Two Cucumbers: $15


Seen at Whole Foods, over the weekend: a “Salad Bush” for $14.99. That’s two cucumbers and a whole bunch of leaves. Here, 95 cents. And you get a whole bunch of bushes. Just add dirt and water.

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  1. Reminds me of the recipe for “Salad Kerry”
    Take a stale head of Iceberg lettuce which has been aged in the back of the refrigerator for some time. Out of the sight of your guests, ‘freshen’ it up by discarding the older leaves on the outside. Unfortunately, it will taste precisely the same but may appear ‘fresher’. Of course, you’ll never be rid of the ‘every thing in fridge’ flavor that we all certainly have ‘tasted’ many many times before, but — c’est la vie!
    Take as many other vegetables as you can muster and finely chop them until they are not recognizable as such. Combine with lettuce. It is important that the salad be a confused milieu of as many flavors as possible.
    Top with Thick Bacon Bits (from Michigan Hogs only) and a good helping of ‘Herbs de Provence’ (used only with permission, of course).
    When ready to serve, take one ear of ‘Corn’ on the Cob, undercooked and starchy, but buttered attractively and place next to the salad (dresses it up nicely!)

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