weekends, filled with people from Glen Ridge, among other places. It’s known for its super-thin pizza. Too thin, says one e-Gullet denizen.

Meanwhile, over at the Montclair Watercooler, a complaint that Nauna’s pizza was too thick and doughy set off a veritable maelstrom of comment.
We at the Barista doubt there’s any universal truth when it comes to pizza, except that it always makes good copy when the (local) news is slow. Talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. ‘k…
    I think Star Tavern’s pie is really – not typical pizza; it’s a sort of specialty pizza. Like crossing that thin line when quiche becomes a savory tart interpretation…
    Small, no real crust, expensive for size but – very tasty. I prefer the pepperoni (well grilled) and the pesto pie w/ a pitcher of Anchor. Pretty perfect nosh, whatever the hell it is.
    Nauna’s? Each time I’ve had it (delivered: at a kids fest; still hungry tho’), it’s pretty much been close to an insult to what I know as pizza. I say ‘close to’ because at least the copious amt of cheese comes not overly saltly and/or oily. You’d think they’d finish cooking ’em before sending out door…
    I much prefer Vinnies in same situation…

  2. I agree, the Star Tavern rules! I liek the thin crust and fact that they don’t overdo it with the cheese.

  3. The only two pizzas worth talking about in the Bloomfield area:
    Michael’s in Nutley across from Hoffman LaRoche
    Mario’s on Van Houten in Clifton

  4. I’ve been doing an informal pizza survey at nj.com’s Bloomfield Journal, and it’s definitely something that people are interested in. Not surprisingly, within B-field there’s a pretty wide set of opinions, but the dark horse candidate would have to be Roma on Bloomfield Ave., east of the Parkway.

  5. Actually Danielle, Town Pub thin crust pizza is actually a copy of Star Tavern’s, since one of their cooks is a former Star employee.

  6. It all depends on your taste.
    I don’t like thin crust pizza. I also don’t like thick crust pizza that’s gummy because it’s too thick. I don’t like tomato sauce that tastes more like salt than tomatoes. I don’t like so much cheese that I can’t taste the tomato sauce. I like going in to pick up the pizza and being able to chat with the guy behind the counter and get told I’m looking really nice that cay. That being said, Napoli in Bloomfield on Montgomery Street rules.

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