Forget the Pizza Hut Commercials


There’s real action going on in the ‘hood. The Star-Ledger’s Phil Read found out about some wife-swapping happening on Melrose Place in Montclair.
Elaine Morales, a brunette, normally wife of Jacques “Moose” Bramhall IV, has apparently been shipped off to a locale unknown, while some blonde, apparently of a different, ahem, social class is taking her place at the Bramhall-Morales residence.
And yes, of course, it’s for an episode of the upcoming ABC reality show, “Wife Swap.”
The Barista is holding out for some new TV shows: Kid Swap, Laptop Swap and Mogul Swap. Or maybe we can combine them. One of those of the kid geniuses at Google can come run Barista for a week, and we’ll catch all the cash from their IPO….
(Thanks, Shabe, for steering us to this story. Wanna blog swap?)

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