Watsessing Park and All That Jazz

wooster_street_bandThe Barista has to admit she was utterly charmed by the Gala Independence Day Celebration today in the newly refurbished Watsessing Park. It had it all: perfect weather (ordered up by Jane Myers, president of the Watsessing Park Conservancy), a grandstand, a ribbon cutting, a reading of the Declaration of Independence, a visit by Essex County Executive Joey D., the Newark Police Mounted Unit, barbecued ribs, hotdogs, chocolate-covered marshmallows, Barista beachballs and…. (drumroll, please)…free t-shirts from the Passaic Valley Sewer Commissioners. (Pictured below, Bloomfield councilwoman Janice Maly and her family modeling said t-shirts).
Thanks to our best new friends at the Watsessing Heights Neigbhorhood Association for showing us around.

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  1. I was really happy to read the article about you in the newspaper. I’ve been a fan of your articles in the Sunday New Jersey section of the New York Times and really missed your writing and wondered what happened to you. I liked your posting about the celebration at Watsessing Park. I don’t know if we were there at the same time, but I’d love to meet you! Good luck! Pat

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